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i love...lots of stuff

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Soon-yiHearto hikaru utada can sing really good

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she used to be one of the best singers in japan

message 5: by Sam (new)

Sam What do you mean used to be?

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no i mean she was nominated best singer back then but now other ppl took the spot. im not saying i dont think of her as the best female singer!

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Soon-yiHearto she is good though

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Soon-yiHearto i think she and hearts grow are really good

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Soon-yiHearto i like about almost all of their songs. well, most of them

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Soon-yiHearto i can c

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Angela | 15 comments Anyways, its really cool how she was born in NYC, but she still sings fluent Japanese!! Thats really cool, in my view.

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Angela | 15 comments Yeah, I know!! Its amazing that she sounds so good in both languages!!

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and i realized that when she sings in english, her voice sounds a little bit different

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Mikaa (otakukissu) | 6 comments I love how she has a japanese accent in japanese, but doesnt carry out that accent in english, she has a english voice, like non accent xD
its amazing

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yeah, i know. thats total skillage

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Angela | 15 comments I know. It's really amazing!! But then again, they have English words put in romaji..
Like, English: "Lucky" Jap: "Ra-ki".
Yeah....But that's the cool part! Cause then u can speak English using a Japanese accent...or something else.

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or love is labu

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Angela | 15 comments Er, it's ra-bu. There's no L in Japanese...am I right? (I checked an article about the Jap alphabet)

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oh yeah, it is. when they try to pronouce the english word for love. but in japanese, isn't it like koi or ai or something?

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yeah, i think

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Angela | 15 comments Really? I never knew that. The English pronunciation is sometimes used in songs, or just for regular word use...its hard 2 say....Hey, is anyone Japanese here or understands a decent amount (meaning, u can converse with a Japanese person fluently) of Japanese? I only know a little bit.....

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Angela | 15 comments Yeah....but theres like 3 ways 2 say "I luv u". Daisuki, sukiteru, and aishiteru......I think...

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i think so.
i only know a little bit of japanese, but i cant converse with a japanese person

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