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Cassidy (yabrgroupleader) | 1 comments Mod
The November Book of the Month is Kiss & Blog by Alyson Noel! This book is about to long-time friends, Winter and Sloane. Over the summer, they have conspired that they would like to be part of the A-list group as sophmores. When sophmore year comes around, Sloane gets accepted into the A-list crowd and dumps her former friend. Winter decides to get even with her former friend by starting somewhat of a "bash blog". She is really as mean as she seems by this blog, but is really crushed of her friends betrayel. The book is not all about getting even though, instead at times you will find a funny approach to the revenge. Later through the story, Winter meets a 16 year-old boy name Rey. She meets Rey at her mom's 60's-themed cafe (her mom has just hired Rey).Throughout the story her and her mothers relationships grows, she finds new friends, and even a possible boyfriend. This book will have you turning pages wanting more and more. Kiss&Blog is a entertaining,fun, and easy to relate to book.
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message 2: by Alissa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:11PM) (new)

Alissa (book_girl_14) | 1 comments It sounds good! I'll have to get it the next time I have money and can buy more books!

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Jenna | 3 comments i just got it from the library, can't wait 2 read it!

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Lauren | 2 comments to me, this was a bad book. i bought it, read it, and i was highly dissapointed. i thought the book would be better but it wasnt.

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