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God is Everything

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sharon (sharonreyes) | 4 comments God Is Everything

To me, God is not only the most beautiful Golden Being or Spirit; to me, God is everything. Anything that is God's creation embodies God. Anything that can be seen in God's creation is of God and for God. Anything that you appreciate here on earth is not only an embodiment of God but God Himself.

When we think of God in Heaven, we have more faith in Him. But God is also here on earth-inside me, inside you, inside everyone. God can be above in any form, or formless, as infinite Light, infinite Peace, infinite Bliss. Again, He can be inside our hearts, where our real existence is. And if we open our eyes and look at nature, at the mountains and rivers, that also is God.

So no matter which way we appreciate the reality or want to identify ourselves with the reality, we have to feel that we are appreciating and identifying ourselves with Divinity; and this Divinity we call either God or Spirit or Being. If you don't want to call it God, you are at perfect liberty not to do so. But you have to call it happiness. Happiness itself is God. You can appreciate the beauty of nature and if you are happy, then the happiness that you are getting is God. In one word, if God has to be defined, then I wish to say God is happiness.

You can forget the word 'God' and say 'Truth'. One of India's great politicians and great saints, Mahatma Gandhi, said: "If you say 'God', immediately some people will object to the conception; but if you speak of 'Truth', everybody agrees with you." So if I speak of Truth, boundless Truth inside nature, then I am satisfied, because this Truth is giving me happiness. So anything that gives one happiness is God. It can be nature; it can be a personal being and also an impersonal being. God is everything.

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Raynisha reason (goodreadscomraynisha) | 5 comments THATS RIGHT WE NEED TO KNOW WHO GOD IS TO KNWO WHO WE ARE

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Meg sharon wrote: "God Is Everything

To me, God is not only the most beautiful Golden Being or Spirit; to me, God is everything. Anything that is God's creation embodies God. Anything that can be seen in God's cr..."

This is Beautiful!

I have been trying to find God in something everyday, whether it be in a sunset, a flower, a baby's innocent laugh, a mom singing to her child, or an old couple holding hands. God is EVERYWHERE, you just have to look. He is calling out to you, but you have to make the choice to acknowledge and answer Him. He wants to be in your life. He wants you to talk to Him like He's your best friend. Even if you are telling Him what happened during the day, He wants to know all about it. He's your father, best friend, someone to turn to in both happiness and hardship. And better still, He WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN, even if the rest of the world were to forget you even existed, God is not going anywhere. Never, ever, ever forget that, and then you will have true happiness.

Something we all struggle with, I think, is praising God when everything is not Perfect, but seems to be falling apart. It's hard to praise him for bad things that are happening, but He is there to help us through those bad times and to never leave us, and He can take those bad times and make us better people. God is the best friend we could EVER have in this life. He doesn't look at us like everyone else does. He loves us because each one of us is his creation, and to Him, we are all beautiful in our own ways. Never for a moment has He seen us as something other than BEAUTIFUL! I hope none of you ever forget that. If you ever feel like you are anything other than beautiful, look in the mirror and say, "God created me. How could I possibly be anything but beautiful?" There is no way you could.

I am going to Love talking to you guys! Let's get to talking!

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