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Eva Inevitable Eva Inevitable Apr 02, 2012 08:36AM
Are they making this into a movie? They made I Am Number Four into a movie but do you think they are going to go all the way with the whole series being movies?

well, if power of six will become a movie, i'll be the first to watch it--- no matter what! :DD hopefully this sequel will not flop unlike the i am number four. hhmmm... my friends say that the movie was great but that was because they haven't read the book.

i really want to see there be a the power of six film but in i am number 4 (the film) six is the 1 resistant to fire but the book 4 is ????

I hope they make this series into movies but I hope it will stick to the book unlike the first movie which failed.

First one wasn't popular enough... :(

If they get rid of most the filler from Power Of Six, and Rise Of Nine, then they could make both books into one movie.

I understand wanting them to stick with books more, but I like consistency. If they make a second movie, then it should be consistent with the first one.

My main beef with the book series is that there's almost no consistency between each book.

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Xtremesilenze Get The Movie out! We need it! We love it!
Aug 25, 2013 05:19AM
Angel Evans Never read the book but 'I am number four' was AWESOME!!!!!! They need to make the sequel, like now.
Nov 02, 2014 04:35PM

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Just seen the movie "I am Number Four" . Its a good movie. No reason that they can not figure out a plot line that would blend the storyline in the book to enable great sequel.

Sadly, for those of you who have read the book as well as watched the movie, then you know that there is no way they will be able to make a sequel. So much was left out of 'I Am Number Four' that would have been needed in order to make 'The Power of Six' into a movie. Unless they plan on leaving out everything about Ella and Crayton during Seven's side of the story. In which case, it would make for a horrible movie since all the action occurs when those two show up with all of the Chimaera. Aside from the fact that Ella plays a big part in Seven's life. So unless they plan on intermixing the memories John had in the first book that they left out in the movie - to explain where Ella and Crayton came from - into the movie for 'The Power of Six', then one of two things will occur, 1) They just can't make 'The Power of Six' into a movie, or 2)The movie will be absolutely horrible because so much will have to be left out.
Not trying to burst anyone's bubble, I would have enjoyed seeing each of the books made into movies as well, but I don't see how it can be done with so much pertinent information already having been left out.
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After the success of the movie adaptation of I Am Number Four, there were rumors of a sequel. As of May 16, 2011, according to scriptwriter Marti Noxon, the plans have been 'shelved' for the time.

Make a movie


In my opinion, if they make The Power Of Six a movie then they should follow the book from then on OR they could start over from the beginning (I Am Number Four) and have a remake where they follow the book
I mean, I loved the movie and all but how are they gonna make a second one and third and fourth (and probs fifth) if they haven't followed the book, it just won't make sense!!!
If the first movie was going to be too long to add everything (or most things) from the book then they could always make it into 2 movies
All of us Lorien Lovers will definitely go to watch it!!!
I really do hope they make a movie!!!!! THE BOOKS WERE SOOOO GOOD!!!!

i usually go to IMDB.COM to find out if there is another movie in the far it looks like they wont do another but they earned a little over $5 million more then their budget was on the movie so...maybe in time?? I hope

If there a movie based on The Power of Six, I think I'll love it. It'll be full of action!
I hope they make the movie :(

okay i read the books and i thought the movie was AWESOME!!!! i mean it went by like a blink, but i thought they did a good job for hollywood. :P

I thought that I am Number Four was an amazing book and the movie was great too! The Power of Six is also one of my favorite books and they should make it into a movie so it can be one of my favorites too! Let's just hope for the best! :)

The first movie was an absolute fail, an hour and a half lost from my life forever.

Technically, they can't make the 2nd book into a movie. They left out so many details in the first movie that they should have included. It would be a real challenge to adapt the 2nd book into a movie that made sense.

I think they aren't cause the first one dind't won lot but that was because they didn't publish it alot with more publicity of the first movie would be best, But im really hopping they come back to the project and make this and rise of nine into a movie

No movie please, Movies dont make justice to books...

Ok, im very interested tin the realise of the power of six movie so i asked Dj Caruso on twitter and he told me that now is tied up with VERTIGO AND SOnic, he doesnt know dream works plans, but he told that hoppefuly it will be made. YES IM NUMBER 4 WAS POPULAR ENOUGH, in cinemas and it was in the top5 of most pirated movies of 2011, only we have to wait

plz..make it real base on the book ....plzplzplz

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