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Indian Coffee House

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Shree hi... i live in pondicherry and my dad went to the same school as Pi in the book. I've been to the Indian Coffee House as late as a year ago.. It was ok then but now its just a dilapidated crumbling building...

This was in the paper last week

James Just a curious question, but what kind of coffee is predominantly served? Specifically, is it primarily domestic or is there also imported coffees?

I ask because I roast my own coffee and I tend to get coffees that aren't available to most people here (America). Two of the best coffees I've ever had were from estates in Karnataka.

Carrotmuffin That is cool that you have a link in some way to the book. What did you think of the way he described it all? Is it the way you would have described it?

Susan Interesting article Shree.

James, to answer your question, it is quite probable that the Indian Coffee House serves domestic coffee. Pondicherry is in the state of Tamil Nadu, home to plenty of coffee plantations. Importing coffee into India would be like importing maple syrup into Canada.

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