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should this be turned into a movie???
Emma Mecham Emma Mar 11, 2012 11:08AM
I feel that this book should DEFINITELY be turned into a movie! How about you? Any other books into a movie?

No movie. The movie always ruins the books. They leave out important details or add random ones.

Wendy True, no movie always a spoiler
Jun 03, 2014 12:53PM
Starlight Tucker But what if the author wrote the screenplay?
Aug 05, 2017 04:48PM


Kissed by an Angel is fit to be a movie, not much for the other books though.

totally no doubt about it!!

I think it would have the potential to make an awesome movie and one that would certainly make us cry

I would say yes because i love the series, but it's a lot like the movie ghost.


It should.
It'd be great, only if they find the right actors and don't cut any part from the book.
I'd love to see the movie.

This book is totally amazing.
worth reading over and over again

if they did i would watch it

you bet! it would have to be dont rightly though, because a lot of the books have to do with thoughts. and good cast members to.

That would be super fantastic :) Love the books!


Yes! This book helped me start my first novel six years ago!
My given name is Starlight Tucker. I'm 20 years old and a passionate author with many projects in progress. My first novel is called The Trouble With Dreamers:

A man in 2135 becomes locked in a distorted mental state of life and love far before he existed. In the twenty second century, humans control technology with their minds using a multipurpose device called the corneal implant (C.I.). After experiencing malfunctions, Landon Brauns is sent to Brain Analyzation, a company that studies an individual's thoughts and dreams to correct mental instability. Landon forgets his own life, replacing it with delusions of a romance between his young self and a woman who lived a century prior.

It definitely should. I REALLY LIKED IT! I would totally go see it.

Movie ya!!!

I think that the book would make a great movie, but I think that the movie would ruin the fun of the book because you can't see it the way you want to see it.

It would be a great plot for a movie! But you know how some movies can butcher the book...

I would definitely love to see this series a movie and I was also like to see the pandemonium series of movie

Sure thing !

Yessss I love this series!!!!

The writing and story is way too dated to be turned into a film. They would have to change so much of it to make it modern enough.

When I picked up this book I couldn't put it down! This would make my life if it was turned into a movie. It would be my favorite movie!

YEAH! I would watch it, but I think they should wait until the whole series are complete so they can combine them. Breaking all of it down would be a crappy idea.

Yes I think it should I loved this book!!!!!!!!

It would be cool to see the images from the book in real life but...they'd probs ruin the not sure

I definately think it should be a movie. The only down-side to it would be that it's a pretty big book, so knowing Hollywood, they'd have to cut out a lot of details.

I think that movies are never as good as the books but if they did turn it into a movie, I would definitely watch it

Omg, Yes!


If they do, they need good actors like really good, and a great director. or else it would suck.

It would be pretty awesome if they made this into a movie, though they might screw it up like every other book to movie thing. Very few book to movie movies actually do things that make the readers of the books find it acceptable

I think it should!!!!

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