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Servius  Heiner  | 360 comments Mod
Personally, I am of the mind that there should be surgical strikes into Iran. People seem to get wrapped around lines on maps. The reality of the situation is we have been engaged in open warfare with Iran in Iraq for the last 5 years. So move the imaginary line a little farther and continue with the stated mission statement: Seek out terror groups and sympathetic regimes, and deal with them on their own turf; thus keeping them on their heals forcing them to react instead of act.

granted my strategic knowledge is that of a lowly Sgt. and advanced squad leader, but I assert that Hitler was only a Cpl.

message 2: by Varmint (new)

Varmint | 208 comments israel already has it's nuclear deterrent. this pact is based on the idea that an apocalyptic jew hater will hesitate before 5000 american nukes when he was not scared by 500 israeli nukes.

we don't need to invade the whole country. take the oil fields and one port city. problem solved.

message 3: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill | 467 comments Nuclear umbrella? Holy shiite, Obama is one ignorant SOB. Gee, Obambi - just how many seconds does it take for an Iranian missile to hit Israel? Or better yet, how do you prevent Iran providing for a nuclear device to be detonated onsite by RC? Jeebus if he keep spouting this kinda crap a whole shit-pot full a people are gonna die. Idiot.

Our best hope, and what I'm betting on, is that Israel politely tells Obama to pound sand.

Oh...and another thing in regards to appeasement. NOOBama is gonna deliver a suckup kiss-ass speech to muslims from a capital city of a muslim nation? WTF!?
We don't owe the muslim world jackshit squat. We liberate millions of muslims from the yoke of oppresion, we GIVE BILLIONS every year to muslim countries in economic aid and allow wahabist Saudi free and unfettered access to the US population to spew their islamo-fascist filth in our country. It's no fluke that Saudi funds 80% of all US mosques. And we need to "reboot" our image? FUCK OFF NOOBama!. Gee, let's add up the annual aid in $$ given to muslim countries from other gobsmacking frikkin rich muslim countries. There's an eye opener.

Servius  Heiner  | 360 comments Mod
Well, I just wish McCain could have articulated his assertions better when he talked about how dangerous Obama would be in the white house. The media painted it had McCain being mean spirited. Now perhaps people will start to realize what he was driving at.

That doesn't make me feel any better of course. I keep trying to get over it, to let it go, But I have the constant feeling of impending doom with a bleeding heart at the helm. I just can't relax.

message 5: by Not Bill (new)

Not Bill | 467 comments Impending doom, indeed. At this point, watch/hope for Israel to elect Netanyahu to PM. If so, then Israel has a sack, and then some. If not, then they'll offer the neck, and the muzz will go for the head.

message 6: by Varmint (new)

Varmint | 208 comments less than a month to go. if the israelis are going to act, they'd better do it soon.

message 7: by Varmint (new)

Varmint | 208 comments if the israelis want american help, they have until january 23rd. intell, targeting, bunker busters, mid air refueling, diplomatic cover. after that obama and ahmedinijhad will be having tea parties together.

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