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Autumn But I enjoyed it. I bought the rest of the series. I liked the struggle of the lead character trying to find himself in his new profession.

MizziQ Not at all. Well unless your easily (I mean REALLY easily) frightened.

Jessyca no i didnt find it scary at all

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I liked the style of writing. I still need to read the last one.

Melissa Not really. Some spooky parts though. Definitely not for young children.

Kelly No, not scary~~~~I would say more suspenseful.

MizziQ and dark...but not scary

Kelly True. Maybe to someone alot younger it may have been scary

Dalton more thrill than scare...

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Jack poole the 2 on cd is a littel bit scary

Annie Scary for younger readers, I think.

Laurence I liked it but I wouldn't say it was scary.

Lynchan not really., but this book is totally awesome

Lady Amber (The Batty Bluestocking) Not at all. I always find myself going to the back of the cover to the warning and finding out that I passed the part.

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richard garnett it is kiddy sort of horror, still a good read, but not scary is you are older than say 12

 Danielle The Book Huntress I think more spooky than scary.

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Julia My older brother read that book before me, and he thought it was scary. He's 4 years older than me!!! I read it, and it was NOT scary. Then, my older brother DOES think that the 3rd Harry Potter movie is scary....

Chris Lavy it was a ittle but not much, it was more susensful than scary

Jovian Nope but awesome.

Heather Hay Really good book. I must scare easily because I was scared a couple of times.

Andrew Humphrey if you are under the age of 12 you might get scared by , if you are under the age of 10 then yes it will be scary

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I wasn't scared at all, I loved it.

Madison Sheyenne i read it when i was 10 i loved it. it needed to be more scary because it wasn't at all.

Heather Hay I'm 32. Yep, it scared me. Although I don't watch many horror films so I may scare easily.

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