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Rob (rob_kvidt) | 15 comments Chapter 3 hooked me on the book. I was about ready to give it up. Now I want to see what happens to Will. This chapter showed some different sides of Will; especially dealing with the young Rupert. There's also a lot of conflict as Will sorts out his relationship with Arthur. He doesn't even want James to know what's going on. Do you think Phil was at the theater or someone else?

message 3: by Rob (new)

Rob (rob_kvidt) | 15 comments Chapter 4/5: I liked the bedroom scene between Phil and Will. Not a casual pick-up. Intense with feeling. Regarding Charles, I'm sure there's some meaning there about his house located above a former Roman Bath. What do you think? It's great that Will starts seeing Charles as more than an old man. What's up with Charles' butler? How do you explain the friendship between Charles and Will? I'm wondering too how old James is compared to Will. Maybe in his 30's or 40's?

message 4: by James (new)

James The Roman bath seems a very grand symbol indicating the role Charles plays as emperor of the old ways. His relationship with Will emphasizes their similarities and differences as gay men and aristocrats. Will met James at school, so I think they're very close in age, but I'm not sure about that.

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Rob (rob_kvidt) | 15 comments Thanks, James. I wonder if the Corry will someday end up like Charles' Roman Bath. Perhaps Charles wants to "hand the keys over" to Will and that's why Lewis is jealous. Regarding age, I think the fact James is a doctor made me think he's older. I was wrong. After going back to the first chapter, I see that Will mentions they were undergraduates together.

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James Like you, I imagine Will as older and had to refer to the part about how they met in college. Had to do that a few times, actually. I kept wondering if I missed something. He's definitely more mature than Will, in some ways, at least.

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Rob (rob_kvidt) | 15 comments I think James had to grow up faster because he's not in the same social class as Will. It's an interesting friendship. I remember Will saying earlier that James did not have sexual appeal. We never hear about James' conquests. I see James having an unspoken romantic interest in Will.

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