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message 1: by Helen (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:49PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Helen I have enjoyed greatly Shannon Hale's books. As a child I devoured fairy tales---I believe we had three different editions of fairy tales---so it has been fun to read authors continuing interpretations of the characters lives. I am currently reading Hale's new novel, A Thousand Days, which in the retelling makes you think, ah hah, Rumpelstiltskin (sp?) but it is actually not. Another fun read.

message 2: by Cindy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:53PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cindy I also enjoyed The Princess Academy. It's not really based on a fairy tale, more just the idea behind it, that any little girl wants to grow up and become a princess. But maybe that's not the best answer after all.

Ruth I Liked "Goose Girl" and the following novels, but "AustenLand" and "A Thousand Days" were not great.

Amrita I liked The Goose Girl sries and Princess Academy but I didn't read Austenland or A Thousand Days. I think Shannon Hale is a really good autour.

Robyn A good read--thanks for recommending it!

Kate i really enjoyed a book of a thousand days. it wasn't as good as princess academy but it was at least as good as goose girl!

Cara I love this series. I love romantic young adult novels

message 8: by Brigid ✩ (new)

Brigid ✩ I read The Princess Academy and really liked it. But I hated The Goose Girl.

Kirstin I love Shannon Hale's books because they are just a fun, light read.

Amanda I've now read all of Shannon Hale's books and the only one I didn't like a lot was Austenland. Which is suprising because I am a big Austen fan. Somehow I could never let go of the voice in my head that was saying, "THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN." And I don't know why because isn't the SCA full of people dressing up in armor and wimples and recreating their own version of times medieval? So why not Austenland?

message 11: by Tiff (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tiff FYI, Shannon Hale is releasing a 4th installment in the Goose Girl/Bayern series!!! I cannot wait to read it.

Samantha She is? Do you know what it's called? I can't wait!

Lauren I really didn't like Goose Girl that much. Then i read the other Bayern books and loved them! I loved Enna Burning. I bet the next one will be just as good! ( Lets hope better than goose girl!) haha

message 14: by Tate (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tate My mom decided that she would read these books to me and my younger sister - and it's been a pain because we're never going to get through them, ever... and they're my favorite books! Agh!

The Goose Girl is certainly my favorite! It's just... so darn nice... gah! I love it. ;)

message 15: by Ruby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ruby I love the books of bayern series! It's really sweet, and fun to read. I just couldn't put down The Goose Girl, or Enna Burning. I own both books, so I get to read them whenever I want! :)

message 16: by Ruby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ruby Book of a Thousand Days is good, but it doesn't even come close to The Goose Girl series.

Becca brown I own all her Bayern books, and yeah, like you Ruby, I read them whenever i feel depressed or even just blue. They lighten up my day!!!
There is something in these books that makes me love them more than any other book that I've ever read. Do any of you see yourself in any of the characters? I especially find a lot in common between Enna and myself. We're so similar that I sometimes imagine it's me in the book! I'm so weird. =)
Man, I just love Shannon Hale!!!!!

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Um, I see myself in Isi. I mean Ana. Which ever one you call her.

message 19: by Ruby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ruby I'm not sure who I'm really like, actually. Is there someone in the book that's a total klutz, but full of energy? =)

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Hm......Maybe. Don't know. haven't read the last one yet.

message 21: by [deleted user] (last edited Jul 22, 2011 07:22AM) (new)

I love all the books! Every time I read one I find myself drawn into their world....I feel like I am really there! I can't wait to read another of her books :)
It would be cool to make them into movies if they made the movies just like the changing things!

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Yeah! I believe the books are short enough to put a whole book(s) into a movie!!!

Celine i really loved reading this series :)

Julia Razo rocks. He's my favorite, and Finn is next in line.
I liked the 1st and 2nd books best. In the second book Enna was kind of whiny and I really didn't like Sileph. In the fourth book Rin was always worrying about being a stupid old People-Speaker. And also, Isi (or Ani) seemed much wiser and more mysterious in the other books. I didn't feel like she was the same as in The Goose Girl. But Shannon Hale is an amazing writer (Especially since she's LDS! :P) and I love most of her books. I liked Princess Acadamy and The Books of Bayern, but Book of a Thousand Days wasn't that great. I wish they would make The Books of Bayern into movies!... Nevermind I take it back. They would ruin it, just like they ruined The Lightning Thief.

Bella I love this series! Was just amazingly written and connecting. I would love to writie like her!

(If you like books like this one join the Other World book club on Goodreads for more discussions!)

Julia Probably even more stupid than the first one.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) *sigh* Finn is sooo cute!

Julia lol. You're weird. All right fine maybe a little bit.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) :) I want to be crazy! I have been crazy my whole life!

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) OH! Geric! HE IS AWESOME!

Kaitlyn Julia wrote: "Razo rocks. He's my favorite, and Finn is next in line.
I liked the 1st and 2nd books best. In the second book Enna was kind of whiny and I really didn't like Sileph. In the fourth book Rin was alw..."

She's LDS??!!!! Are you lds???

message 44: by Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) (last edited Aug 30, 2011 10:37AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) L.D.S. means Latter Day Saints. It's me, my friends, and my family's church. The full saying is "The Latter Day Saints of Jesus Christ".

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Ah! I know, just I mean like your books?...I.D.K....

Kaitlyn I'm LDS. The Presidency of the church said not to call oursleves mormon even though they have it as there slogan

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Kaitlyn wrote: "I'm LDS. The Presidency of the church said not to call oursleves mormon even though they have it as there slogan"

Oh, I am sorry, I didn't hear of that.

Kaitlyn oh. Thats ok. I learned that from my family.

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