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What are you so grumpy about?

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Tom Lichtenheld Thank you for all your thoughtful reviews! It's especially rewarding to hear that my book is useful in helping kids identify and express their emotions. Of course, I had no intention of writing a 'self help' book for kids, but I suspect that's why kids still find it enjoyable.
I came up with this book on an airplane, when seated next to a man who was irrationally grumpy. It made me wonder what he was so grumpy about. I figured he was the victim of a small injustice as a child and, despite years of therapy, he just hadn't gotten over it. So I sat there on the plane, next to Mr. Grumpypants, and came up with most of the book. You can see a couple of the rough sketches on my site;
Thanks again!
-Tom Lichtenheld, author/illustrator

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i love this book! my grandma gave it to me! this book is soooo great!

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