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tris or katniss??
Jenyaa Akhtar Jenyaa Apr 09, 2012 11:39AM
who do you think is more badass?

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Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but it'd have to be Katniss. I think the only thing that stops me from saying Tris is because I thought her romance with Four was annoying, and Katniss has had a bigger impact on my life. And what's wrong with caring about the people you love? It doesn't make you less 'badass' in my opinion. I would have reacted the exact same way Katniss did in her situation, especially with Prim. I think they're both strong, bold, inspiring and wonderful characters.

Tris is way more likeable, but Katniss is definitely the badass.

U 25x33
Charrisa katniss because shes a fighter and when she was 12 she had to go out and hunt for her family because her father passed away by the mines and her mum w ...more
Jun 13, 2013 01:55AM
Wendy Skerritt TRIS!!!!!!!! NO DOUBT!!! <3
Apr 08, 2014 03:29PM


Tris seemed like she just kept switching personalities throughout the book. Granted, she was growing and changed her outlook when she joined Dauntless, but I never knew which Tris I was going to get in each chapter.Would it be the selfless and kind Tris, the brave divergent Tris, or the badass nothing-gets-me-down Tris? Katniss also grew and changed, but she still felt like the same character and more realistic.

I guess I just have a special place in my heart for Katniss. I still liked Tris, but she didn't feel as developed or as personal with the reader as Katniss did.

Tris, definitely. Especially in the 2nd and 3rd HG books, I disliked Katniss. But I guess it remains to be seen how Tris will change in Insurgent and whatever books may follow.

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Katniss definitely.


Katniss is very flawed, yes, but in a way that just makes her all the more realistic. She is a survivor, but will anything for those she cares about. She had to grow up fast and take the head of the family when she was only 12 because of her mother's weakness. Then she had to participate in the Games. She's definitely bitter, but not without reason. She's also very brave and intelligent and--while I'm sure she doesn't mean to--does show her humanity sometimes. She is a very strong, human character that I absolutely love. Out of the two, definitely Katniss. But Tris is cool too :)

Katniss, all the way. She's a survivor and a fighter, but she is much more than that. She is a protector and has so much loyalty and devotion for her family and all people who she truly loves. Tris is awesome, but she is much more self centered. The only person she seems to care about enough to have the same amount of loyalty and love is four, and even then she wouldn't be so quick to sacrifice herself. Katniss' whole story began with sacrificing herself in hope to save her sister. So, Katniss, without a doubt.

Katniss is more warrior but Tris has the determination to be the best.

Hmmm, I first thought Katniss right away, but then when I thought about it more I might have to say Triss.

Yes, Katniss goes into the Hunger Games, survives, kills people, then goes into Quarter Quell, survives, kills people, etc, you get the picture... But what she never has to do it completely abandon her family. Or friends (technically) as Tris chose to do, despite her connections to them.

Tris chose to just leave her family, her faction and venture off into a new world of danger and risk. (Can you say 'badass?') At first, I didn't like Tris, until she started toughening up, then she grew on me.

So, winner is: Tris.

I LOVE them both, but I have to say Tris. She makes her decisions how she must, and Katniss irritated me sometimes, idk why.

In my opinion, they are equal. They both faced difficult situations that changed them, made them warriors. It made both Katniss and Tris become 'badass'.

In the beginning of both novels, I would have orginally voted for Katniss. She's stronger than Tris in the beginning. But as the stories progress, I think it's Tris. She didn't take as long as Katniss did to "find herself". I think she is also braver than Katniss. Katniss never truly wanted to be the face of a revolution and it took her a very long time to grow into and accept that role. Tris didn't hesitate as long. When it was necessary, she stepped up and was ready to fight for what she believed in and she didn't need a traumatic experience to motivate her into action either.

Katniss is awesomeness that Tris can't reach


I prefer Tris but Katniss is more badass.

I enjoyed them both very much, but I'm going to go with Tris,only because she did everything for herself.She loved her family deeply but she choose her own future and wasn't swayed by other people opinions like her fathers in not wanting her to choose Dauntless.Katnis made promises for others and her will was strong in making her promise,she survived because her sister wanted her to, not because she wanted to survive for herself.I am a mother of four and although I would love my children to attend post secondary educations of my chooseing, I really want them to be able to not be swayed by my judgment and pick what they want. So Tris in my books is Badass because she at 16 was strong enough not be swayed by her peers.Great job in writing her character Veronica Roth!

I think that they are both pretty badass but I prefer Tris pretty much for all the reasons everyone has been adding. She is more determined and because she was considered 'incapable' and still manages to be badasss and a force to be reckoned with, that's pretty cool.
Tris is a developing character too and for once she is not in the middle of a love triangle! *round of applause*. She is straight forward and to the point amongother things. She is just plain freakin awesome to say the least :)

Katniss hands down.

Tris. She seems real, unlike Katniss. I felt like I couldn't really connect with her as much. Tris developed more.

katniss no doubt

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Katniss! no question about it. katniss might not be as likeable or the kindest but she is living in a world where everything is screwed up, yes she kills, but she is brought up in a world where they celebrate this kinda stuff, and she doesnt support it, se has to kill because she promised her sister she would try, and her first kill was only to defend rue, the only other person she killed in the first games was cato, and that was out of mercy. katniss makes sacrifices that tris doesnt make, tris only ever thinks about her self, so good thing she didnt choose abnegation. tris also seems needy and her relationship between her and four seems too pretictable. katniss doesnt want to even think about getting married or having kids because she doesnt want to have to have her children face the same fate.plus tris doesnt care about her family at all, after her parents die, she doesnt grieve, only makesout with tobias infront of her brother. and this is kinda off topic but the scene with tobias getting drugged, and trying to kill tris is just a rip off of the capitol hijacking peeta

Both Bokks (Hunger Games & Divergent) are soooo amazing, best books ever.
Im so in love with tris but i have to say katniss, becouse shes so so so strong!


TRIS.. I like her more for sure.

I don't know! I'm leaning towards Katniss because we know her better, and because AI found Tris a bit unforgiving (ie. Al).


tris and katniss are both badass but i like tris more because she doesn't has intention to kill people (like peter or molly) although those people are evil and she cannot bring herself to kill four although she has to while katniss did have a thought about killing peeta. both of them are almost have no differences for me.


Definitely Tris. Katniss really ticked me off later in the books how she was practically forced into the rebellion and never wanted it. The whole series I felt Katniss was just a pawn being switch from side to side - first the Capitol's, then the rebel's.

While Tris was brave. She made her own decisions and did what she had to make herself happy, but at the same time always put others before her. She was smarter and, in my opinion, more badass than Katniss. She wasn't bestowed with great talent in archery, but she found and developed her own strengths.

I have to say Tris. I didn't care for HG too much though it was okay. She had reason but Katniss came off as a bit too reserved. Katniss kind of "fell into" everything.

Tris had to question herself and her beliefs in order to decide what to do with her life. That made her stronger and more determined. Tris wasn't given anything. She had to take it if she wanted it.

Hope that makes sense.


Katniss, no doubt about it.

I think tris. To be honest, it'll be good to see how she's developed in insurgent, but in general, as much as I loved katniss, I kind of felt like she wasn't honest to herself a lot of the time and that makes her a little less likable in my eyes

Yeah, I found Tris to be more likeable, and I agree with Erica :)

Tris definitely she shows more strength and is not as selfish as katniss

I love Tris


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Katniss. No question about it

they are similar katniss is like badass warrior and tris is new age with guns who doesnt take crap from no1 :)

katniss is a fighter, but tris is badass.
katniss is more nicer.
tris stands up for her self

Definitely katniss! Katniss was strong and kick ass, but she also had a soft side, and cared about her family and friends. Tris is strong, but is too dependent on four sometimes. That romance bugged me a little...

I think they're both alike in the sense of being strong, determined heroines.. that's a hard one, I really like them both.

I think they are both badass and that's why I like books where girls kick ass. I think Katniss always had the "badass" side whereas Tris did't start off that way, but developed it as the story progressed and she had to be in order to "become Dauntless".

Katniss is a b**ch no offence to all you big fans out there, i love tris more

Katniss! She's got the one special place in her heart for her family. Tris is a cold hard rock that tries to be "badass".

Tris. I felt Katniss was slightly mad and too untrusting so it always felt like she was holding back her feelings so it's hard to relate. Especially in the epilogue

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Definatly Tris. She's so awesome I love how she acts and responds to situations

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