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message 1: by Terry (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:49PM) (new)

Terry (tbosky) | 58 comments In response to the other topic :)

I just watched Revenge of the Living Dead Girls and the zombies are either people in masks or are real zombies created by milk pollution.

message 2: by J-Lynn Van Pelt (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:50PM) (new)

J-Lynn Van Pelt | 15 comments Pet Sematary because the book completely spooked me out and the movie made me laugh. Why are Stephen King movies so bad?

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

I know this is weird, but Pet Sematary was silly but it scared and unsettled me.

The WORST zombie movie? Hmmm. Probably _Land of the Dead_, a meandering, boring film with TONS of potential and NO payoff. Romero got a BIG BUDGET and BIG ACTORS and squandered it all on a piss-poor script with crap-ass dialogue.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I really liked the first two "Return of the Living Dead" movies, if that's the THIRD one. But I suspect the quality of such humorous horror stuff wears thin.

message 5: by Christen (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:01PM) (new)

Christen | 41 comments I agree - sad to say, but Land of the Dead is my least favorite zombie movie. I wanted to cry for days at how awful it was, but I had wasted enough of my time on it already.

message 6: by Cookie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments Dudes, I feel bad, cause I didn't think Land of the Dead was THAT terrible.

I totally hated those House of the Dead movies. And I also watched Undead recently and didn't like it at all.

message 7: by Dr. Evil (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:18PM) (new)

Dr. Evil (jake) | 11 comments I think that House of the dead is also the worst zombie movie because the people in it refer to the undead as ZOMBIES(a lot).

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

House of the Dead is one of the worst big-budget action movies ever produced. The main battle scene in the churchyard is hilariously awful, with terrible editing, absurdly unrealistic action shots, and now-you-see-them/now-you-don't firearms.

message 9: by Jude Felton (new)

Jude Felton | 2 comments Children of the Living Dead, Dead Clowns and The Video Dead are all right up there at the top; each one is a stinker

message 10: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Zombie Toxin is by far the worse zombie film I've ever seen. Prosthetic anuses, living wine bottles, and terrible gore rounded off by a pathetic plot, bad acting, and sheer stupidity... What else can be said about this one?

message 11: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 7 comments Cheeziest zombie movie but so so much fun is The Midnight Hour. Lavar Burton is in it as is Sheri Bellafonte. It was acutually an 80s made-for-tv movie that I think only broadcasted in the mid-west (I was living in Chi-town at that time). I found a copy years later while in college. It's definitely a special order and definitely worth a viewing.

It even has a few musical numbers and has a lot of wolfman jack on the radios playing.

message 12: by Cookie (last edited Dec 14, 2007 08:28AM) (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments "Zombie Toxin is by far the worse zombie film I've ever seen. Prosthetic anuses..."

There was more than ONE??


message 13: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Yes. Two prosthetic anuses in this masterpiece.

message 14: by Fredstrong (new)

Fredstrong | 36 comments I think I have to go with Children of the Living Dead. It is presently on Fear-net ondemand for those willing to try to sit through it. But Beware...

message 15: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments I know it's not really a zombie movie, but I just got back from seeing "I Am Legend" and I don't know how to type the noise it makes when you blow a raspberry, but that's what I'd type here as my opinion if I knew what that was.

CGI monstery folk. Boo.

message 16: by Charissa (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) | 15 comments That's super disappointing to hear Cookie. I have been looking forward to "I Am Legend". I'm still holding out hope... I'm pretty easily frightened. LOL

message 17: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments I couldn't really hear the first 10 minutes of the movie really well. The sound was being repaired so it'd get muted at times, and there was this guy behind me who talked really loud, and had a voice exactly like the Chocolate Rain guy. He was also on a first date with a woman and he was TOTALLY BOMBING.

I never got that initial moment where the movie grabs you, I think. Maybe that's what happened.

Will Smith has cute ears, though!

And there's a dog!

message 18: by J-Lynn Van Pelt (new)

J-Lynn Van Pelt | 15 comments I second Cookie's dislike of the CGI monsters, but liked I Am Legend overall. Will Smith's performance was amazing. And there were enough moments that made me jump to keep me interested.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

As a big Hollywood star, Will Smith is now almost exclusively in big-budget films that are either DISAPPOINTING or SAPPY.

message 20: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments It was mainly disappointing. I felt like Will Smitch was very likable, but I think most of his charm comes when he's interacting with other people, and ...the movie is about how there aren't any.

I can't get over the CGI monsters, though. I mean, COME ON.

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

I agree about the CGI monsters. I kept flashing to a really pissed off Golem from LOTR when they came on the screen. If only they had used makeup like every other great zombie movie!!! (I think I am Legend qualifies as a zombie movie. Anytime crazed half-dead people are trying to eat you--gotta be a zombie movie.)

And I just didn't believe Will Smith. I think he's likable, too, but when he started yelling at the one mannequin and trying to hook up with the other one--I had to look away before I started laughing.

message 22: by David (new)

David Forsythe (jerkface) | 3 comments I'm still stunned to see discussion of "I am Legend" in the Zombie Movie group....

They're supposed to be Vampires, Will Smith! Vampires! Otherwise, why are your days free and your nights a terror....


message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, they ARE supposed to be vampires, and they were vampires in Matheson's book, but the movie-makers completely mutilated that--hence why it ended up in this discussion. So, does that mean 28 Days Later isn't a zombie movie, either? They weren't dead, either, just infected with a "rage" virus.

message 24: by Caroline (new)

Caroline I'm definitely going to have to go with Land of the Dead on this. While I did get a lot of very loud laughs off during it...last I checked laughing hysterically wasn't supposed to be the point of a zombie movie (with the obvious exception of Shaun of the Dead). I was glad I went with a few friends that all thought it was funny, at least, because we did have a good time laughing at it.

message 25: by J-Lynn Van Pelt (new)

J-Lynn Van Pelt | 15 comments Wow David,
Was the jerks comment meant for us? Chill out buddy, this is all for fun.

I second Michelle's explanation, the movie changed the monsters. Humans were infected with a mutating virus that made them demonstrate signs of rabies and then turn into the undead. It fits.

message 26: by David (new)

David Forsythe (jerkface) | 3 comments @J-Lynn: Certainly not directed at the fine folks here. That was directed at the people who decided to just re-arrange Matheson's heartbreaking work. I was really excited about this when I saw the first round of trailers, because it looked like a really true to the book with his lonely existence and his night/day routine. I mean...They had already soiled the name of the book 2x with crappy movies, I thought maybe someone would get it right.

I'm glad to be discussing it here with all of you.

BTW...If you haven't seen the graphic novel that Steve Niles did for that book, it's really great.

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

I was hopeful, too, when I saw the trailers for I am Legend. I loved the book and I couldn't wait to see how they played out Neville's loss of humanity. Then I heard Will Smith was playing Neville. Then I saw things being blown-up in the trailer. Then I saw Will Smith doing chin-ups with his shirt off. Then I knew it was not going to be faithful to Matheson's book. I was entertained by the movie itself, but if you compare it to the book, it's far intferior.

message 28: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments Then again... Will Smith does chin-ups with his shirt off.

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes, one of the movie's finer points. :) I personally think the German Shepard rocked her part.

message 30: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments The German Shepherd was indeed the best part of the whole movie for me. I'd go see anything else she was in.

message 31: by [deleted user] (new)

I've found my new hollywood crush. Ha!

message 32: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Dead Next Door is a bad zombie film and film in general. I'll give you that. Unfortunately, there are a lot worse films out there. I can give you a list if you're interested.

message 33: by Paul (new)

Paul Dabrowski (pauldabrowski) yeah, the DEAD NEXT DOOR sucked but i think RESIDENT EVIL 2 really blew. That and CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD has to rank up there also. There's just so many bad zombie movies out there that there's to many to list...lol

message 34: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 7 comments So I saw I Am Legend last night and I have to say that I enjoyed it (my friends did not). This is with the exception of the CGI zombies (which I fully anticipated due to this posting) which ruined the movie for me. I agree with Michelle, it would have been really easy to get the same (but better) effect with makeup a la 30 Days of Night (vamps, but zombie like quickness [say what?] and neck thrashing).

Best part of movie: Sam the Shephard. Totally agree!

message 35: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 34 comments Mod
Nothing could be worse than Zombies Gone Wild. I have seen a lot of bad movies in my time, and enjoyed most of them, but this one... It looks like a guy with a camcorder got some of his middle aged buddies to play high school students and make a "zombie movie." Netflix this at your own risk. If you can make it through this pile you can make it through anything.

message 36: by Ritz (new)

Ritz (maravillosodesgarro) | 3 comments La noche de los muertos vivientes
Dawn of the dead
Resident Evil
Planet Terror

si... tengo una deficiencia con los clásicos, tengo que verlos.

message 37: by Fredstrong (new)

Fredstrong | 36 comments Ritz, are you saying that Dawn of the Dead is one of the worst? WOW, I saw that when I was a child and it twisted me. Gotta love Dawn of the Dead!

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

For a zombie fan, there's no reason not to see _Fido_. It's sincere and interesting. Don't expect it to knock your socks off, but expect a fresh look at the genre.

message 39: by Brandon (new)

Brandon | 34 comments Mod
I enjoyed Fido. It is the only "sweet" zombie movie I can think of off hand.

message 40: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (jeremycshipp) | 1 comments I loved Fido. One of my favorite films I saw this year.

message 41: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Natalie,

Fido is an awesome zombie flick. It's filled with black humor and zombie goodness. I highly recommend that one to you. I reminded me of a combination of the Fallout PC games, Lassie, and zombies. Who can beat that combo aside from Checkers?

message 42: by Ritz (new)

Ritz (maravillosodesgarro) | 3 comments Hi Fredstrong

Oh no, no, no, no, the movies that I name are my favorites! The best for my, not the worst no no I it do not understand - the barrier of the language jajajaja not really the barrier of not having read with any more attention - I it feel these movies they are those that I consider to be the best!


message 43: by Ritz (new)

Ritz (maravillosodesgarro) | 3 comments Fido ¡Rocks!
I love it!!!!

Sorry it it was an understood that I was writing my favorite movies as the worst, for me are the best

message 44: by Cookie (new)

Cookie (cookie_kirby) | 36 comments I loved Fido, it was awesome. It was one of those movies that I knew within the first 5 minutes that I was going to love.

message 45: by De'Shawn (new)

De'Shawn | 2 comments I think that Dead Clowns was a real terrible movie especally considering the expectations I have on Zombie movies

message 46: by Dan (new)

Dan Schwent (akagunslinger) Children of the Living Dead, hands down. Not even Tom Savini could save that one.

message 47: by Thee_ron_clark (new)

Thee_ron_clark | 48 comments Children of the Living Dead was pretty bad. The first scene was OK and the film might have been decent had they stuck with that concept. Moving on to the future and a master zombie was a bad move. Gotta love the scary monster gloves though. Good stuff. I do find it hard to believe they spent over 200k making this film. I don't see where the money was spent.

message 48: by Randy (new)

Randy | 36 comments ...a good interview. Thanks for the link Natalie!

message 49: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) I watched Last Rites (also called Gangs of the Dead) yesterday. Quite possibly the worst zombie movie I have ever seen. I found it on the Netflix Watch It Now service which has a pretty good compendium of zombie flicks. Today I'll be watching Undead or Alive, a zombie Western.

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