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Deanna Reads Books (DeannaReadsBooks) | 46 comments Before the big reveal, who did you think Ellie really was in terms of the the Arthurian myth reincarnations? Did you just think she was a normal person and Mr. Morton was just crazy?

I knew a little bit of the myth and legend of Arthur prior to reading, but I did not know who the lady of the lake was. I honestly thought in the beginning that her teacher was crazy, but the reveal was a great turn of events.

Diana (LMD129) | 167 comments Mod
I actually think I was going along with Mr. Morton and also Marco that she was Elaine of Astolat, although do we ever get a reason for them thinking that?

Either that or she was just a normal person, since besides Guinevere we don't know of any other love interest of Arthur's (at least I don't, I'm still working on my Arthurian.) It wasn't like "oh yeah they're meant to be together."

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