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message 1: by Amber (new)

Amber (poetryeclipse) | 19 comments A friend of mine loves novels about werewolves, the problem is I don't usually read much about them unless they are included in a book I'm reading. I know there are a lot of authors that write about Vampires but are there any who write about Werewolves?

message 2: by Kandice (last edited Dec 20, 2008 09:37PM) (new)

Kandice There a book by Stephen King and Peter Straub, the Talisman, and one of the main characters is a werewolf. It's an excellent book!
There's Twilight, of course, but the weres don't show up until book 2.
The Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris have lots of weres and shifters.

message 3: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dmfriend26) | 82 comments Well Amber, Robert Mccammon wrote a book about a werewolf assassin who kills Nazis during WW2. It's called The Wolf's Hour, and is diffinately worth a read. It's a very exciting horror novel.

message 4: by Jensownzoo (new)

Jensownzoo | 338 comments If you are looking for selections from the current crop of urban fantasy:

Patricia Briggs and her Mercy Thompson series. I really enjoy this one.
Laurell K. Hamilton and her Anita Blake series (not sure if the werewolves were in the first book or not). Be warned that the books turn into essentially erotica (with minimal plot) about mid-series.
Kim Harrison and her The Hollows series. Primarily witches and vampires, but do have werewolves introduced.
Ilona Andrews and her Kate Daniels series. Also a favorite.
Lilith Saintcrowand her Jill Kismet series.
Kelley Armstrong and her Women of the Otherworld series.

There are more, but those are the ones that I can come up with off the top of my head.

message 5: by Nancy (last edited Dec 18, 2008 11:51AM) (new)

Nancy If you don't mind short stories, I would highly recommend Werewolf! A Chrestomathy of Lycanthropy, edited by Bill Pronzini.

There are stories by classic writers such as Guy deMaupassant and Rudyard Kipling, contemporary tales by James Blish, Fritz Leiber, Peter S. Beagle and others, and future stories by Clark Ashton Smith and Brian W. Aldiss.

Not all these stories are horror. Some lean more towards sci-fi and fantasy.

Last time I checked, the book was out of print, but you should be able to find it in a library.

I also enjoyed:

Canyons, by P. D. Cacek - a rather unusual take on the traditional werewolf story. It starts out with a tabloid reporter being saved from being shot by a werewolf. It is violent, darkly humorous and slightly romantic. Even though I read it quite a while ago, it is rather memorable.

Howling Mad, by Peter David - a very light and fun comedy/horror about a wolf who is bitten by a werewolf and becomes a man.

Kitty and the Midnight Hour, by Carrie Vaughn - about a late-night DJ who hosts a talk radio show for lycanthropes, vampires and other supernatural folks. A light, fun read and the best of what I've read of the series so far.

Gil's All Fright Diner, by A. Lee Martinez - Earl (a vampire) and Duke (a werewolf) get mixed up in strange happenings in a small-town, including a zombie attack in a diner. This is a light and very funny read that is immensely enjoyable.

Check out other titles on my shelf (tagged "werewolves")


message 6: by rebecca j (new)

rebecca j (technophobe) | 6029 comments Rebecca York has a werewolf series, as does MaryJanice Davidson. LA Banks also has werewolf books in her Crimson Moon series. For more info check out the shelves of a paranormal romance group.

message 7: by Jensownzoo (new)

Jensownzoo | 338 comments Thanks, Nancy. I knew I had forgotten a major series (Kitty) that I really liked but was too lazy to go upstairs to stare at the bookshelves.

Also forgot about Gil's...haven't read it but have been meaning to pick up a copy. Have wishlisted it on BookMooch now.


message 8: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (bopp) | 20 comments One of the best books I've read in years is a werewolf book. Benighted by Kit Whitfield. I highly recomend it! It's very different from your usual horror/werewolf/monster novel. It's an alternate reality of a society that has werewolves in it, and how the people actually deal with it. Very, very good.

message 9: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I read Benighted too and forgot to mention it. It was a great book!

message 10: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (bopp) | 20 comments You read Benighted too? Wasn't it amazing? I'm thinking of ordering the British version and seeing how they differ. Kit said that she was encouraged by her publishing company to do an American version to give it better appeal in the US and more importantly, allow American readers to insert themselves into the story. Replacing flat with apartment and pub with bar etc. But the most interesting part was that she had to change the title, which she says she was a little upset about. The Brit title is Bareback, but in the US that has too much of a sexual meaning. I just find that all so interesting.

message 11: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey (mamamunky) | 284 comments I read a book called The Passion a long time ago that was really good. It was about werewolves. There was a sequel too, but I remember not being able to get into it. The Passion - Donna Boyd

message 12: by d4 (new)

message 13: by Veronica (new)

Veronica By These Ten Bones by Clare Dunkle is YA werewolf. Not as good as her Hollow Kingdom trilogy, which are goblin-centred, but still v. good.

message 14: by Marc (last edited Dec 20, 2008 03:58AM) (new)

Marc (authorguy) Mark of the Werewolf is an interesting story with werewolves searching for a cure even as villains study them to learn how to make more. Gives an unusual origin for them as well. I had this book very much in mind when I was writing my own werewolf novel, St. Martin's Moon.
Another novel I read recently is River, by Skyla Dawn Cameron, about an alpha female wolf who becomes human and wants only to return to her mate and pack. I think it's only an e-book, I couldn't find it in the popup list.
Jim Butcher has a werewolf novel in his Dresden series, called Fool Moon.

message 15: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dmfriend26) | 82 comments Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King looks good.

message 16: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10123 comments Mod
Ofmatt, I thought Sharp Teeth was such an interesting novel, didnt you? Once I got used to the poetic flow, it was like reading any other novel.

Nancy, I loved loved loved Gils All Fright Diner. Tho I wouldnt have mentioned it here since it isnt so much about Werewolves, as just having a werewolf as a main character.... it still should be read by everyone!

message 17: by d4 (new)

d4 Yeah, I was worried it would be a gimmick, but I ended up liking it. (Really nice overall book design too.)

message 18: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Lori, I thought long and hard about whether I should include Gil's All Fright Diner. Since Duke is one of the main characters and the book was so much fun, I just couldn't let it go unmentioned.

Sharp Teeth looks good too!

message 19: by Robin (last edited Dec 21, 2008 12:52PM) (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 997 comments Wow Marc - that is so strange - I know a woman - she lives down the road from me that wrote a book with that exact same title...
The Mark of the Werewolf

They are not the same book - but what a co-incidence. I've not read it so I can't say one way or the other but the author is a real nice woman.

Wife of GR author: Michael J. Sullivan | The Crown Conspiracy (10/08) | Avempartha (04/09)

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (susannag) | 1736 comments Yeah, I liked the early Anita Blakes, but that series has seriously gone downhill for me.

I think werewolves first come into the story in the third book, and I found the series readable through about the tenth or so.

message 21: by Tim (new)

Tim | 1 comments Luthiel's Song has a great take on both werewolves -- in the character Othalas and the werewolves of the Vale of Mists -- and on vampires. The Vyrl are just cool and very original.

message 22: by Nancy (last edited Dec 22, 2008 04:27PM) (new)

Nancy Ivy Cole and the Moon

I have this on my shelf, just haven't read it yet.

message 23: by B (new)

B Anyone read The Accidental Werewolf? What did you think? Looks like mixed reviews on GR. I saw the second in the series (Accidentally Dead) at the library but want to read the first one first.

message 24: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 218 comments Stephen King also wrote Cycle of the Werewolf

Kandice wrote: "There a book by Stephen King and Peter Straub, the Talisman, and one of the main characters is a werewolf. It's an excellent book!
There's Twilight, of course, but the weres don't show up until bo..."

message 25: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 218 comments Wolfen by Whitley Streiber
THe Howling - Gary Bradner

message 26: by Mary Beth (new)

Mary Beth (marybethbaker) | 98 comments I've really enjoyed the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur. Although the main character is mostly a werewolf, there are also some other paranormals and vampires involved in this series set in Australia. The first book is Full Moon Rising.

message 27: by Wen (new)

Wen (thespoilingone) | 19 comments Well I dont think these were mentioned. They are all in the Romance or Paranormal Romance genre.
Susan Krinard She has many Werewolf romances
Ronda ThompsonShe has a series about werewolf brothers.

message 28: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 220 comments I loved Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series!! They are not ALL about werewolves but the first few books are! I couldn't put them down!

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