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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 1. The Forgotten 500~Gregory A. Freeman
2. My Antonia~ Willa Cather
3.The Odyssey~ Homer
4. Mission Compromised~ Oliver North
5. Do Hard Things~ Alex & Brett Harris
6. Out of the Silent Planet~ C.S. Lewis
7. Lincoln on Leadership~ Donald T. Phillips

8. Kidnapped~ Robert Louis Stevenson
9. The Time Machine~ H.G. Wells
10. The Invisible Man~ H.G. Wells
11. The Angel Expirament~ James Patterson
12. As Sure as the Dawn~ Francing Rivers
13. An Echo in the Darkness~" "
14. A Voice in the Wind~" "
15. Good Intentions~ Charles M. North
16. Little Dorrit~ Charles Dickens
17. Peace and Rejoicing with Brancusi~ Calinic Argatu
18. Nicholas Nickleby~ Charles Dickens
19. What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity~ Bill Gilman
20. Comrade J~ Pete Earley
21. O Pioneers!~ Willa Cather
22. By the Pricking of My Thumbs~ Agatha Christie
23. The Story of the Trapp Family Singers~ Maria Augusta Trapp
24. Pride and Predator~ Sally Wright
25. Pursuit and Persuasion~ " "
26. The Labours of Hercules~ Agatha Christie
27. Prisoners of the North~ Pierre Berton
28. Till We Have Faces~ C.S. Lewis
29. Perelandra~ C.S. Lewis
30. Beauty~ Robin McKinley
31. Dear Graduate~ Charles Swindoll
32. Phantom of the Opera~ Gaston Learoux
33. Just As I Am~ Billy Graham
34. The Color of Water~ James McBride
35. Poetry 180~ Billy Collins
36. The Road to Unafraid~ Jeff Strueker
37. What Would Jesus Do?~ Garret W. Sheldon
38. The Happy Prince and Other Stories~ W.B. Yeats
39. Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Selected Poems~ Duh.
40. The Metamorphosis~ Franz Kafka
41. The Case for the Real Jesus~ Lee Strobel
42. Churchill at War 1940-1945~ Lord Moran
43. The Cat who could Read Backwards~ Lillian Jackson Braun
44. Fahrenheit 451 ~Ray Bradbury
45. Sophie's Heart ~Lori Wick
46. Where He Leads ~Dale Evans Rogers
47. forgotten tales of North Carolina ~ Tom Painter and Roger Kammerer
48. In His Steps ~Charles Sheldon
49. 1984 ~George Orwell
50. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd ~ Agatha Christie

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 51. Screwtape Letters~ C.S. Lewis
52. The Happy Prince and Other Stories~ Oscar Wilde
53. Francis of Assissi Performing the Gospel Life~ Lawrence S. Cunningham
54. The Anglo-Saxon Warrior Ethic~ John M. Hill

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments Correction: 38 should read Selected Poems of W.B. Yeats~ W.B. Yeats

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 55. Prisoners of the North~ Pierre Berton
56. There Is a God:How the Worlds Most Notorious Athiest Changed His Mind~ Anthony Flew

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 57. The Love of Christ~ Mother Teresa
58. A Christians Guide to Islam~ Michael McCullar
59. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight~ The Pearl Poet, trans. Marie Borroff
60. The Year 1000~ Robert Lacey
61. Knights of King Midas ~ Paul Bernham
62. Lost Boy No More~ Abraham Nhial

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 63. An Ordinary Man~ Paul Rusesabagina
64. The Great Gatsby~ Scott F. Fitzgerald
65. Murder at the Vicarage~ Agatha Christie
66. Doomwyte~ Brian Jaques
67. A Pocket Full of Rye

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 68. Behind a Mask~ Louisa May Alcott

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 69. The Caribbean Mystery~ Agatha Christie

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 70. The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories~ Agatha Christie

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Lauren (inklings) | 65 comments 71. The Life and Deat of Nathan Hale ~ M. William Phelps

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