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2. Julie’s unwed pregnancy set the stage for her estrangement from her sister Grace. How are unmarried mothers viewed differently today?

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message 1: by Margaret (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:53PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Margaret Chind I know that it is different in every city and town. But in the town I just moved to it is horribly over flowing with pregnant teens. Here it is just a way of life and not looked poorly upon and it just breaks my heart. I do see sometimes the scorn in the older generations eyes seeing these young girls and that's not right either. But it just hurts to think that something that was once so taboo, and rightly so, is so second nature. Maybe a little too personal here, but my family never talked about things, and I found out about things a little too late, but I do pray for the future and for children to be raised in an atmosphere knowing what is right from wrong. Because a child is intelligent, does not mean the parent should assume they really understand.

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Amy I grew up in a very strict religious house, but that didn't mean I followed the rules. I thank God every day I was not an teen unwed mother.
My cousin got pregnant last year out of wedlock, and our grandmother quickly convinced her to marry the father before the baby was born.. for insurance purposes of course! But my mom and sister, who through everything with me, has learned the world is not perfect. Women are making more dangerous choices, and are having the opportunities to make these choices. 100 years ago mothers were staying at home rearing the children, watching them after school and weekends, teaching them Christian morals - not just for one hour on Sundays, but everyday.
I work in Labor & Delivery as a RN in a small, rural hospital in a very religious town. (The town has a law against bars/saloons within city limits must be closed on Sundays.) So when we see unwed mothers coming to deliver their babies, I can feel the undercurrent of “she's not married,” “has 2 others at home with different fathers” “father of the baby not involved”. It hurts me, because they perceived themselves in love with the baby's father and rejected from their families once she became pregnant. How is she going to learn, or believe, True, Unconditional Love from God if she can't find it in her family?

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