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message 1: by Bhargavi (new)

Bhargavi Balachandran | 9 comments Hello Mr Sahasranamam

I am based in chennai and am interested in swapping books.I have the following books for swap

Moon and sixpence - sommerset Maugham
Last Lecture- Randy Pausch
Thanks for teh memories- cecelia Ahern
Anne Frank's The diary of a young girl
Insects are like you and me - Kuzhali Manickavel

message 2: by Bhargavi (new)

Bhargavi Balachandran | 9 comments hi

I discovered this space only recently when i was looking for book swap sites. I heard that the madras terrace house also helps with bookswap.. will check it out and post more info.I dont think there are too many members from Chennai on this platform..Facebook might be a good platform that could attract more people.I feel that a regular book club where people can meet,discuss books,swap books is missing in Chennai and would love to start one.

As regards the books i mentioned,those are some random books out of the bunch i have.

Insects are.. is a bunch of short stories,slightly psychedelic. Good read ,but slightly depressing.

Last lecture.. is a book abt the last lecture given by the author(who died recently).Motivational type.If you liked tuesdays with morrie,you would like this.

Thanks for the memories..Protagonist in this book is a woman who has this uncanny knack for remembering things that, well, shouldn't be there. Disturbing as this is, things get worse. Her life starts to fall apart, especially after an accident she has.

Moon & sixpence..Classic somerset Maugham.dark and witty.The story is loosely based on the life of painter paul gaughin.

message 3: by Sridhar (new)

Sridhar Babu (dglsridhar) | 5 comments Dear friends,
I am Sridhar babu, from Dindigul...I 've almost all of sidney sheldon's novels,Sam bourne's "the Last Testament","The righteous man"and Ken Follet's novels, any body interested please contact me. Coming to chennai,is like "going to kitchen" for me coz I've lotza relations in the city.I like to visit Chennai,but hate to stay there coz of traffic jam,temperature, and people moving without humanity...but if it comes to books I am prepared to go even to Sahara, to get a good one.
Here in Dindigul people read mostly Tamil fictions like "Ramani Chandran,Devibala,Sujatha"etc.,me as a die-hard fan of English fiction,is having hard whenever I visit chennai for attending friends,relatives marriages, go to crosswords book shop and make bulk purchases.I am a member in this Goodreads site from October 2009...and i am pleased to know about this Chennai book club..I am working as a superintendent For Govt.,of Tamil Nadu,in Registration Department. So guys keep in touch.

message 4: by Teja (new)

Teja | 1 comments Hi All,
I have the following books for exchange,
1. the argumentative indian
2. the lexus and the olive tree
3. mein kampf
4. my experiments with truth
5. discovery of india
6. india after Gandhi Readers Nest (readersnest) | 4 comments Hi Group! I see that this group does not have much activity, but both reading and this city are very close to my heart, hence am writing here... I hope I will get responses, and that we can build a vibrant reading community in Chennai.

If I get enough responses, lets get together into a group blog/facebook and start 'gathering moss'!

About our library:
This library - - is an initiative to do what we (my wife and I) like to do best. We would like this to grow this library into a sanctuary for book readers. Currently we list our book online at and deliver books home. The prices are the usual lending library charges.

We want to make procuring and reading books, a hasslefree and pleasurable experience.

Someday we hope to be able to provide a calm and productive reading environment for our members, thus not only providing for reading, but also 'enabling reading'

We solicit your comments on the site, try getting some books with our free membership offer, and give us comments about your experience. We strongly believe that community is what will shape our future. Please join us, and tell us how we can serve better.

Expecting your replies.

Madan. Readers Nest (readersnest) | 4 comments oh, btw, I forgot to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2011!!!

And while on that topic, let me introduce promo code "RNNY2011" that will get you free membership (we will charge you only reading charges) at

Just mention the above promo code when you call us. You can reach us on 9940074572 or

PS: This is not an automated marketing message - am sincerely trying to not only get members but also build a online community of readers in Chennai.

message 7: by Raja (new)

Raja Simon (rajasimon) | 10 comments I am ready to exchange all my James Patterson and Julie Garwood Novels for any other authors. They are really not my type.I am even ready to accept a single novel for a pack of 2 or 3 or even 4 books of mine.All in good condition.Please visit my profile to see those list of books. If you are interested in any other novels of mine, mail me for its condition.

message 8: by Raja (new)

Raja Simon (rajasimon) | 10 comments Sahas, I totally agree with you that we should meet and discuss about books. Also, because we are amateurs, forming a new group rather than joining new one will make our team a bunch of err... young amateurs and our discussion can be out of the box. I mean we can tear up famous authors and praise new authors if needed without getting a face from others. So I too along with Sahas invite all the amateur readers out there in Chennai club to join hands in holding a meet.

Through this, we can get info about best places to buy books in chennai both old and used, books for exchange, helping members to select a right novel for them, etc.

If possible we should at least meet through online once a week and a physical meet once a month.

I hope sahas would take necessary steps in this direction rather than just put forth his ideas. I would help him too, we being school friends and all.
Expecting cheers from rest of the members of the club.

message 9: by DrDork (new)

DrDork (docdork) | 3 comments Hi Sahas,
I am from chennai and would love the idea of meeting real people...discuss books over coffee...
please send in your response guys...

message 10: by Balaji (new)

Balaji Srinivasan | 1 comments Count me in!

message 11: by Sunil (new)

Sunil Rinald | 1 comments i think having this in facebook would make things much more simpler.. communication wise and publicity wise...
and meet ups can be organised there with much better ease... welcome ur comments

message 12: by DrDork (new)

DrDork (docdork) | 3 comments I am in for saturdays....but prefer evenings(coz I have a clinic in the mornings...:)
I think that Sunil's facebook group is a good idea...I will create one
it is called 'Bibliophilia-legally allowed addiction!' and the link is:

How about we start this saturday-25th June?

message 13: by Sindhuja (new)

Sindhuja Anbazhagan (sindhujaanbazhagan) | 2 comments Hi, I am so much interested in exchanging books. I have sent request in FB with the given above link. If anyone interested please respond.

message 14: by Shashank (new)

Shashank (shashankgauraviitkgp) | 5 comments Try ReadersNode,

message 15: by Shashank (new)

Shashank (shashankgauraviitkgp) | 5 comments Try ReadersNode,

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