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message 1: by Vincent, Mod & Author (last edited Jul 31, 2016 11:41AM) (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1027 comments Mod
If you are a book cover artist, or if you are looking for a book cover artist, please leave a post here. Also, if you are an illustrator or you are seeking one, you can comment below. This thread is topic specific, so all posts that are off the subject will be removed.

Here is a great cover artist that I've found:

Ellie Bockert Augsburger
Creative Manager
Creative Digital Studios
(440) 941-4221

Ellie did an amazing job animating my covers for my "E-Author Resources" blog. Click here to see her work, as well as the work of other artists:


message 2: by Ruth (last edited Jun 25, 2013 09:59AM) (new)

Ruth | 59 comments Long before I became a poet, I earned an MFA in painting. I was a professional artist with gallery representation in Los Angeles, and taught Art at the college level for many years. I have about 40 years worth of art, from abstract to highly realistic, available for use on book covers. You can see some samples here:

Editing to say that Apple has closed this venue. I'm in the process of building a website. I plan to reestablish my gallery there.

message 3: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett Archer (scarlettarcher) | 6 comments Hi guys,

I'm running a 30 book covers for $50 on my site :) There aren't many places left so please feel free to get in touch with me if you're interested! You can check out my work here:

message 4: by Laura (last edited May 28, 2012 09:11AM) (new)

Laura LaRoche (LauraLaRoche) | 50 comments Hello, I'm an author, photographer, and a book cover designer. You can check out my work at Click on Book Cover Designs tab at top of page. I have multiple samples of work I've done for other authors. Most covers only cost $45. Very affordable rates! My photography is featured in the Birds and Blooms magazine, and I have earned various photography awards.
Thanks, Laura Wright LaRoche
Author of Black Woods

message 5: by Zee (new)

Zee Monodee (Zee_Monodee) | 150 comments Hey all!

I'm a cover designer - you can check my work here

I work mostly with self-pubbed authors, and all my covers are less than $99. :)

message 6: by Dafeenah (new)

Dafeenah | 2 comments Hello

I'm a freelance graphic designer. I specialize in book cover design and book formatting for self pubbed authors. I provide formatting for all ebook formats (mobi, epub, Smashwords, etc). I also do print formatting for Createspace, Lulu, and Lightning Source. I offer package discounts as well if you're looking for both print and ebook formatting.

You can see samples of my previous covers at my deviant arts page

or on my website

Samples of my formatting is also available at

I also help authors to create their brand by providing, Facebook, Twitter, and blog graphics. Covers start at $50. Contact me if you'd like a quote.


message 7: by Heather (new)

Heather Boustead (ReflectionsofaBookWorm) | 14 comments Just wanted to say you guys are so talented! I am very jealous!


message 8: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Brooks (Kathleen-Brooks) I use Calista Taylor and LOVED working with her.!__book...
I look so forward to finishing each book so I can work with her!

message 9: by L.H. (new)

L.H. Thomson (LHThomson) | 101 comments I'd like to recommend Kit Foster at Very talented guy

message 10: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Heltsley I used Phatpuppyart for all three of my covers and she does such an amazing job!!! I haven't found anyone to compare. Hope this helps!

message 11: by Gary (new)

Gary Tenuta (Code9) | 19 comments Photobucket
Remember, most of your promotion will be online where people are bombarded with images and their attention spans are short. One study showed once a label or packaging design (which is really what a book cover is) catches a viewer's attention, the viewer will spend about 3 seconds (or less) looking at it before they do one of two things:

(1) they pick up the product (or click on its image) to learn more about it or...
(2) they move on to something else.

Humans are, by nature, extremely sensitive to first impressions. The corporate world has known this for a long time. That's why they spend tens of millions of dollars every year on market surveys and research to determine the effectiveness of their product packaging.

Two important things for authors to remember:

1. The cover is a potential reader's first impression of your book. There is an entire psychology built around the concept of "first impressions". That psychology should be understood by anyone whose product (a book, in this case) is just one among many in competition for the public's attention.

2. Think of the cover of your book in terms of "product packaging" in the same way that manufacturers regard the packaging of their products. The cover of your book is the "packaging", the "box" (metaphorically speaking) that contains the "product". The product is the story inside the "box". More often than not, a potential buyer's assumption about the quality of the product is determined by their perception of the quality of the packaging.

As a book cover designer, I tend to not use stock photos like you see on many book covers. Too often they tend to make the cover blend in with all the other similar book covers out there. I lean toward a more custom approach, creating a cover image, a "product package", that stands out as unique. When I do use stock images, I customize them to reflect the essence of your book.

Dozens of examples of "product packages" (book covers) that I've designed are displayed on my website:

My fees are among the most competitive you're likely to find anywhere. Stop by and have a look. Let's see what I can do for you. :-)

message 12: by Uvi (new)

Uvi Poznansky | 1048 comments Being new to the printing process of book covers, I've now learned that it can be a challenge to get graphics with the contrast and vibrancy you would expect. Here is an excellent article about it: Better Color from Print on Demand. So here is a redesign of the softcover version...
To read more, click the link.

message 13: by Scott (new)

Scott Foley (ScottWilliamFoley) | 2 comments I'm not sure if he's taking commissions anymore, but I've worked with Jude Landry and the man is a certifiable genius. I was lucky enough to hire him before the rest of the world took notice, but he's beginning to win award after award now. Check him out at


message 14: by Cathy (last edited Jul 31, 2016 07:41AM) (new)

Cathy Helms | 1 comments Greetings all! I'm a book cover designer and I also produce book trailers. I primarily work with independent authors and small publishing houses. I design marketing material as well, such as post cards, book marks and social media graphics/banners.

My portfolio can be perused on my site:

A few titles that I've designed the cover jackets for are:
The Bitti Chai by Jane Gray Shadow of the King (Pendragon's Banner Trilogy, #3) by Helen Hollick The Jacobites' Apprentice by David Ebsworth Bring It Close (Sea Witch Voyages, #3) by Helen Hollick A Game of Proof by Tim Vicary The Eagle Has Fallen by Brian Young The Road to Frogmore Turning Slaves into Citizens by Carolyn P. Schriber No Greater Evil by R.A.R. Clouston Ripples in the Sand by Helen Hollick Nightingale Woods by Kathryn Brown Scattered Links by M. Weidenbenner Missing Believed Dead (Dundee Crime Series, #3) by Chris Longmuir New City by Lauren Barr Dead Wood (Dundee Crime Series 2) by Chris Longmuir Bedknobs and Bachelors by Kathryn Brown Too Quiet In Brooklyn (Fina Fitzgibbons, #1) by Susan Russo Anderson The Kraals of Ulundi A Novel of the Zulu War by David Ebsworth Future Prometheus Emergence & Evolution by J.M. Erickson The Last Campaign of Marianne Tambour A Novel of Waterloo by David Ebsworth Intelligent Design Revelations by J M Erickson Illegally Dead (Marcus Corvinus Book 12) by David Wishart China Blue (Dudley Sisters Saga #3) by Madalyn Morgan Eagle Birds of Flight - Book Three by J.M. Erickson Falcon Birds of Flight - Book Four by J.M. Erickson Killer's Countdown by Wendy H. Jones Killer's Craft (The DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries Book 2) by Wendy H. Jones Summer Moved On by Jo Lambert Material Evidence by Bill Kirton Rogue Event by J.M. Erickson Cold Friends by Geoff Green 1066 Turned Upside Down Alternative fiction stories by nine authors by Joanna Courtney On the Account (The Sea Witch Voyages Book 5) by Helen Hollick

message 15: by William (new)

William Trelawny | 12 comments I am looking for a cover artist to do a rendering of my published work, The Adventures of Riley Raccoon. The present cover was designed by my illustrator and I, and I do like it, but it wasn't designed using professional software, so the quality was degraded when transferred to Amazon. I am open to new ideas, but a few guidelines to think about:

-Classic: I like an old-style cover; very basic, from before these modern book jackets, when books' covers were on the book itself. It's hard to explain, just think classic and old-school I guess...

-Not cartoonish: The internal graphics are not cartoonish, and the cover should probably fit with the same general art style as the inside pictures.

Like I said, I am open to ideas. I can send you a few example pictures from inside the book so you can see what it's all about. I'm hoping to be able to negotiate and talk through the process and different ideas with the artist, and I do respect artistic freedom.

If we like the end product, the 2nd book of the series has been written but needs a cover!

Email me:

-William Trelawny

message 16: by Eileen (new)

Eileen Hamer (eileenrobertsonhameryahoocom) | 3 comments I had two covers designed by Dustin Ashe at Check out his website for an idea of what he can do. He's not hte cheapest, but I think he's the best.

message 17: by Susan (new)

Susan Quinn (Susan_Kaye_Quinn) | 43 comments My cover designer is awesome and I highly recommend him: D. Robert Pease of walking stick books.

Here's the cover he did for me:
Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy, #1) by Susan Kaye Quinn

message 18: by Sherry (last edited Apr 17, 2012 04:07PM) (new)

Sherry Gammon (SherryGammon) I used Paul Beeley! My sales went from 150 books to over 6500 since I hired him. His prices are great too, About $75 and he is easy to work with.
Unlovable (Port Fare, #1) by Sherry Gammon Unbelievable (Port Fare, #2) by Sherry Gammon

message 19: by Joan (new)

Joan Young (sharkbytes) | 28 comments I'd like to recommend Farah Evers

message 20: by Deborah (last edited Sep 01, 2015 02:05PM) (new)

Deborah (TugboatDesign) | 2 comments Hello from Tugboat Design!

At Tugboat Design I strive to provide high quality, professional book covers at an affordable price for authors. I know how important your book is to you, but I also understand that as an author your budget is tight. I can design a professional, unique book cover specifically for your book, or you can choose from my many ready-to-go covers that are available for purchase at a reduced price. I design covers for both e-book and print. I have designed for bestselling authors including New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg.

Other services that I offer include:
• Formatting for MOBI (Amazon), EPUB (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play and Apple), Smashwords and Print (Createspace, Lightning Source, etc.)
• Promotional Material Design

I also offer package deals that combine book cover design, formatting and promotional materials at a reduced cost that you can customize to your needs.

Visit my website

Find me on twitter @TugboatDesign

 photo combo banner_zpsr6hmhzm8.jpg

 photo Book Cover Design Banner_zpsf8o6jaxg.jpg

message 21: by Tamian (last edited Mar 01, 2013 09:04AM) (new)

Tamian | 29 comments Hello Authors! Count me in. I'm also a book cover designer. Contact me for elegant, eye-catching designs that will get your project noticed.

The Everdark Gate The Everdark Wars Book 3 by Elizabeth K. Burton Dark Legend by Christopher Stires The Luckless Prince by Rie Sheridan Rose The Light of Venus Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future by Adam Gainsburg For Humanity by William Dafoe Brianna by Linda Andrews Rising Above Enron by Carey Falter

You can find my portfolio at:
or on facebook at

Here are a few more links to covers I've done:

Kind regards,
Tamian Wood
Graphic Designer
Beyond Design International

message 22: by Eva (new)

Eva Dillner (Eva_Dillner) I'm a professional artist and author, have so far done my own book covers, but have plenty of art that would suit a variety of books. See my website

message 23: by Renu (new)

Renu Sharma (DarkRayne) | 3 comments I am a professional book cover artist and have worked for authors like Penelope Fletcher and Jason Letts. You can checkout my work at:

If you like my work, please email me at

message 24: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr (goodreadscomkevink) | 50 comments Scarlett wrote: "Hi guys,

I'm running a 30 book covers for $50 on my site :) There aren't many places left so please feel free to get in touch with me if you're interested! You can check out my work here:

A lot of these designs are quite nice.

message 25: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Klehr (goodreadscomkevink) | 50 comments Scott wrote: "I'm not sure if he's taking commissions anymore, but I've worked with Jude Landry and the man is a certifiable genius. I was lucky enough to hire him before the rest of the world took notice, but ..."

I agree with you, he's a genius.

message 26: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Zia (StephZ) | 4 comments Hi,

I'd like to recommend Fena Lee, who does really wonderful covers at $100.00. For this you get up to 3 different covers for 1 title and unlimited edits. A quick, intelligent service. She's great to work with. She caters for all sorts of styles, check her extensive portfolio. This is my chick litty cover Ten Good Reasons To Lie About Your Age

message 27: by Denise (new)

Denise Baer | 274 comments Ruth wrote: "Long before I became a poet, I earned an MFA in painting. I was a professional artist with gallery representation in Los Angeles, and taught Art at the college level for many years. I have about 4..."

Ruth, I love your work. Beautiful!

I used my cousin to do my book cover. I Love my cover.

message 28: by Maggie (new)

Maggie Craig | 1 comments May I recommend Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics?

She's just produced a wonderfully romantic and evocative cover for my novel One Sweet Moment. She's talented, creative and a pleasure to work with.

message 29: by Hope (new)

Hope Welsh (Hope_Welsh3) | 16 comments I'm not a cover artist--but I'd like to help promote the wonderful artist that did my cover for LINKED.

minjaMel Designs does awesome work on covers and websites. is her website. Mention I referred you if you contact her and she'll give you a 10% discount.

She does pre-made covers (on the site already) and custom covers.

One of the nice things is she is very, very reasonable. Check out some of her very unique covers. Linked by Hope Welsh This is the cover she did of my book.

message 30: by Annika (new)

Annika Howells (annikahowells) | 8 comments I'm very happy with the cover that Derek Murphy of CreativeIndie did for me. The website seems to be under construction right now though.

How to Disappear Completely by Annika Howells

message 31: by Abhay (new)

Abhay | 37 comments So I am not an cover artist but I usually make. my cover art myself and I think I do a Ok job at it. Recently I published a new ebook called ‘Willoughby‘ and I am not sure about the cover, I made it myself. Sometimes I feel as if I did a good job sometimes I think counterwise.

please check it out and tell me what you think about the cover.

ᑕᗢᗝᒪḰᓮᖙᖇᗢჯ123 ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Cool (coolkidrox123) i have desinged a cover for someone on deviant art if that counts? wich was my first and it sucks

message 33: by Missy (new)

Missy LaRae (MissyLaRae) | 15 comments Hands down....the BEST designer I have found is Nathalia Suellen. She just finished the cover for my novel, and here is her website. You can NOT go wrong with her.

message 34: by Regina (new)

Regina Shelley (ReginaS) | 135 comments I had Diego Candia design mine. Well, actually, he didn't design the cover, he painted the cover art. I turned it into a graphic (I'm a laid off graphic designer). I'm not here pitching for work, necessarily, but I know Diego's looking for some extra work. If you're interested in the sort of stuff he does, I put some of the pieces he did for me into my photo album, if you look in my profile. Plus the cover art, which I will probably end up tweaking a bit. Anyway, if you want to throw a little work Diego's way, drop me a line. He's amazing to work with and it's like he's seeing straight into my head.

message 35: by Mirvan (new)

Mirvan  Ereon (mirvanereon) | 38 comments I always do my own cover art from my own artworks Argellius Rex by Marvin Enore Cyphilia Real Sighs for Cy by Marvin Enore A Summer in Silverspring by Cyrill N. Tan Cyphilia Real Sighs for Cy by R.A. Sputnikoi Fidelity A Story of Choices and Indeterminate Possibilities by R.A. Sputnikoi YEHOSHUA - ADON OLAM AIBISHTER by R.A. Sputnikoi L'amour de moi by R.A. Sputnikoi

message 36: by Mirvan (new)

Mirvan  Ereon (mirvanereon) | 38 comments By the way, I can offer free book covers =P Anyone interested just PM me.. All I ask is artist recognition and I will gladly make a book cover for you as long as you want an artwork

Moon Shine Art Spot ~ Lisa (MoonShineArtSpot) | 47 comments I have always loved to read & I spend hours in bookstores just looking at book covers... I am also a graphic designer & illustrator with illustration samples at (& 1 book cover design with illustration). I can also do photo manipulation if you prefer photos rather than illustrations on a cover.

Please email if I can be of service. Thank you.


Moon Shine Art Spot ~ Lisa (MoonShineArtSpot) | 47 comments Laura wrote: "Hello, I'm an author and a book cover designer. You can check out my work at
Thanks, Laura Wright LaRoche
Author of Black Woods"

Laura wrote: "Hello, I'm an author and a book cover designer. You can check out my work at
Thanks, Laura Wright LaRoche
Author of Black Woods"

Ahhh here you are again. I was posting to get attention possibly for illustration or cover design & have discovered that I better get on the ball & make up a few "fake" covers for advertising sake! I realize that many authors are going to prefer photography to illustration. Do you have photos you have taken for sale? I am looking for a cabin & a lot of woods surrounding it after a snow storm. Do you have anything like that?


Moon Shine Art Spot ~ Lisa (MoonShineArtSpot) | 47 comments Abhay wrote: "So I am not an cover artist but I usually make. my cover art myself and I think I do a Ok job at it. Recently I published a new ebook called ‘Willoughby‘ and I am not sure about the cover, I made i..."


I read your poem and notes afterwards and viewed your cover. Will you email me to discuss the cover at length. I think the photo is a little dark in tone for what you are trying to portray in your poem. I would like to discuss the cover via email please.
I have my bachelor's degree from an art college & several years of design experience. I would love to help you with your cover.

message 40: by Scott (new)

Scott Seldon (srseldon) | 7 comments Although I get my covers from my own person who prefers to work with people he knows, I can highly recommend Calista Taylor. I know her and have seen a lot of her work and she is excellent.

message 41: by Laura (new)

Laura LaRoche (LauraLaRoche) | 50 comments Lisa wrote: "Laura wrote: "Hello, I'm an author and a book cover designer. You can check out my work at
Thanks, Laura Wright LaRoche
Author of Black Woods"

Laura wrote: "Hello, I'm an aut..."

Lisa wrote: "Laura wrote: "Hello, I'm an author and a book cover designer. You can check out my work at
Thanks, Laura Wright LaRoche
Author of Black Woods"

Laura wrote: "Hello, I'm an aut..."

Hey Lisa I will DM you! :)

message 42: by AC (new)

AC (ac_adams) | 7 comments Hello.. I'm pretty young and I'm not a professional illustrator, but I'm a student in the School for Applied Arts and Design. So if anyone is willing to use my talents and give me a little something to write about in my CV once, I'd appreciate it.
I'm writing myself, and I think I'm pretty good in creating a cover and illustrations based on the story or a description of it.
And I ask for no money (though I won't refuse if you offer it, haha), my only condition is to be listed as the cover artist or illustrator in your book :)
I'm also pretty traditional, and I'd always rather draw something myself than use a photo, and computer I can use only for additional touch. You can see some of my work in my DA gallery - .. but I have A LOT more than that (waiting to be uploaded, lol), and I can show you some other my works if you ask me.

Feel free to contact me, and good luck to all of you fellow artists!

p.s. excuse my mistakes, english is not my first language :p

message 43: by Vincent, Mod & Author (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 1027 comments Mod
Wow, Deer! That is pretty great!

I enjoyed the effect :)

message 44: by Jan (new)

Jan Moran (janmoran) | 25 comments I can recommend a graphic designer in the Los Angeles area, Sherri Yu, who has designed 3 book covers for me. You can see them on my author page. While not inexpensive, she is a thorough professional, and you will receive high quality art direction that you can use to build and expand your brand. She is a lovely person and a joy to work with!

Sherri Yu
Wonder Studio
Whittier, California
(562) 945-3650

Here's her last cover for me, just beautiful elements:

Scent of Triumph / A Historical Romance by Jan Moran

message 45: by Regina (new)

Regina Shelley (ReginaS) | 135 comments That is a gorgeous cover, Jan. :-))

message 46: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Wimmer (Streiflicht) | 1 comments Hey authors!
I am a professional photographer and designer.
I offer to produce an effective and appealing cover for your book. One of my photographs will make it an eyecatcher.
Check out my website:

message 47: by Richard (new)

Richard Stephenson (Richard_Stephenson) | 24 comments I highly recommend Laura at (She posted in this thread.)

She did the cover for my novel, "Collapse"

Still gives me chills looking at it! Outstanding work!

message 48: by Cynthia (last edited Nov 23, 2015 08:54PM) (new)

Cynthia Vespia (CynV) | 48 comments Hi, I'm a designer and video editor. I do custom book covers, trailers, promotional posters, business cards, websites, and more all at affordable prices. As an author myself I understand the struggle!

I'm currently open to new clients. You can see alot of my work on my new website

Feel free to contact me with questions.

message 49: by Adam (new)

Adam Wayne | 2 comments Hi everyone,

I am an illustrator and book cover artist looking for work. I am very versatile and can adapt to all styles and genres. My work ranges from pencil, to oil paint, to digital imagery.

You can see samples of my work at:

If you're interested or have questions, please contact me at:



message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

This is my design for my book (already published, Moonlight Witches by Kristopher Morris) So that was my first design :)

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