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Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
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usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments The galley's up on NG, but I haven't been approved yet. Does anyone know if this is out in the wild yet?

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Rebecca | 91 comments I have auto approve, but I'm guessing it's probably not. Bloomsbury doesn't usually mail this early, but I'd bet it might be at TLA, ALA, and BEA.

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments Still looking for a hardcopy of this title!

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) | 506 comments Wasn't this posted as up for swap at least twice in this group? It must be in the wild. I believe someone has it posted for swap right now.

I got denied for it on NG which is really weird b/c I usually get Bloomsbury stuff.

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments The e-galley got out first, and it looks like only was put out in the wild as of the last week - there were two posts for it and within the last week.

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments I posted my copy for trade in the group

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments What do you want for it?

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments SOmething around the same time off of my wishlist. Do you have a list of your arcs anywhere?

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments At the moment the only August ARCs I have are "Waking Storms", "The Unnaturalists", and "The Demon Catchers of Milan", and I haven't gotten to read those yet.

Would you take a July ARC like "Once" for it?

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments Currently in terms of swap, this is what I have readily available and what I've already read:

But I plan on putting "Once" up for sure, the others I don't know yet as I haven't read them.

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments I have Once and Waking Storms. Not sure if I'm interested in the other 2. I'll check your list and get right back to you!

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments Hmm...not seeing anything there that I'm interested in

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments I also might be putting up "Vampire Empire #1", "The Blade Itself", and in terms of older releases, "Eyes Like Stars" and "Perchance to Dream", but keyword here is "might". All of those are finished copies.

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments Yeah I'm not interested in any of those. Just look at my wishlist and let me know if you have anything off of there!

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments I also might be putting up "Darkness Before Dawn", but as I haven't gotten to it, I'm not sure yet. Same for "Unnaturalists", and I'll be getting "My Life in Black and White" in a trade soon, hopefully.

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments I have my Life in Black and white. Just got it yesterday. I don't think I'd trade it for Darkness since it's coming out really soon. But I may trade it for Unnaturalists. Just let me know when you read it. No rush or anything! I;m having a hard time finding people with the arcs I want so I haven't been able to do much swapping :(

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments Okay. I'll let you know.

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments Meanwhile, still looking!

ILoveBooks | 1242 comments Have you tried asking the publicist? I think they're sending now

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments I don't have the contact information for the publicist.

ILoveBooks | 1242 comments Try the author...just send a nice request, they almost always pass it on

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments Done and done. Thanks, Krystal! <3

ILoveBooks | 1242 comments Great :) I know that your email will make it to a publicist, keep your fingers crossed!

Kristen (seeingnightreviews) | 342 comments I emailed the pub a while back and got the eArc :) if your interested they are sending those out still.

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) | 506 comments For some reason I emailed the pub and did not get a responses or the book, print or ebook. I usually do well with this pub. Weird. Hope you guys get it though!

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Rebecca | 91 comments They did a mass mailing and I got it, but perhaps they aren't sending out more copies currently. :(

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Julianna Helms (Julianna_Helms) | 95 comments Cristina wrote: "I posted my copy for trade in the group"

Cristina, do you still have it? I have SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY, A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHTMARE, etc.

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Cristina (theprincessofstoryland) | 386 comments Hey girl! I do still have it. I have a midsummer's nightmare and I think I already traded for Something Strange and Deadly. I'll double check. Just PM me and we'll see if we can work it out

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments Still looking!

usagi ☆ミ (usagiko) | 436 comments @Rebecca - would you be interested in trading your copy, possibly?

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