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This story starts from the beginning of New Moon when Bella's bday is being celebrated in the Cullen's house and Bella cuts herself with the gift wrap. But instead, Jasper cannot be controlled and he attacks Bella...

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((By the way, Bella's point of view...))

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I yelped as I felt the sting as fresh blood trickled out from my finger. I let go of the gift and heard a "thud" as it fell to the ground. After grabbing my my wounded finger with my now free hand,I glanced up just in time to notice the chaos that occured in just that mere second.

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Before I even had time to let out a sound, wild-eyed Jasper had lunged on me. A scream finally escaped from my lips as I felt his strong hand grab at my hand and begin sucking out the blood. Alice's shouts echoed around the house as she pulled Jasper off of me with the help of Emmett and Rosalie.

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