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Zarha, the groove bringer | 3 comments Mod
So like, I was watching a musical thingy, and before I had talked to people about how funny it would be if life was like a musical, like whenever you were feeling a strong emotion you burst into song.

So I decided to make a musical day for January 15th :P where everyone just randomly starts singing!

message 2: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla haha i think i was one of those people

clara[iloveaaron:]  (heyclarabeara) YYAAAY. yeah thats something you would do mikayla

Zarha, the groove bringer | 3 comments Mod
yayay, tell everyyyoneeeeeee :D

message 5: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla i know haha
i will spread the word!

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris (toastzone) That sounds fun

message 7: by The (new)

The super awesome skull of awesomeness | 1 comments Yeah it sounds kinda fun

message 8: by Julia (new)

Julia (freginald) | 1 comments Can we have a practice day on January 13th (a Tuesday)?

Btw, anyone here see the Buffy episode when a demon made life into a musical for all of them? "They got the mustard out!" :-)

hiilovemarkhoppus (brackenclaw) I'm soooo in (katkitty) i'm there

Zarha, the groove bringer | 3 comments Mod
yeah, a practise is a great idea!

message 12: by Joey (new)

Joey | 1 comments I'll be there

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

sounds great!

message 14: by Sarahfina (new)

Sarahfina  (sarahfinaforever) | 1 comments <3 singing!

message 15: by Michael (last edited Dec 27, 2008 07:10PM) (new)

Michael Dolan | 1 comments
the day has passed beyond our power,
the petals close upon the flower.
the light is failing in this hour
of day's last waning breath;

the blackness of night surrounds
the distant souls of stars now found,
far from this world to which we're bound
of sorrow fear and death.

sleep love; forever sleep.
your soul the night will keep.
embrace the darkness deep.
sleep love; forever sleep.

(from dragonlance)

message 16: by Amelia (new)

Amelia Mapstone | 1 comments I LOVE music!!

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