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In Defence of Micah's Leadership: A Moderated Response

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Micah Issitt (micahissitt) | 9 comments Mod
Hello all,

To my dismay, Moderator Micah Issitt, of the "Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Humore," has called me out.

This moderator has taken a step against us all by calling my moderation skills into question and by suggesting that my promotion, to group leader here at the Historic Dining Society, was based on affirmative action rather than merit.

What isn't mentioned is that, the Historic Dining Society is a group rooted in actual dining experience rather than simple theory. The same can't be said for the "Academy of Humore," which, as I will reveal, isn't even an academy at all!!

Here are the facts:

Fact 1: The Historic Philadelphia Dining Society was recently voted number 3 among societies moderated by Micah Issitt. This isn't opinion; its FACT!

Fact 2: Micah Issitt graduated from a prestigious university that taught moderation as one of its key areas of concentration. Though Micah Issitt didn't major in moderation, he often took classes in the same part of the building where moderation classes were held. Proximity builds familiarity: its science.

Fact 3: All members of the Historic Dining Society have, at one time, eaten an actual dinner with Micah Issitt.

Fact 4: When we searched Wikipedia for the "Proceedings of the Royal Academy of Humore," this is what we found: "No Page with that Title Exists."

Fact 5: According to reliable testimony from a member of the Royal Academy, who wishes to remain unnamed, "The academy really isn't an academy. I think its an Internet group, but I haven't ever gone to the web page. I don't think its royal either."

Fact 6: According to research conducted by CNN.Com, "...more and more Internet groups have been created...indicating...Muslim...jihad."

So there you have it. A note to Micah Issitt: before you go criticizing someone else's group, I suggest you cast a critical eye towards your own history and behavior. Don't worry, you'll never be asked to dine with us!

message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan | 9 comments You should have spelled it "defence" for old-timey goodness. Capitalizing every other noun would also be a nice touch.

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