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Rachel and trent? frustrating (spoilers)
Carmon Carmon Mar 13, 2012 09:00AM
Is it jut me or was anyone else frustrated that after all the romantic tension in this book Rachel and trent didnt even kiss? I mean it's been 10 books already its about time she fell for someone well and truly and this book left little doubt to who it will be. So i found it really annoying that the ending left it the way it did. Did anyone else feel the same?

I felt that n this book Trent was guiding Rachel( very gently) into something. He knows her, I believe, and understands her better than anyone. Just like he prepared her for accepting her demon powers with the braclet, then taking it away when she realised what it was like without magic, I feel he is letting her get to know him. Letting her see he doesn't stop her from her path but rather try to give her the weapons to make it through on her own. That is what Rachel wants. He is also letting her see him, the real him beneath the businessmen. Rachel rejects change and doesn't deal with it very well when it happens. So I think Kim Harrison is being very smart with this slow romance that is blooming, nobody would of believed it if they just fell into it. Well that's what I think, haha, everyone seems things differently:-)

Frustrated yes. Though it would have been too easy and not as believable if they got together already in this book. I'm glad we are finally seeing how good together they really are. They work well together and Trent doesnt tell her to stay out if it like most other people. He even gives her the means to protect herself further knowing she's going to get into sticky situations. I've said it best when talking about her other boyfriends. I can't find the exact quote but what each would do in turn. Besides Pierce who would go into these situations, and ruin it, Trent is the only one. He knows the true Tachel and doesn't second guess what she is capable of. I get pissed that everybody else thinks she's such a liability and will mess it up somehow. Yet Trent knows she has a real good chance of solving the issues so they sneak out together to do it.

I agree and hope there is more progress for their relationship next book. I would be so bummed if they finally get together in the last book and I'm left with wanting more. So far I think Kim is playing it very well. She's so sneaky and tight lipped about the whole HEA thing but I have high hopes she's Trench all along.

Hopefully Rachel will stop trying to find excuses when Trent seems to get to close to her. She likes him...we know it, she knows it, Jenks-Ivy-Ceri-Quen-Bis-Glenn-Ford-Al(probably)-Jonathan & Ellasbeth(probably knew)and David know it, the only one that doesn't seem to know it is Trent...But hopefully she'll finding obstacles and just run into his arms by the next book. We feel it coming but it would feel good to have it written already!!!!

Tracy MacAuley I am close to the end of 'For A Few Demons More' and, I'm sorry, but I think Trent is a Class A dick. He's tried to hurt Rachel more times than I can ...more
Mar 14, 2015 09:59PM

I'm more excited than frustrated, really. I'd love to see some Rachel/Trent action, but it is good that it's not rushed. She's still not in love with him at this point in the series, but her feelings are heading there and I like the way Kim's slowly building their relationship. It is... realistic.
In the next book I definitely want them to go at it, though (XD).

Agree! Sometimes I just want to slap Rachel for missing all the chances she's had with Trent. They have undeniable chemistry but they're both too stubborn to see it sometimes. Very frustrating!!

Tracy MacAuley He's almost killed her a few times and she's saved him a few times. I must be missing something, but I'm not in a hurry to see them together at all.
Mar 14, 2015 10:06PM

I'm frustrated too though I agree its definitely clear where she's going with this. I'm sure the next book will be a little better, but probably still frustrating. I'm glad this isn't going the way of the Anita Blake books with the Mary Sue issues. I've been a big fan of Trent and Rachel from day one, btw, full disclosure.

I just finished reading this book the other day. I have to say that the build up between Trent/Rachel is very important for alot of reasons. Rachel really needs to accept herself first before she can even begin thinking of having a relationship with Trent. In Trent's POV, it was interesting to discover that he thinks he may be falling in love with a day walking demon. From Rachel's POV, she's starting to see the possiblities with Trent that she never even thought of before. As much as I would love for Ivy/Rachel to be together, they have too many issues to overcome for that to even happen. Ivy/Rachel are great in theory but reality is so very much different for them both. Rachel is slowly trusting Trent, so what does the ring Trent gave Rachel really mean for both of them that's the real question.

You know, I was prepared to be really frustrated about it, but I understand that Kim didn’t take it there *that* quickly. She is letting it build. They did start off as adversaries after all and it’s only been recently that Trent’s been really warming to her and vice versa. I was fine with it for this book, but in the next book I’m gonna need more. I just worry because Kim says that Rachel won’t have her HEA until the last book, so it’s like…will we have to wait until THEN to see something go down? They’ve already kissed and this series ain’t young adult so I’m up for more. And it’ll have been a 3 book “drought” for Rache if Kim drags it out until Book 12…or 13.

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