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*SPOILERS*!! Questions??

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Victoria Parker Okay so i just finished Rosebush and was completely surprised with Langley I never really guessed her with the jelly bean and all but i knew Ollie had some part in it..but i was wondering in the end is that Pete laying with her in the hammock? And what happened to Langley did she go to jail or what? Also does Jane go back to being Miss Popular..? And where did Kate go are they Bffs now? I was kinda surprised with David he is such a jerk and they dont need to be together and.. i think its not weird.. Kate and Sloan but shocked me for a second.. Also is there a 2nd book because if there is it would probally clear all my questions.. (these are probally stupid questions just i dont know um left me hanging so i was wondering and all..if there is a 2nd book whats its name because i searched and nothing comes up)

Sam Sam Ema wrote: "I think Pete was the guy in the end.
Langley was put into a psych ward, I believe.
And we don't know if Jane is popular again, but she seems happier and more carefree. She is even wearing a dress ..."

why are you saying that your glad there is not a second book? and why are you blaming the Author for the writing type of the book?

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Kasey I didn't like this book at all some parts didn't make sense! when i finished it, i was thinking about it and that made me even more confused.

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