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New Book Giveway Contest - 'Til Dec 21st

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Win a free copy of Gwendolyn Zepeda's new book
Houston, We Have a Problema
Publisher: Hachette Books USA

Contest Rules for Jennifer Prado's Book Giveaway Contest:

1) To be eligible to receive a free copy of this book, you must reside in the USA or Canada and have a non-PO Box mailing address.

2) You must write a letter to Santa, no longer than one paragraph, explaining why you deserve a free copy of Gwendolyn Zepeda's, Houston, We Have a Problema. Regarding style: I would prefer humor, since just reading/watching the news these days is bad enough, but if you want to make your case about why you are this year's Neediest Reader, that's OK, too. We may add a roll of free TP to your book mailing (have to clear this with the Hachette people first.)

3) You give permission for Emerge New Authors to publish your responses with either your real name or your wacky internet persona name. I have no problem awarding a book to Xena the Warrior Princess, but you will need to mail me your real name and address later on if you do win.

4) The Producer of Emerge New Authors (me) will choose a short list of finalists and then other readers will need to vote (via the Comments Button) on which five entries should win.

5) Deadline to Submit your one-paragraph letters to Santa will be Midnight, EST on Sunday, December 21st - because this is Santa's busy season. Deadline for voting on the top five winners will be announced later.

6) Please use the Comments button on my blog to submit your paragraph. Should you experience technical difficulties, or were taking a nap and missed how this works, please email me at and I will help enlighten you.

Or GoodReads participants can write your paragraphs to Santa as a comment to this post and I will ask the elves to help me transcribe them to my Blog.

Remember you can write or vote to participate!

For more details and synopsis of Gwen's book please go to

Good luck and happy holidays.

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RevCarmen aka (warrior) | 7 comments Hi my name is Rev Carmen Hernandez aka Warrior4Luv my persona online name lol Yes I am a Warrior4Luv but not Xena the Warrior Princess on tv. I deserve the book cause I just love books especially from a latino/as writer. It makes me proud and to hold a book from my own kind makes it more special and I know that in our culture we have so much to say and get it out from the closet we hid it in so much about our lives experiances. So I hope to win it and beside the author is from my city NYC;-) but wait she is in Manhattan I am in the boogie down Bronx! I still can win though? lol;-)

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Thanks, RevCarmen for being the first to respond!

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RevCarmen aka (warrior) | 7 comments YAYYYY LOL

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RevCarmen aka (warrior) | 7 comments U See U See I love books that must said something ;-)lol just being funny and silly is who I am..Ask Linda Nieves-Powell I am a great fan of hers. God Bless and anything that I can promote you please feel free to reach out to me;-)

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There is still time to win a copy of Gwendolyn Zepeda's new book, Houston, We Have a Problema.

Contest Deadline: Sunday, December 21st, 12 pm EST!

Write to Santa before he goes on tour!

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RevCarmen aka wrote: "YAYYYY LOL"

RevCarmen, you won one of Gwen's books!

Please send me an Email with your mailing address and if the Publisher should put Warrior4Luv on the package or some other name that the mail carrier will recogize more easily.

Congrats and happy holidays!


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