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Team 1: Tyson Hawke, Gabriel Loman, and Callie Elix.


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He didn't know what to expect. He'd just been informed that training had started the night before, when it was too late to do anything. He'd dug up his uniform from where he'd stowed it when he arrived, then the following afternoon after school tried it on. It fit.

Then he went downstairs, to the pair of doors marked TEAM 1. They opened, and he went in. There he was. The room was huge, metal-plated and with padded floors, strangely intimidating. Out of impulse, he walked in to look around a little more.

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Hope "Picture perfect memories
scattered all around the floor.
Reachin' for the phone 'cause
I can't fight it anymore.

And I wonder if I ever
cross your mind.
For me it happens all the time...

Luna was already in the room, her training suit on, standing at the back as if on a stage and singing as if to a crowd, eyes closed. They opened quickly when she heard the doors slide apart, and heat rushed to her cheeks. Just what she needed, to embarrass herself on the first day of training. But then she saw who stood just past the threshold. "Tyson!"

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A grin spread across his face as he saw who was in the room with him. "Hey, Luna," he said. "No need to ask what brings you here, I suppose?"

He couldn't help but admit it to himself; he was glad to see the cheery redhead. She somehow countered the permanent shadow he was entrenched in. An empath thing, or did she like him as much as he liked her? For some reason, he didn't doubt that both were true.

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Hope "Nope," said she, grinning. "Not unless you're an idiot and think I'm here to give a private concert." She stepped gracefully over to the dark-haired boy, swatting him playfully. "Why are you here?" she joked. "Oh wait, don't tell me: you're here to be my guinea pig. Right? Because I can't exactly practice on these stupid dummies, you know."

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"Same reason you're here, I guess; to train. And I suppose we can be each other's guinea pigs." Tyson's grin widened, and his mind went into power drive.

He didn't have to always use his manipulations of physical shadows to cause pain. In fact, he wasn't going to. Luna's shadow was stretched neatly out in front of her, the perfect target. Without moving a finger, he started to lift it from the floor.

"Don't panic," he muttered.

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Hope "Hey!" Luna shrieked. "You can practice on the dummies!" As she began to rise neatly off the floor, she ignored his order not to panic. "Tyson! What the hell are you doing?!"

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"Don't worry! You're not going anywhere." Still grinning but now more reassuring, he lowered her back to the ground. "RELAX. Do you actually think I would hurt you, Luna?"

His voice dropped an octave, and the dangerous light faded from his eyes. This time he looked more sincere, even serious. "I would never."

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Hope Luna snorted, reading his amusement. "Uh-huh," she muttered. "Whatever. You so enjoyed that. But Tyson, do you really think I'd enjoy it if I just randomly started levitating for no apparent reason? I really wouldn't. You were freaking me out. No warning, no nothing, just POOF and I'm up in the air and you just standing there looking all creepy with your freaking purple eyes." She took a breath then, making it sound more like a sigh. "Don't do that again," she finished.

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"Got it." Releasing his power on Luna entirely, he took a step back and raised his hands in surrender. "Your turn."

He was really, truly nervous now. He felt no real fear of physical powers. But a power that targeted the mind, he could not counter.

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Hope Luna raised her eyebrows. "Lesson one," she said, extending her reach so that she felt Tyson's nervousness as clearly as if it were her own, "never, ever ever show fear or anger or anything of the like around an empath." She pushed and prodded at his mind then, slowly but surely turning his nervousness into downright fear.

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Tyson's eyes widened, raising his hands a little higher and stepping back. "Easy..." He could say little more. Dang empaths... could she just easily turn his fear to anger? Should that happen, he might not be able to restrain himself. Luna had to be ready.

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Hope Luna breathed in deeply, concentrating. From here she had two choices: fear to terror or fear to anger. She knew Tyson was impulsive. She knew he had trouble with restraint sometimes and she knew that both paths might result in his lashing out at her, because of either the need to self-preserve or just plain, blind anger. She went with terror, figuring she had less chance of getting attacked. She gently steered Tyson's emotions the way she wanted them to go.

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"Luna..." His voice shook. Another step back, then two, and on an impulse he raised a shield in front of him. He trusted Luna, but she was dangerous. Too dangerous. And he couldn't do anything without hurting her.

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Hope Luna nodded once and raised her own hands, then lowered them, symbolizing her release of his mind. "Right. Right. Sorry. Just wanted to see how far I could push."

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Relief. Tyson lowered his hands, calm returning almost like a snail. "Thanks. I didn't want to lose myself."

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Hope "I know." Luna smiled as she watched his cloud fade from neon yellow to green. "Better now?"

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"Much." He straightened up, his gaze flickering over to a mannequin in the corner. At his will the shadow jumped, spun once, and hovered precariously in the air.

Waiting for his command. His hands raised from his sides, taking control of the shadow. With a flick of his wrist, it flew into the air. Any frustration he had he wanted gone, and fast.

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Hope Luna nodded. "I know." She smiled as the neon yellow of his cloud faded to pale red (she wondered why he was frustrated) and then to green. "You still gave a really awesome power," she said. "What I wouldn't give to have something cool and offensive like that."

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"You have the one kind of power that can best mine," Tyson countered. "Mental. In physical combat, I've never been beaten. Telepaths happen to make me nervous."

With a jerking motion, the dummy snapped in half and fell to the ground. He exhaled a little, turning back to face Luna.

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Hope "You see that?" Luna pointed. "Right there? You don't even need to be nervous of anyone, Ty. You could just snap me in half if I influenced you." She was joking, of course, but still--it was a nice option to have in combat.

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"You think I appreciate killing things?" He asked sharply. Even the possibility of suggestion somehow angered him. But he couldn't be so impulsive; that, his family had always said, was his Achilles' heel.

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Hope At his change of tone and emotions Luna took the tiniest step back. "No, no," she amended quickly. "Of course not. I was just joking."

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"Joking and death don't always mix," he replied, but cooled near instantly. Just a joke, though not as funny as some. With a gesture, shadow consumed the broken dummy and crushed it.

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Hope "Sometimes the mixing of the two's inevitable," Luna muttered in response. The words had brought back her past, and that was what she did sometimes: when the gang rivalry got hot or she saw someone getting mugged or roughed, she tried her best to joke and forget. It helped, but only a little.

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"Sometimes. But we don't have to try and mix them ourselves."

(Derping. Fade?}

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Hope (Sure.)

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Tyson did wonder who'd replace Luna on Team 1. Until he found out, however, he'd need to keep sharp. It could be a total noob. He had a funny feeling it would be. The other teams were pretty much full.

Fiddling with the cuffs of his uniform, he waited as the training room doors opened. It was darker down here, he liked that, but the bright lights filling the metal-and-padded floor rooms were irritating. He'd have to find a way to turn those off.

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Gabe smashed open the door. Well, really it was more of a kick. And there wasn't a lot of smashing, the doors were reinforced for that reason, but it made a satisfying noise. He was pissed. She had left him. Alone again. It was a horrible feeling, as if there was a hole in existence. He had headed down to the training room to find something to beat the ever-loving crap out of. Instead he found the shadow boy, and his head began to pulsate. "Not this again." He muttered.

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Tyson whipped around at the disturbingly loud crash and flared up the shadows around him. "Oh. Hi Gabe." He lowered the wall of tangible shadows and stepped back a few paces. "Guess you're not taking it well?"

He could tell that Gabe was upset. Like, No Freaking Duh he could tell. He didn't have to be Luna to tell. Gabe was sorely upset.

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"Yeah. Not taking it well." He stated. He had a hand on his head, bracing against his right temple. The view from one of his eyes was flickering and his head felt like someone was grinding it against a wall. "Sorry, feeling a bit under the weather." He lied. Whatever this was, it wasn't an ordinary sickness. The doctors at the infirmary confirmed it. But it didn't seem to be caused by power overuse or exposure to anything in particular, which was odd.

"You missing her yet? I know you guys were close." Too close for his comfort, but whatever. Luna had been special enough that he hadn't minded waiting for her to get over him. But it now appeared that that hadn't been necessary. He tried to let the emotion leave his body, but it wasn't working. The headache didn't help.

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"Same here," Tyson replied, and around him the shadows seemed to darken a shade or so. Still, he managed to collect his expression and summoned a small orb of shadow. He shaped it and re-shaped it in gloomy silence, trying not to look at his teammate.

"Yeah, we were close," he finally said. "She was my therapist, kind of. I'll miss her. Maybe she and I will wind up assigned to the same post. Or maybe she and you."

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"One can only hope." He said. He tried to shrug, but stopped due to the throbbing pain in his head. He sat down hard. This wasn't good. Vision in his right eye was non existent and the pain had spread to encompass all of his head. "Might want to get back a bit. Bad headache sometimes ends up with strange things happening." He recalled a time when he had a horrid headache, and blacked out only to awaken in his room holding a deer skull. That had been a strange day.

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((...Strange day? XD))

"Got it," Tyson muttered, taking several steps back. He knew Gabe wasn't remotely harmless (but probably not dangerous towards schoolmates), which combined with his frightening case of deja vu every time he saw Gabe gave him a sad sense of distrust. A shame, because Gabe was for the most part a decent person.

Still, he kept his ears sharp and made sure that at any given moment he could materialize a wall of shadow. Not an easy task, but one he could manage. A few shadows cast by the dummies, and there you go.

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((Indeed :p))

Everything was black and the pain focused down into his brain. Suddenly, Gabe found himself floating in an endless oblivion, staring at a dark figure. The figure smiled slowly and Gabe started falling.

Gabriel opened both eyes, his irises had expanded making his eyes pure black. He slowly cracked his neck and knuckles. "Tyson. Let's spar. Round three. First was your win, second was a draw. I think I can pull off a win this time." Felt good to be back. The body was a 85 percent sync, so he wasn't fighting at peak capacity. But then again, neither was Tyson. The kid was sad, not mad. And he didn't have the killer intent he did the last time they clashed.

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"I don't think we've gone against each other before-- Gabe?" This didn't look like Gabe. His expression was too cruelly hostile. But, still...

"Fine then, Gabe," He replied. "Let's just hope we don't tear the room apart." Across the room, the lightswitch's shadow dragged downwards. Half the lights went out. He couldn't grab at Gabe's shadow if there wasn't a shadow to grab. Plumes of shadow bloomed up around him, and he poised for defense. He still didn't know how Gabe would come at him; this was a sorry disadvantage.

There was also the issue of his screaming deja vu. The voice, the expression, the talk of one win and one draw-- where had this come from, and why was it so familiar?

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((They did /kinda/ spar before. Mountain, first meeting, recall? That was the draw he was referring to.)

Click. The lights flooded back on. Gabriel had moved across the room in the moments of darkness and flipped the light switch. This body was in much better shape than the other one, probably due to the power augmenting the body instead of allowing for transformation. "Gonna have to try harder than that." He quickstepped, at in a second closed the gap between the two. "Otherwise this is going to be rather unfair."

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((Oh, okay.))

"Try this, then." Tyson could be startled, but his powers couldn't. On a hair-trigger, he went for the clear-as-day shadow Gabe cast on the floor. Jerk of the brain, and it peeled off and hung a few feet up in the air-- and Gabe went with it. "Who said anything about unfair?" Around his hand, a great plume of shadow started to take the form of an extended fist. It couldn't hit Gabe until it was tangible-- which was harder than it looked, honestly-- but he could take Gabe's shadow apart piece by piece, if necessary. It probably wouldn't come to that.

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"Interesting decision." Gabriel said as casually as someone could while hovering in midair. "I did remember to pick this up since we last fought." He drew from his pocket a small cylinder, pointed it at Tyson's right eye, and pressed the button. The laser pointer sent light with incredible accuracy directly into his opponent's eye.

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Good God, this PAIN...

Tyson's hold on Gabe was released in a split-second, sending the other boy crashing head first to the ground. He cried out at the lancing pain with as much focus against wimpyness as possible, using his pain to his advantage; the emotional distraction granted him loss of control, and his powers took this as an open door. All around him, the shadows trembled and took off with the delighted sounds of freed demons.

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((As in stopped working or went insane? I utilized light mostly to take advantage of his weakness.))

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((went insane, mostly, although the pain gave Gabe a minute's reprieve of no-usage.))

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((Just checking))

Gabriel rolled as he hit the ground and sprung up, narrowly avoiding several tendrils of shadow. He quickstepped next to Tyson and smiled as he swiped the boy's legs out from under him. Before Tyson hit the ground, Gabriel elbowed him in the gut, forcing the air out of him. Then, when the the shadow manipulator came crashing down, Gabe sat down next to him. "Tyson, we need to talk. I have some things you might want to hear."

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Gasping in pain and surprise, Tyson hit the floor with a sorry thud and fought to get the shadows under control. "Start talking," he managed. "I'm not entirely in control. I could get you killed, you know." He struggled to sit up, propping himself on his elbows, and studied Gabe in silence. This was truly unusual, especially for Gabe. This guy wasn't violent. He was dangerous, but not violent.

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"I'm sure Gabe would say the same thing." He said with a smile. "I'll preface it with this: you do not tell your sister, brother, or any ally about this little chat. If you do, I will know. And I may be forced to take action. Neither of us would like that. You aren't as strong as you used to be, and I'm only mightier. This isn't a bluff or threat. It's a simple statement. Don't talk, just nod."

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Tyson raised his eyebrows, and then nodded briefly. He had been perfectly willing to listen for several moments. Then Gabe had mentioned other people, and that was severely upsetting. A memory out of some half-remembered dream, a hazy vision of Lyte in a hospital bed, re-woke thoughts of anger for this strange person that probably wasn't Gabe. Gabe probably wouldn't talk about himself in the past tense, after all.

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"Alright, good. Second thing: don't approach me to talk, I'll approach you. Quite a few reasons why, but none that I think you really need to do. Again, just nod if you agree." He stared at Tyson. The boy hadn't really changed, even after all these years. A pity. He had so many interesting development paths.

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Tyson paused. Then he shrugged, not saying a word. He'd seen several strange things in his time-- several of those his fault-- but he still wasn't sure what was going on with Gabe. His deja vu was killing him, though, like a bad migraine. "What did you do to Gabe?" He asked. "Just as a thought. He wouldn't talk about himself in past tense."

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"Gabe is just fine. Just busy for a bit. He mentioned a downside to his powers. I'm the downside. I'm his deep thoughts, and his surface ones are completely different. So don't take it out on Gabe. In any case, I think I can get started. Your power is incredibly strong. Probably in the top 5 of the strongest powers of the kids at this school. However, you have next to nothing to back it up other than an emo nature as well as a seemingly endless amount of anger. The man that gave Gabe his powers, and thus gave birth to me, is going to come to this school soon. He is willing to make a deal to help you."

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"Keep talking," Tyson replied. Whatever was going on here, it was relatively annoying, but also chilling. The feeling of his head spinning in several directions at once was divulging memories. Bad ones. Ones he wasn't even sure of. "For the most part, you're talking truth. I'd like to hear more of the same."

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