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message 1: by Katie ATX (new)

Katie ATX (katieatx) | 74 comments I find it fasinating that he died at such a young age (32, suicide) and that his books were not actually published until AFTER his death. I am about to finish Confederacy of Dunces and I had attepted a few times without ever getting very far, but I felt compelled to look him up. Now that I am almost finished with it, I'm glad I gave it another chance.

message 2: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia Paschen | 72 comments Katie, my understanding is that Dunces was rejected by many publishers and it was Toole's mother who was successful in getting it published later after her son's death. Nice having a mother who believes in you. Glad you stuck with it! I think it's brilliant.

message 3: by Katie ATX (new)

Katie ATX (katieatx) | 74 comments that's true.
I believe the same is true with his other work, the Neon Bible.

message 4: by Dean (new)

Dean Confederacy is definately a classic of American literature in my opinion and should get more attention than it does. The sad story of Toole is just another fascinating aspect of the overall story. I seem to recall that Toole's mother tried for several years to get it published and it wasn't until she finally harassed Walker Percy into reading it that she finally found a champion for it to get it published.

message 5: by Chel (new)

Chel | 380 comments Yes, the side story of its publication is fascinating too. This work (Confederacy) is shaping up to be a great classic and is one of my all time favorites.

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