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Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥) (bookfever) I can't really come up with some UF stand alones... *thinks*

Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥) (bookfever) Still don't have any idea xD

message 3: by Carleny (new)

Carleny (Sofiel) I'm curious if it's a thing for PNR and UF to be in series... do you think it's for more enjoyment or because they can't just add everything from a world in one book... unless they want it to be the size of War and Peace.

message 4: by Carleny (new)

Carleny (Sofiel) Scotia wrote: "I think they can do it in one book... Like Moon Called could have been a stand alone, but people fall in love with the characters and they want more"

Very true. If there's enough demand for it, authors cave and write more.

message 5: by Chan (new)

Chan (chantaltrujillo) I would love to read an UF stand alone.

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