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The fate of realalbert

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Arthur I was wondering if somebody could help me understand what happened to realalbert subsequent the ditYosil experiment. At the end did he unload himself into the gray or vice versa? If it was vice versa why, at one point, were his memories too full for inloading (like Queen Irene?) and then he suddenly had more room?


Here's my understanding of what happened at the end:
Maharal's GLAZIER contraption generated/amplified a sort of uberAlbert. When the GLAZIER finally finished charging up, uberAlbert rocketed off into the soulscape (some hyper-level of existence), and realAlbert's mind/soul/self was subsumed into uberAlbert and went along with it. Except that uberAlbert (which now included the original realAlbert) was still linked to realAlbert's biological body by some kind of soul thread, which is why realAlbert's bio-body is walking around for two weeks with a vacant smile, occasionally passing on comments from uberAlbert's adventures in the soulscape. But some portion of uberAlbert filled the bio-body to the brim, which is why the former-green "frankie" ditto couldn't inload.

Ultimately, uberAlbert decides to abdicate the original bio-body to frankie, and is somehow able to cut itself loose from the bio-body anchor. I'd like to think that some of realAlbert/uberAlbert remained with the bio-body, to mesh with frankie's inloading; the text implies otherwise, but it's ambiguous.

What happens to realAlbert/uberAlbert after that? We have two hints.

In Chapter 73, the last chapter to use the second-person future tense, the "speaker" (which is a future-echo of uberAlbert) asks uberAlbert what he/it will do. At first it poses two options: "Cut loose and try for higher ground?" or "Stay here, then? Half in one world and half elsewhere?" Neither seem likely to work well. Finally, it HINTS that there may be a third option, "something else... something creative" although it says no more about what such an option would actually be.

(Chapter 74 takes us up to the point at which uberAlbert checks back in one more time to hand the bio-body over to frankie.)

Chapter 75, the last chapter, is an unsigned undated advertisement for a SoulMate match-making service. Who or what might be offering this service? Look back to chapter 53, in which proto-uberALbert is first observing individual souls across the soulscape, and he/it comments: "...while scanning this strange landscape, I spot patterns and textures of character that seem to complement each other, suggesting harmonious blends, if only they meet. ... What a business opportunity, if some enterprising entrepreneur ever used this technique to offer a new, improved dating service..." So it appears that uberAlbert's third option was to detach itself from the bio-body anchor and then STICK AROUND in the local soulscape, to offer the matchmaking service he/it previously contemplated.

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