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Ship size

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message 1: by Johan (new)

Johan | 2 comments I've just finished reading 'Origins', and really enjoyed it. The advancements they made seemed a little fast paced at times, but I suppose it was mainly a case of integrating existing technology.

What I couldn't get my head around was the size of the ships.

'First Light' was 1 km long? And had a crew of ~200? And could only launch 7 fighters at a time?

OK, you might only need 200 to run it with automation etc, but what's in all the space?

I never really got a feeling of why the ships were so big.

message 2: by David (new)

David (MrWashingToad) | 20 comments Mod
Well you have engines, life support, engineering bays, you have to have all the ammo stored somewhere, it's not feasible to just generate all your railgun ammo only when you're in a firefight - it would reduce your power levels which could be used for many other things (I'll leave this one vague). You would also need storage space for your fighters, manufacturing bays to make your replacement parts, all of which then need more storage bays to keep equipment, or store it for later assembly. You've got massive areas for capacitors (energy storage), and operating areas for the crew themselves. It's nominal crew was much higher than 200 before all the automation, they were basically running a "skeleton crew" for a ship that size. Randy delves a bit into this in some of the later Spinward Fringe broadcasts.

message 3: by Keith (new)

Keith K (Gyrhed) | 54 comments Keep reading and that will become very clear. Skeleton crew barely describes how empty some of the space is.... another ship you will eventually be familiar with is also nearly empty and run on mostly automation. Enjoy the series, the rest of us have!

message 4: by Griffin (new)

Griffin John (Packscrat) | 47 comments And of course, they have to have SOMEWHERE to store their Noganto! :D

message 5: by StainDaPain (new)

StainDaPain | 13 comments I have to say that one thing that I have noticed is that all the massive ships, that aren't war carriers, are all cargo ships. This means that the size of the whole thing isn't really the ship, but the cargo they are towing with them.

message 6: by Johan (new)

Johan | 2 comments I'll keep reading then, and see if it makes more sense.

I don't suppose any schematics have been published?

message 7: by Jack (new)

Jack | 23 comments Johan wrote: "I'll keep reading then, and see if it makes more sense.

I don't suppose any schematics have been published?"

One could only wish!!

message 8: by Adam (new)

Adam (Adam_Bryant) | 17 comments Isn't the Triton even bigger then the Sunspire/Firstlight?
In the later books It's quite baffling the size of these things but one must remember the automation was run by AI's so the ships are much like modern aircraft, and the humans are just guides/repair man.
A report last year said most modern aircraft can fly autonomously and humans are there only for emergancy's

message 9: by Thefirstone (new)

Thefirstone | 3 comments Also with the First Light the hull of the ship was built before vacsuit tech was where it is, the hull is monstrously thick throughout the ship, cuz also, no shields. I think it said you could build a modern fighter witht the metal used in 5 meters of deck plating. that's thick deck plating.

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