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message 1: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments I'm just so excited to find other Doctor Who fans that I can talk about the show with, and now I can make references to the show and people will actually know what I'm talking about.

I'm almost done with the 6th season, only 3 episodes left.

message 2: by Kelly A. (new)

Kelly A. | 499 comments I finally watched the episode you asked about.....and my mind was blown too! I kind of knew it was coming but it was still exciting! I also fangirled a little bit in the Hitler episode when (view spoiler) (not really spoilerish but being safe).

message 3: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments haha, I reacted the same way! I was a bit giddy when I saw them. Or more than a bit... lol.

I had kinda predicted (view spoiler)

Every time I type 'spoiler' for the html tag, I hear it in River's voice. lol

message 4: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments Anyone watch the mid-season finale?

message 5: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) Oh yes, I did. Does anyone know when DW is starting back up?

message 6: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments We have the Christmas special and then the eighth season will be next fall, they start filming in January with Capaldi.


Who watched The Day of the Doctor?

message 7: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) I didn't watch the last special. I usually wait until closer to the season premiere to watch those. I heard a lot about it though.

message 8: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments Well, it was the 50th anniversary special. Kinda a big deal. lol. Hope you don't get spoiled before you watch it, it was amazing! :)

message 9: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) Oh yeah, I knew it was the 50th anniversary but the 9th is my favourite doctor and his absence made it a bit easier to wait 'til the upcoming season. Or, at least the christmas special. I liked the last XMAS special I saw.

message 10: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments It's a pity Eccelston is so adamant that he wants nothing more to do with the show.

message 11: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) It really is but I gotta have respect for that level of stubbornness. But, I do believe he considered it for a bit but rejected it after getting a rundown of what was happenin' in the episode.

message 12: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) I had a friend who watched that episode and felt the same. I have really come to expect less from his episodes just to keep myself from being too disappointed.

On tumblr, there was thing thing going on about the girl in the scarf basically being "them". As if she was to represent the fans, somehow. Personally, that made little sense to me because of the episode where River and 11th got married.

PS. I am beyond excited for Neil Gaimen's episode. Well, his book. But, surely he will do another episode.

message 13: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) Honestly, I don't think he takes the fans of the show seriously. I thought the image was unflattering, also. It seemed very... stereotypical? I don't know. I only read a descrption and saw a screencap. All I can really say is that I really liked her scarf. Lol.

It's odd but my favourite episode is actually the Van Gogh one. I have many of favourites but that is my top.

message 14: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) That is very true! I have watched that episode almost as many times as Van Gogh and it still kills me. Episodes like that make it real hard to make a list of my favourite companions!

(PS, I respond so fast. But, sometimes work is slow. Lol)

message 15: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments Ouch. That turned negative fast. I'm out.

message 16: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) Haha! I am a bit bias with my ranking. I mean, I love Martha and Donna! I may like Rory more than Amy... I am not sure.

Peraonally, I dont consider River to be a companion since she drives the TARDIS better than him so she goes unranked and thus unrivaled. lol.

message 17: by Merc (last edited Dec 06, 2013 01:13PM) (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) I cannot lie- I am sure I cried a little on that episode. That really was one of those moments where I felt Donna could be happier without the Doctor. And, regardless of how much I love the Doctor, I love it even more when people who are in his world can say they love something else more. That may be why I love Rory so much.

I see the plushie adipose everywhere! I really want a phone charm of that. An oversized one! The bad thing about seeing them (and the Doctor's scarf) is that I know that if I learned to sew- I could easily make these things! Lol, but nope.

(view spoiler)

PS. It did get negative, Kimberly. But, we criticize out of deep like if not love! Lol.

message 18: by Kimberly (last edited Dec 05, 2013 05:01PM) (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments I just do my best to avoid criticism and negativity. The show makes me happy, so when I talk about it, I focus on the positive. Hopefully that makes sense. :)

Also. There is a spoiler tag for goodreads!

(view spoiler)

< spoiler> < /spoiler> Just take out the spaces.

That's a bit more effective. ;)

message 19: by Merc (new)

Merc (OswinsSouffle) I removed possible spoilers from my post.

message 20: by Eveline (new)

Eveline Meijer (EMeijer) | 11 comments I watched the new Dr. Who episode last saturday. Loved it! But I'm sad to see Matt go...I wonder how the new Doctor is going to do it all..

message 21: by Eveline (new)

Eveline Meijer (EMeijer) | 11 comments Yeah same here! They did close it off well, I'm happy about that :)

message 22: by Eveline (new)

Eveline Meijer (EMeijer) | 11 comments Indeed, it's very spot on. Good review! I hope that the new season will be filled with better episodes, and more developed characters.

I actually didn't realize Clara wasn't so developed until I read this review. It's terrible! She is indeed very shallow, and I would have loved to see more depth in her character.

message 23: by Eveline (new)

Eveline Meijer (EMeijer) | 11 comments Ashley wrote: "So true! I hadn't really thought about it too much because I thought maybe I only disliked her because she was new to me, but upon closer inspection, yeah she's rather flat. I really hope that now ..."

I hope it will change the dynamic! And honestly, I'm kinda hoping The Doctor will get a new companion. One that will be better worked out. One that we can really like (or dislike of course)

message 24: by Eveline (new)

Eveline Meijer (EMeijer) | 11 comments Yeah agreed. But I'm also kind of hoping River Song will return. I loved her

message 25: by Eveline (new)

Eveline Meijer (EMeijer) | 11 comments I think so too! They would be adorable :D Hope she really does come back, I loved her so much

message 26: by Chakara (new)

Chakara | 5 comments I started what I think was the new series and I really didn't like the secondary characters like the assistant was like super dumb to me and it was very 90's or even early as far as acting style went. Then I remember her having this best friend that was a black man and he died or something and she was kinda like oh wellzzzz lets forget all about that.

I may have to rewatch it i think it was called roses or something like that then I watched on where they went to a party on a ship with 'the last living human'.

I think i'm just a startrek next gen type of girl.

message 27: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly (KimberlywithaT) | 2140 comments I've enjoyed ALL of the episodes, even the early ones. And Rose is still my all time favorite companion, though I love them all.

As for Matt's farewell, I thought it was incredible. Totally cried. Capaldi is going to be wonderful I'm sure, but I'm going to miss 'my' Doctor.

Did you all see the official picture of 12's costume? I quite like it.

message 28: by Gina (new)

Gina (bookishgina) | 28 comments Have you guys seen the newest teaser!! Rahhh I can't wait! :)

message 29: by Gina (new)

Gina (bookishgina) | 28 comments Ashley wrote: "Gina wrote: "Have you guys seen the newest teaser!! Rahhh I can't wait! :)"

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! I read that his costuming is a bit inspired by David Bowie ;)"

That's awesome!! I'm very excited for him! I didn't care too much for Matt Smith, but there's something about Capaldi that I think is going to be amazing!

message 30: by Gina (new)

Gina (bookishgina) | 28 comments makes sense. 9 was my first doctor and I adore him! wish he had more than one season. And I completely agree about the Ponds transition to Clara.....I'm still not over that! so heart wrenching <\3 but I feel like Clara will fit well with the new doctor.

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