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message 1: by Athena, Books ∞ (new)

Athena | 518 comments Mod
2nd book of Delirium comes out!!

Is this series good?

message 2: by Haley (new)

Haley Oh my gosh yes. Delirium is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read! The story is wonderful, I LOVE the characters, and Lauren Oliver has this amazing way of writing- it sounds like poetry sometimes.

Shotgunguyiscool ♉ (ShotgunGuyIsCool) | 12 comments I TOTALLY love the story plot, about love being a disease and all. But was a bit disappointed with the ending. I'm like WHAT??!!!! And in the second book, from the blurb, they says that Lena actually is falling for another guy and I goes Noooo, what about Alex? I do believe he's not dead.

message 4: by Haley (new)

Haley Haha I cried so hard at the ending! And I'm not usually that weepy :)

You should read the second one! It's SO good, even if it is a little different because it's new characters. I can't believe how long we have to wait for the third! I need it now!!

Shotgunguyiscool ♉ (ShotgunGuyIsCool) | 12 comments I'm probably going to wait for my library for Pandemonium xD Hope that I won't be moredisappointed! :P

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