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Team Jonah or Team Ethan
Alaina Alaina Mar 22, 2012 11:48PM
I just wanted to know whos side are you on! Are you a Jonah fan or a Ethan fan?
Don't be afraid to tell me what you think because I would like to know!

Team Ethan

Ethan! He may be an ass at times but isn't everyone who is in love?

Team Jonah! I love Merit and Ethan together but I don't trust this returned Ethan. Besides, Jonah and Merit make magic together!

I can't decide. I like them both for different reasons. I have the feeling Chloe's not done with Merit and Jonah yet.

Ethan... Jonah is hot but.... Ethan.... sigh

Jonah is cool and sweet but Ethan all the way!!!!

Ethan and Merit belong together but if I had my choice between the 2 guys i would be with Jonah. He has a beautiful soul.

Team Neither... But If I must choose a side, Team Jonah.


Jonah, definitely. However, I doubt it'll happen. As someone said in their reviews, it's a rule the MC will choose the wrong guy.
Ethan's hot and everything, and he was interesting in the first 3 books, but in the end he's kind of an asshole.
Also, I'm over their "will we/won't we" dance and Merrit's magical ability of forgiving Ethan anything and everything

Team Ethan!! Because no matter how much Ethan drive me crazy over the thing he does, he stills love Merits. They have a special bond and history togeather! Jonah does have feeling for Merits. He was there for her when she was down because of Ethan death. But I just do see him with Merits and one book not going to change my mind either. I'm the kind of person who like authors to stick with the same couple because I have invest my times in their relationship! Yes there will be up and down like real relationship, and that what make them realist. Please no triangle relationship between Ethan and Jonah!!!!! Thank for taking your time reading this!!

ethan sometimes I really do hate him and I wish I could kick his ass but I love , too much history between him and Merit so I chose him
I don't like Jonah and I don't know why

Ethan. No doubt, I mean, the guy has SERIOUS commitment issues but Merit and Ethan are just so meant to be together. (Wow, that sounded whiny and teenager-y). Jonah is great, no doubt about it but he's probably better suited towards a character who can give him all he deserves with no draw backs like Merit would inevitably have. I mean, when Ethan died I kind of expected her (juvenile I know) to be the widow forever.

ETHAN - I love him and Merit together.

deleted member Mar 24, 2012 10:36PM   0 votes
Ethan. I didn't read 5 books about him for nothing. Jonah can have his own book though cuz I wouldn't mind more about him too. I mean he's hot!

Ethan all the way. I love him!! although Jonah is a great guy .. I wouldnt mind reading more of him..I mean he issss super hot :)

Team Ethan all the way, he is one of my fictional heroes.

I am tream Ethan all the way, Hes hot and strong does not take crap from people

Ethan, always.

Lisa (last edited Jun 21, 2012 06:08AM ) Jun 21, 2012 06:07AM   0 votes
Jonah is a nice guy, but Ethan oh my, oh my...
For me it was always Ethan, even when he was staked. During Drink Deep I was hoping Ethan could be revived in some way, and in the and I got my wish... :)
Jay team Ethan!!!

Is there even a contest? hee. Ethan it has to be. :)

Ethan all the way, but it would of been nice to elaborate more on the shared magic and what it could of offered.

Hands down, Ethan...He has to make hard and sometimes not very popular decisions; but it's his responsibilty.
And he loves Merit...And I love him.

Jonah. Ethan should of stayed dead.

I like them both but if i had to chose it'd Ethan.

I would have liked to see her hook up with Jonah during one of Ethan's "brakes". See Ethan stew and see what he was missing. I am happy that they finally did get together.

I'm team Jonah! But I have a feeling he is doomed... a spin off series perhaps? I love him!

Team Ethan.

I am sooo team Ethan, even though I have never heard of a bigger committment phobe. LOL

I don't think Jonah is even a consideration. He was a distraction/plot point, but I really don't see this as a love triangle. He's made his bed, and his whole house is in it, so there is no room for Chloe.

I'm team Ethan! i hope that Ethan and Merit stay together but i would love it if Jonah and merit's relationship stirred up the water, if they kissed or got a little hands on it would totally add to the drama side to the book. Almost like a miniature love triangle.

Jonah all the way. Ethan broke Merits heart too many times. Now it looks like Merits going to break Jonah's heart…….so so sad, Jonah deserves better Chloe, can you make him have a happy ending instead of a broken heart.

Tammy "Z Girl" Totally agree :-) LOVE Jonah!
Oct 29, 2013 03:50PM

I like Jonah but it's got to be team Ethan all the way

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