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Dave Clapper | 2 comments I suspect a healthy number of people in this group already know about this (hell, the award's named for one of you, and a fair number of ya are ineligible since we've already published you), but... for those who may NOT know about it, here're the details (the "official" announcement is at ):

Application Guidelines
1. Applications should be emailed to
2. Applications should include five samples of your flash fiction (stories of a thousand words or less). These samples may be unpublished or previously published in venues other than SmokeLong. We'll be reading these to get impressions of each applicant's writing. The writing samples should, as a whole, best reflect your ability, style(s), etc. Show us who you are as a writer through these samples.
3. Applications should include a few paragraphs (under a thousand words total) about what you hope to accomplish in the next year with your flash writing. Are there specific elements you want to improve? A larger story you want to tell through a series of flashes? Help us learn how we can help you realize your goals should you win this award.
4. Samples and paragraphs about goals, etc. should be included in the body of the email, rather than as attachments.
5. There is no application fee.
6. Application deadline is December 15, 2007.

Fellowship Awards
1. The winner of the 2008 Kathy Fish Fellowship will be considered a "writer in residence" at SmokeLong for each of the four issues to be published in 2008. Each issue will include one flash by the Fellowship winner.
2. The winner of the Fellowship will receive $500.00, to be paid as follows: $100.00 on announcement of the winner, and $100.00 upon publication of each of the four issues in 2008.
3. The winner will be announced January 15, 2008.

Again, this award is open to any writer not previously published in SmokeLong Quarterly. It is not restricted to writing program students (as we are all, in some way, students of writing), although we will certainly be distributing this announcement to various writing programs. We also encourage teachers of writing to pass this announcement along to their students.

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Paul Selig, who is the director of the MFA program at Goddard College (a low-residency program), passes these on to the student body. You might want to email this to him at Paul.Selig[at]Goddard[dot]edu. If you wish, feel free to mention that I had asked you to pass this information to him.

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Dave Clapper | 2 comments Thanks! I'll shoot it along.

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