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Historic Dining society among the most exclusive groups on Goodreads.

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message 1: by Micah (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:49PM) (new)

Micah Issitt (micahissitt) | 9 comments Mod
According to statistics released by specialists in web-marketing, the Historic Philadelphia Dining Society is one of the top 7,000,000 clubs on the Web and is also one of the most exclusive clubs on Goodreads. Moderator Micah Issitt was unavailable for comment as he was reportedly "busy thinking of ways to exclude people from my clubs."

While some are uncertain whether the Internet phenomenon will "catch on," others, such as marketing expert Bob Kelley from Bob Kelley's Marketing Expert Co. say that the Internet is the next wave. "In fifty years," says Kelley, "there will be more than 100 people using the internets." According to Kelley, more and more people will use magic boxes called "computers" (Come-Poo-Tors) to meet with friends and discuss important issues. "Everyone will need one of these things," said Kelley, "They're fucking awesome. I'm gonna get one."

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Carly Main | 1 comments I just got one of those computer gadgets you mentioned above. When I turned it on, I received a message inviting me to join this group, and then a wave of penis enlargement advertisements shut the whole thing down. I'm writing this from the library.

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Micah Issitt (micahissitt) | 9 comments Mod
Thanks for the comment Carly. Penis enlargement ads can be a real problem. The best way to deal with them is to enlarge your penis or accept a home mortgage. Lots of people say, "but I don't have a penis or a home," to which I say, "Quit living in the past. Go get a home and a penis and then your computer will work correctly." Don't feel bad Carly, learning to become computer savvy takes time.

message 4: by Stephen (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:52PM) (new)

Stephen | 15 comments Good suggestion.

Not to nit-pick, knit-pick, nit-pic, knit-pic or knit-piznick (Snoop-Dogg only uses the k form of knit and pick), but there is actually an established pattern for attaining computer savviness that also maintains financial solvency. If you first get a penis, or at least a bigger one, then you can then take up a career as a gigolo. It's easy; from what I understand there is no application required nor are there extensive background checks. So now that you have your penis and a good job, start working and saving up for that house. At some point along that path you will either "work" for a computer programmer, get tired of gigoloing and go back to school where you will use computers or die. Either way, problem solved.

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