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What did you think about Blood Promise?
Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4) by Richelle Mead
This is the book where a lot of people turn on the series. It's understandable seeing as how Mead split Rose and Lissa apart. However, I am not one of those people. I thought Rose's new journey away from Lissa just made the story better. As for the character Rose, I thought this change just made her more of her own person. And it's not like Lissa wasn't in the book. I would say the book was split up 50/50 for the POV of Lissa and Rose.

This installment did devastate me at first because Mead had turned my favorite character into a Strigoi - Dimitri. The end of Shadow Kiss left me heartbroken because of it. But then Rose caught up with Dimitri and didn't kill him. That brought hope back into my life (yes that was my life at the time - the Vampire Academy series). From that moment on I just knew Mead would think of some big clever way to save him, and I was reassured at the end when Dimitri came back from the dead (again!), and he promised to find Rose. The whole plot relating to Rose and Dimitri just increased the sexual tension between the characters making me want them to be together more, even thought he is now a Strigoi.

Another big development that excited me about the series was Rose finally giving Adrian a chance. The idea of Rose and Adrian together has always been flirty fantasy, but now we might actually see it come true. Rose makes Adrian a much better person, and Adrian really cares about her. And maybe, she should move from Dimitri. Definitely by the end of the book, I thought Adrian was much better for her.

I know I've been harping on about my obsession with Adrian and Dimitri, but I do also recognize that there are other important aspects of the book. For example, Lissa having to deal with her separation from Rose and how that effected her badly. I mean that is what broke Christian and Lissa up. So add you're thoughts to the discussion are continue mine of you feel like it.

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Angie (AngieJH) | 5 comments I like all of Vampire Academy, but this was probably my least favourite because Dimitri didn't love Rose properly at any point in the entire novel, which I was really disappointed about. The entire time I was reading the novel all I could manage to say to anyone was "Why did he have to become strigoi?".

I had my mind set from the beinning to the end of the series that Dimitri was the only person ever good for Rose so I really didn't like Adrian, but by the end I got use to him. I never did, and still don't, think he would be good for Rose.

Another reason I didnt enjoy this book so much is that the first half of it you dont see Dimitri once, I only continued reading because I knew he'd come back sooner or later. Never have I been so tempted to skip to the middle of a novel!

The one good thing I will say is that the very end twist (the twist in the last chapter) was brilliant!

All in all this book was alright, but probably my least favourite in the series.

Alison | 1 comments I actually really enjoyed this book in the series. It was different, breaking away from the pattern of the first three; life at the academy. The search across Russia was fun to read and i loved the cosy atmosphere of the Belikov home.

As hard as that bullet was to take at the end of Shadow Kiss, and as hard as it was to read on without a dhampir Dimitri, this book was a very necessary part of the series. These events really shaped Rose and Dimitri's relationship; it was a huge test of their love. And it made their reunion all that much better.

As for Adrian, he had Dimitri's shoes to fill. They were big shoes. But Adrian gave us something different - he was the bad boy, sexy and dangerous. But so broken on the inside that we can't help but feel the need to stitch him back up.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted to throw this book a few times, I got impatient, but that makes it a great book; that we feel so strongly about our beloved characters!
Blood Promise makes us realise how much we've grown attached to the characters - maybe a little too much... ;-)

These are just my thoughts. :-)

rachel (RRR98) | 8 comments this one for me was the best i loved loved loved it!!!!!!!!

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