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message 1: by Vincent, Mod & Author (last edited Mar 23, 2012 02:26PM) (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1047 comments Mod
Everyone loves free books!

I'm creating a thread where authors can leave posts about giveaways/free books that are available for readers.

I've recently listed a giveaway for my newest book, Dreams Reign Supreme, a collection of short stories and poetry (genres: literature, mystery, paranormal).
Dreams Reign Supreme by Vincent Lowry

Here is the link to the giveaway:

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Giveaway of Michael Cargill's book, Shades of Grey.

Michael Cargill Cargill (MichaelCargill) | 217 comments Ooooooh, that was weird. I did a kind of double-take when I saw your comment there Rachel!

message 6: by E. (new)

E. Milan (EMilan) | 34 comments I'm offering 10 Free eBook copies of my novel, The Truce here,

The Truce
When Aaron and Amber die they wake in Purgatory. Unable to rest they choose to walk through Hell itself hoping to find Heaven, and all they have lost, on the other side.

Once in Hell they become the center of a revolution that has been fighting for 2,500 years.

My site has the book trailer and an excerpt


E. Milan

message 7: by David P (new)

David P Forsyth (DaidPForsyth) | 111 comments Voyage of the Dead Introductory First Look is FREE today on Amazon. The events described take place on April 1, 2012. This is your chance to experience the apocalypse in real time for FREE!

The full book, Voyage of the Dead, is also available on Amazon and the second book in the series, "Flotilla of the Dead", will be released next weekend. Enjoy the ride!

message 8: by L.A. (last edited Mar 26, 2012 05:24PM) (new)

L.A. (LADeMichiel) | 4 comments Hi, I have just started a giveaway for 4 copies of TRUST, which can be found here:-
Trust by L.A. De Michiel
L.A. De Michiel

message 9: by Bryony (last edited Mar 27, 2012 10:08AM) (new)

Bryony Allen | 26 comments There are 3 days remaining to enter my publisher’s give-away for 3 signed copies of my Young Adult novel 'OTOLI'. Check out the link here to find out more:-

Good luck!

Bryony Allen
OTOLI by Bryony Allen

message 10: by E.R. (new)

E.R. Pierce (erpierce) | 12 comments Fractured Moon is for giveaway at Bitten by Paranormal Romance

http://www.bittenbyparanormalromance.... Fractured Moon (Steel #1) by E.R. Pierce

message 11: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Graff (sgraffwriter) | 12 comments RIVER DAWN, a dystopian coming of age novel for adults is FREE here at goodreads--in epub form.

River Dawn by Stephen Graff

message 12: by Holly (new)

Holly Weiss (HollyWeiss) 3 copies of Crestmont Crestmont by Holly Weiss are listed as giveaways until May 1st.

Step into the lives and loves of the staff at a busy 1920s summer inn.

Here is the link

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, Vincent, Thanks for creating this wonderful place to advertise our free promo books. I will give away at least one free e-book on kindle every Tuesday. I call it Peggy's Fat Tuesdays. For the Tuesday coming up, 4/3/12, download PORTRAIT ON WICKER and TERROR ON THE BEACH. I love this! Enjoy my books!!

message 14: by Tara (new)

Tara | 4 comments 2 copies of The Chalk Circle The Chalk Circle Intercultural Prizewinning Essays by Tara L. Masih are being given away right now on Goodreads. Go to
to enter for free, and add to your to read list if interested. See what writers like Robert Olen Butler have to say...

message 15: by L.H. (new)

L.H. Thomson (LHThomson) | 101 comments Hi all,
Two of my books are available free on

The first is a detective mystery, Buried in Benidorm

The second is a YA fantasy, Abigail Deane and the Demon's Gate

Any reviews on either would be much appreciated,


message 16: by Claude (last edited Mar 28, 2012 04:16PM) (new)

Claude Dancourt (Claudedancourt) | 91 comments Claude Dancourt
Second Chances will be free on Amazon this weekend. Don't miss it!!
Second Chances - kindle

message 17: by Nick (last edited Mar 28, 2012 10:05PM) (new)

Nick Gerrard Free for a a review on outsider writers and if it tickled your on online stores and download a copy in all formats

message 18: by Kristin (new)

Kristin  (krazaykris) Feathermore (Feathermore #1) by Lucy Swing
Win a copy of the YA novel, Feathermore by Lucy Swing. You don't need to be a follower to enter! Giveaway ends 4/2


message 19: by Kody (new)

Kody Boye (authorkodyboye) The giveaway I'm doing will contain a variety of books. These include The Diary of Dakota Hammell by Kody Boye, Sunrise Revised and Expanded by Kody Boye and many others. You can find out more information online by clicking this link:

There's also a link on that page where you can RSVP to the event on Facebook.

message 20: by Vannetta (new)

Vannetta Chapman (vannettachapman) | 12 comments I hope you all will check out my contest. I'm giving away both a copy of Falling to Pieces and A Perfect Square to one winner each week, and Zondervan is giving a grand prize of a Kindle Fire pre-loaded with Amish fiction by myself and Amy Clipston. You can write the paragraph to be entered in the weekly drawing, or simply leave your name if you're not feeling creative to be entered in the grand prize drawing. Thanks for sharing with your friends!
A Perfect Square by Vannetta Chapman Falling to Pieces A Quilt Shop Murder by Vannetta Chapman

message 21: by R.P. (new)

R.P. Dahlke (RPDahlke) | 16 comments A Dead Red Heart See why this author's new series about a woman crop-duster in
the central valley of California is delighting readers world-wide... and get
your copy FREE: Friday March 30th - Saturday March 31st

"In this zany romp of a mystery, RP Dahlke takes us on a wildride—from a crop
duster a thousand feet [...]

You may view the latest post at DEAD RED HEART

message 22: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Carbis (anthonycarbis1tesconet) | 12 comments My Victorian thriller, MURDER AND ENLIGHTENMENT, is FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow 30March/31March.

If you read it a review on Amazon would be appreciated.

Here is the Link:

message 23: by Frank (last edited Mar 30, 2012 03:27PM) (new)

Frank Nappi (fnap33) | 29 comments My giveaway for Sophomore Campaign is almost up! Enter to win an autographed copy ASAP!

message 24: by A.C. (new)

A.C. Warneke (forsakened) | 91 comments I am giving away 5 copies of two of my books; the deadline for entry is April 21:

Stone Lover by A.C. Warneke

PNR with steamy romance and gargoyles

Blight by A.C. Warneke

UF with madness and mayhem, strong language and a strong heroine

message 25: by Devan (new)

Devan Sipher | 4 comments I'm joining the giveaway brigade.
My novel THE WEDDING BEAT is a romantic comedy loosely based on my experience as a single guy writing the Vows wedding column at The New York Times -- "always the wedding columnist, never the groom."
The Wedding Beat A Novel by Devan Sipher

message 26: by Brian (new)

Brian (bbeams32) | 5 comments My debut fantasy ebook,The Dragon Gem: Book One of Korin's Journal is available free on Amazon March 30/31!

With nothing to go on but a vague dream which may or may not be memory, Korinalis Karell has traveled Amirand for three years in search of his birth parents. With a magical Contract to fund his journey and a magic talking wizard cat named Max to keep him out of trouble, Korin has made his way through the world with no success in finding them.

However, what starts out as a seemingly simple Contract job to find a stolen gem for a count quickly turns into a fight for survival that brings about revelations about Korin's life that turn his world inside-out and upside-down.

With the aid of a mediocre wizard who happens to be the daughter of the most powerful wizard in Amirand, a chatterbox Kolarin, and Max, Korin sets out to discover the secrets of his past so that he may live to see his future.

This is a firsthand account of Korin's journey as he chases down thieves, is chased down by a dragon and gods-forsaken creatures of death, and finds out that life just never seems to get easier.

message 27: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Pearl (StephenP11) | 271 comments I’ll be giving away several prises at the book launch for Nukekubi my paranormal detective novel on Friday the 13, 2012 At the Ad Astra Speculative Fiction convention in Toronto Ontario. The launch runs from 9:00 PM to 11:30 PM in room 1402. If you are at the convention check it out, have a beverage and some treats. Remember you have noting to fear but Nukekubi, fear itself. So come on down buy a book and make Friday the thirteenth your lucky day.
For more information about the con visit:
For more about the works of Stephen B. Pearl please visit:

Contest parameters. Each book purchased before 11:00 PM on Friday the thirteenth will entitle the purchaser to a chance at winning. One prize will be awarded for every ten entries received. Thus 1 to 19 entries – book bag.
20 to 30 – book bag and poster calendar.
30 to 40 – book bag, poster calendar, mouse pad.
Beyond, a new prize will be added for every ten books sold.
So purchase early and often.

Purchase of my other novels will also count for contest entry.

An auxiliary draw will be held at noon on Sunday April 15, 2012 for additional prizes. The winners names for this second draw will be displayed at my dealer’s table until the closing of the dealer’s room on Sunday April 15, 2012. All entries that do not win a prise at the book launch draw will be entered into the auxiliary draw.

Persons can opt out of the draw if they so wish.

Nukekubi Nukekubi by Stephen B. Pearl

message 28: by Mike (new)

Mike Meyer | 223 comments A giveaway of two international thrillers, COVERT DREAMS and DEADLY EYES, is being provided on this blog.

message 29: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Vine | 18 comments Just a few more days to go with my giveaways. Sorry don't have the links at hand, but if you go to Goodreads Giveaways you'll find C U @ 8 and also Defective. I'm giving away TEN copies of each.

message 30: by Julie (new)

Julie Rainey Hello All,
I am new to the indie market and after finding Goodreads I decided to join a few groups. I currently have one novel published at Amazon and another one in the works. You can check out my website by clicking the link below to see more. Also, this weekend only (3/30-4/1) I am giving away free copies of my book Lost Princess: The Journey Home at the Kindle Store.
Julie :)

message 31: by Frank (new)

Frank Nappi (fnap33) | 29 comments Sophomore Campaign Giveaway - just a few hours left!!!! Ends tonight....

message 32: by Frank (new)

Frank Nappi (fnap33) | 29 comments Thank you to the 232 Goodreads users who entered to win a copy of my latest book Sophomore Campaign. I want to thank all of you for your support and hope that you will still take a chance on Sophomore Campaign and let me know your thoughts. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

And congratulations to the 10 winners - your books are on the way!

Thanks again,


message 33: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Comley (Melcom) | 50 comments Here's your chance to win a Kindle Fire (US friends only) plus other prizes too. Oh and you can pick up A Time to Heal today for Free!

message 34: by Revital (new)

Revital Shiri-Horowitz (revital-sh) | 4 comments In honor of my son`s Bar-Mitzvah and my birthday, today "Daughters of Iraq" will be free on Amazon!

Daughters of Iraq
Daughters of Iraq is the compelling story of three women from the same family. It is the story of emigration from Iraq to Israel as experienced by two sisters: Violet, whom we learn about through a diary she kept after being diagnosed with a critical illness, and Farida, whose personality unfolds...

message 35: by Darian (new)

Darian Wilk | 9 comments I have a giveaway going right now for a signed hardcover (who doesn't love a hardcover!) of Cry of the Machi by Alan S. Blood. It's a wonderful tale of mystery and sadistic murders.

message 36: by Lubna (new)

Lubna | 16 comments Devan wrote: "I'm joining the giveaway brigade.
My novel THE WEDDING BEAT is a romantic comedy loosely based on my experience as a single g..."

I will look up your column on NYTimes, sadly this giveaway is only for residents of US.

message 37: by Elsa (new)

Elsa | 1 comments One more giveaway!

On April 6, GR is giving away a copy of my novel DOG DAYS, in which a woman and a dog magically switch bodies....

message 38: by John (new)

John Logan (JohnAALogan) | 106 comments

My novel, The Survival of Thomas Ford, free on 3 and 4 April.
17 five-star reviews on Amazon UK
8 five-star reviews on Amazon US
More info about the book in Author's Corner in this group.

More info here too:

message 39: by Rosalie (new)

Rosalie Pope (rosaliepope) | 83 comments If you are a pet lover, you will love my book. Giveaway going on right now.

message 40: by Scott (new)

Scott Nicholson (scottnicholson) | 51 comments We are giving away $700 in Amazon prizes this week, including three Kindle Fires, and giving away some Kindle books. No purchase necessary and you can enter daily! Why not swing over to

Good luck.


message 41: by Valerie (last edited Apr 04, 2012 03:56PM) (new)

Valerie | 24 comments Hosting a giveaway of
Katniss the Cattail: An Unauthorized Guide to Names and Symbols in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games
The book is also available on Amazon, with a free sample on Smashwords and Goodreads.


Free sample: the Cattail: An Unauthorized Guide to Names and Symbols in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

I give away at least one free e-book on kindle every Tuesday. On Tuesday 4/10/12 download JUPITER RETURNS and my latest Judith McCain thriller, MONROE BEACH. Enjoy!!

message 43: by Nicola (new)

Nicola Palmer | 17 comments My book is free on amazon 5th and 6th April:

Thirteen-year-old Alice Parker knows something isn't right; mysterious aches and pains, a craving for sugar that’s out of control. Suddenly she is top of the class in every subject.
Baffled by what is happening to her and feeling at odds with the world, Alice can't take much more. Only when she collapses and experiences a life-changing transformation does she discover why she is different.
But this new, incredible identity brings its own challenges and Alice isn't convinced she can rise to them. She just wants to be normal!
The fact is she's anything but...

message 44: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Rayne (barbararayne) I am giving away 3 Nette ebooks and 2 $5 Amazon Gift Cards on my blog and facebook fan page:

Check out the book:
Nette by Barbara RayneNette
and if it's something that interests you, enter the giveaway!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) The giveaway ends April 30, 2012.


message 45: by Mona (new)

Mona Ingram (monawrites) | 46 comments Do you believe that love lasts forever? MOONLIGHT DANCER is FREE April 5 – 9.

message 46: by Randy (new)

Randy Attwood (randyatwood) | 96 comments The 41st Sermon free for three days for Kindle owners:

message 47: by Heather (last edited Apr 06, 2012 02:42PM) (new)

Heather McCorkle (HeatherMcCorkle) | 21 comments Myself and author Christine Fonseca are giving away a Nook to one of our biggest fans!

message 48: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Conaway (CameronConaway) | 5 comments To celebrate National Poetry Month, CAGED: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting is free on Amazon from April 7-11. Here's the link:

I hope you all will give it a read.



message 49: by T. (new)

T. (TJacksonKing) | 38 comments My post-apocalyptic, contemporary fantasy novel THE GAEAN ENCHANTMENT, which includes two romances and a major appearance by the goddess Artemis, is now listed on the Goodreads Giveaway program. Five free copies will go out to those picked by Goodreads. Meanwhile, you can read the first chapter freebie by visiting my author page at and by visiting the title on for a Look Inside. Available in Kindle/Nook format and in print. It's the story of a Time of Change where science has failed and Gaean earth magic now works, and America is undergoing social chaos and great change. Oregon archaeologist Thomas and his mage wife Mary embark on a drive east to Virginia to rescue his three children as, literally, the world about them changes and disintegrates into regional fiefdoms, and evil incarnate pursues them.Happy Easter to all! Tom/T. Jackson King. The Gaean Enchantment by T. Jackson King

message 50: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Thibeault (thebookreporter) | 81 comments Every second week I give away a free executive-style summary of a brand new popular non-fiction book on my website:

Some titles I've summarized include 'The Social Conquest of Earth' by E.O. Wilson; 'The Power of Habit' by Charles Duhigg and 'Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think' by Peter Diamandis. Feel free to come check out my freebies...

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