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Always to Remember
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Romance - Post Civil War South, hero was a conscientious objector and heroine's husband died in the war - she makes him build a monument. [s]

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Catie Kelly | 18 comments Okay - found it myself! Wonder why google worked for me this time when it hasn't before...

Book's called Always to Remember:

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Catie Kelly | 18 comments This was a bodice ripper belonging to my mother, I think I read it in the late 90s. The book starts with a flashback to the hero -I think his name was Clay- almost being executed for conscientious objection during the Civil War, and he's looking into the eyes of the firing squad, but they can't shoot him. Most of the other boys from his town end up getting killed (at Antietam, I think?) and he stays to bury them all. Years later, he's back home as a stone carver, and the heroine, who lost her husband (whose name was Kurt Warner) in the war, resents that this guy is still alive. She decides to try to torture him by making him carve a monument to all the men from the town who died in the war, but the monument is so beautiful and he's so good-hearted that they end up falling in love. There are a couple of sex scenes --one of them is outdoors by a stream, starts with her giving him a back rub-- but nothing too graphic. When they're in bed together, I think she finds out that he got a brand on his chest during the war. I also think the book ends with a flash forward to them visiting the monument with their son, who's named after the father.

This has been driving me crazy for years. Thanks to anybody who recognizes it!

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