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Truth or Fiction

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I have read some reviews of this book on other sites that claim the author lies about these events actually happening to her.

I would like to hear from anyone who is informed or has an opinion on this book. Is it fact or fiction?

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Ozread I am sorry to say it is fiction or you could call it what it really is, which is fraud. Kathy O'Bierne was never in a Magdalene Laundry. Since finding this out I came across a book called Kathy's Real Story by Herman Kelly - it credibly documents & proves all the lies told in Kathy's Story, some are so unbelievable they are laughable, especially when you consider how many people have been taken in by this woman's tale. I was quite angry when I read all the evidence - I found out the truth while trying to find a way to help her financially and to give money to the magdalene women she might know who needed it. She is either an outrageous liar who intended to jump on the misery literature money train or a very sick woman who needs help.

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Jill you can find info about the real women who suffered at this site:

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Florence Many ex Inmates from the Irish Industrial schools and Magdalene laundries are very angry with Kathy O'Beirne, she spent just 6 weeks in a Home when she was 11, and according to herself was very well treated there.Her parents were unable to stop her 'anti social' behaviour.

She claims to have been in an Industrial school and abused since she was eight.Her school records show she was in primary school until over 12 and a half years old, her birth cert and family resemblence show she's 4 years older than she claims(50, not 46) and also is definatly not adopted. Mainstream have published hoaxes before. A priest she accused of rape was so badly crippled with arthritis he could hardly dress himself. He was cleared of any wrong doings against her...but since he's now dead she can claim what she wants. She's a very cruel evil woman but her lies have been exposed. Worse still, a British journalist is now working with her to do a sequel. In this she's supposed to be saying she's fostered hundreds of children!!!.

Thursday, 23 October, 2008

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Eva Marie I just got a link, two links actually but I can't find the comment anymore and only have the one handy, that explain a lot about this woman and a few other books. I thought it was rather interesting myself.

I hope it isn't the "end" of the mis-let memoir but I do hope it's the end of the FAKE mis-lit memoir genre. I'm so disgusted by these people. What the hell does that say to the people who have REALLY suffer from abuse that they make light of it like they do? The same with James Frey. There are so many people that are dealing/have dealt with addictions and here he writes some stupid "memoir" that was so obviously fake it was sad. Whoever published that one should be absolutely ashamed.

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Eva Marie Ozread wrote: "I am sorry to say it is fiction or you could call it what it really is, which is fraud. Kathy O'Bierne was never in a Magdalene Laundry. Since finding this out I came across a book called Kathy's R..."

WHOA.....I just read this comment! Hopefully now you'll think twice before giving ANY stranger money. OMG- something I'd NEVER do! Imagine how many others have done this? On top of what she makes from the books, promotions, speaking engagements, etc.

Hayley Rossi Oh wow, this is quite disappointing to hear it's not true.

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Tracy Neill This is horrific an I believe Kathy in everyway its pathetic not to. This cannot not be the truth this women has suffered at the hands of the justice system and all she wants is justice. The Priests Nuns and Garda run Ireland and to an extent still do is there any wonder whay so much stuff was covered up and never explained!!!

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