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A Filthy Youth groupie | 1 comments Mod
-Ye Old Story Guild-

In this group, you can review the stories of other goodreads members. There are games. Plus, there's a Medieval Roleplay, and it's just getting started. So, you won't have to worry about not knowing what's going on!

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I have a question about this group...
So wait, if you DO hate anime because everyone loves it and it's stupid and you DON'T like dark things, you aren't weird? Since when is not being punk/emo mean you aren't weird? Just because I'm not emo doesn't mean I'm not weird???!!!!

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you know what if you don't like this group, then leave it. I dont see the whole point of joining a group if you're just gonna be rude. So you know leave this grop after reading this message and leaving a rude comment wasting your life, or I take you out of it.

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Taylor That was kind of harsh...

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Jojo (jojothemasterofrandomness) | 7 comments geez that was kinda harsh, I mean I joined and I didn't even know this group was about all that. I just thought it was about people who didn't want to be mainstream. I happen to like all that stuff and I don't see why anyone couldn't be in this group if they don't like it. and it's not like he was dissin that stuff he was just sayin his oppion. poor guy. I notice both un-emo and hater are now deleted members......

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