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message 1: by Tango (new)

Tango I have been listening to the audio book of the first one. Am nearly at the end and really enjoying it. Had a few tears as I was last listening. I will now source the next book.

message 2: by Cheri Howard (new)

Cheri Howard Fiona - did you know they're making Across the Nightingale Floor into a movie!? I'm so excited.

message 3: by Cheri Howard (last edited Dec 10, 2008 05:22AM) (new)

Cheri Howard I am not sure who is in the cast or who is directing, I don't think it's coming out until 2010. There isn't much information out there yet. I really hope they do a good job with it, it certainly has potential to be a great movie.

message 4: by Cheri Howard (new)

Cheri Howard I guess I'm unusual when it comes to books turned into movies...I tend to like them, unless they totally change the story. I don't always think they're GREAT adaptations, but I usually enjoy seeing books I like brought to life. But like I said, if they change the story (and I mean a major change, not just the color of someone's hair or something, but a major plot line) then it is unforgiveable in my opinion.

message 5: by Cheri Howard (new)

Cheri Howard I loved Memoirs of a Geisha, and although it wasn't the best movie adaptation I thought they did a brilliant job of capturing the beauty of the story.

I know what you mean, sometimes they really botch things up. The Good German was a travesty of a movie adaptation! I still shudder to think of it.

I am not sure whether they would show the adult scenes, particularly the homosexual ones. They might allude to it, if anything. Truthfully, that wouldn't bother me because it's not necessarily vital to the story. I wouldn't be surprised to see some steamy scenes with Yuki & Takeo, though. As long as they do a fine job with the romance between Takeo & Kaede I will be happy.

I'm most looking forward to the butt-kicking ninja stuff. I picture a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon type of movie. I think they're still working on the screenplay, so I have to try to put this out of my head for now because it will probably be awhile!

message 6: by silvia (new)

silvia  | 282 comments fiona you are un evil evil person

I've just searched fot the first book on bookmooch. there are some copies avl. Alas I've requested one.

my new year resolution will be: not to get more books... it will be a trciky one

message 7: by Beth (new)

Beth | 342 comments I've never even heard of this series but it sounds fantastic. I read the description and a few reviews for the first one and am intrigued! Thanks for posting this.

message 8: by Jen (new)

Jen (nekokitty) | 110 comments Fiona - I totally share your passion! I've read them all. I do wish that I had reread the first four before reading Heaven's Net is Wide.

My degree is in Asian Languages and Literature, so anything that has to do with Japan is usually right up my alley, and something I'll like no matter what. Hearn did an amazing amount of research when writing the book. I also can't recommend the series to enough people.

Cheri - Seriously!? I must go to it! I'll be looking forward to it, and now I really need to reread the series!

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