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Karina i call the next one!! ha!

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Karina ((okay i'm starting this one too beacuse apparently i'm the only one who cares.))

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Karina Lianna stood in the middle of this lone valley. It wasn’t an actually valley even, there no longer stood most of the green vegetation, having it gone to Galbatorix’s work places and dungeons. Heaving the pack once more upon her shoulder, she began to walk once more.

Her left hand held a long staff, made of a golden looking type of wood. Upon it were writings in a language that she did not know, nor care for. Her only other weapon was a small dagger that was hidden within her boot.

Making her way through the vast land, she stepped quietly about, almost waiting for something to attack. It’s bound to happen. She thought to herself, it’d happened in Daret, so why not here? A small squeak escaped from her pack, making it wiggle. “Hush” she whispered to it, “We’ll stop soon enough do not get impatient.” It continued to wiggle, but finally settled once more.

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Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 167 comments ((I want one!))

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Hannah Lindsey (hannah_l) | 167 comments Saeran bowed deeply, his nose down to his leather boots. "My lady," he said in greeting. She laughed and gestured with a gloved hand for him to rise. "You look stunning, as per usual."
And she did - Rinnela was in a white gown with a low silver-rimmed neckline, with sleeves that tapered into loose folds that connected to bands on lower arm. The cloth barely swept the floor.
"And you are sweet, as per usual," she said, pinching his cheek. "Come on, you don't need to be so civil with me. I may not have lived long for an elf, but I have lived long enough to know when I am in love. You need not impress me."
"Perhaps not, my princess, but I know when I must impress the Varden leaders. There is a meeting later today, discerning our next move. Shall you be attending?"
"I shall, if you wish." She smiled and put a hand to his face. "You are overworked. Go flying with Geia; it will calm you."
Saeran grinned and kissed her forehead. "As you wish, my princess." He bowed again and ran off before she hit him.

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Karina ((yay more ppl joined!! so happy!!))

Lianna was trying to get a fire started in the woods, sticks and stone weren't working much. "To bad you can't do anythign about this," she mumbled into a general direction.

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Karina ((someone rp in this!!!))

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (falls) | 472 comments Mod
((i am here! haha never fear!))
Talon walked along the edge of the city, keeping her mind close to her dragon.

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Karina ((yay!! i can't believe some one is on!))

Lianna had finally gotten the fire to start. "Okay, get over here," she said happily.

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((is that to me?))

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Karina ((yeah! your like on now!!! oh wait. lianna is talking to her dragon, if that's what you mean.))

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((oh haha i see))
Talon heard Ikanal call her from nearby and changed her course towards her.

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Karina Lianna sat around a small fire, a dark emerald creature next to her, curled into a small ball. "Where are we going now?" she wondered, looking at her map.

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Talon soon reached her dragon. what? The dragon seemed uneasy. She climbed on top of him and he took off. She was grateful that her dragon was almost the same color as the night sky.

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Karina ((grr. i need a dragon name....))

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((hmm...why not just Emerald? Or Tarlac or something...))

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Karina ((hmm...hold on. i'll get back to you on that.))

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Karina "Claeoh, what do you think we should do?" she asked, looking down at him.

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((ooh good name!))
Talon flew over the forest, Ikanal still jumpy, and getting even more as they flew on. Ikanal, what is it? she asked. I sense someone... but he hid any more details from her, and she suspected that it was for her own safety. Yet she felt like it was something obvious, something she should have seen. a...dragon? she guessed. By Ikanal's reaction she knew she was right.

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Karina ((for now. it defies the laws of english :D))

Claeoh looked up suddenly. Lianna looked up too, though she didn't see anything.

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((haha i can read it fine. teehee i like it!))
wait. you aren't taking me there, are you? she asked. yes. Get your sword out. Ikanal answered. Talon obeyed and quietly drew her sword that was the same color as Ikanal's scales, and waited, worried. She had the impression that Ikanal wasn't on the defensive. what if they aren't evil?

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Karina Lianna sensed something. Call it paranoia but she quickly put out the fire so it was in total darkness. Claeoh, who was know the size of a small dog, walked infront of her. Lianna got her staff out, just in case.

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Ikanal said nothing. Instead he joined his mind with hers and together they shared sight, smell, everything. Talon got the scent of a dragon, and looked over to see a campfire go out not too far away. just...let me attack first, alright? Talon asked. The fire going out was a pretty obvious clue that whoever it was did not want to be found. Ikanal agreed and they dove towards the fire. Ikanal landed quietly nearby with a quiet thump.

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Karina Lianna heard the thump. She started to move back quietly. Had it been two weeks ago, she would have grabbed Claeoh now and ran, but he was to big to do that now.

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Talon slid off Ikanal silently. With her eyes, she could see a figure of someone, and something that she assumed was the dragon, although it could have been a bush. She carefully moved forward, making no noise with her shoes.

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Karina Lianna grabbed her staff better, gripping it to a fighters stance. There coming she thought.

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stay here. they will hear your footsteps. Talon suggested to Ikanal. She crouched, then sprang forward, landing in a fighting stance a few feet from the dragon.
((i have to go now, sorry...))

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Karina ((bye. wait whose dragon? my dragon?))

Lianna grabbed her staff and swung it around in a movement that would hit anyone, but not get trapped.

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((yes yours))
Talon jumped back. "Wait." She said.

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Karina Lianna moved quickyl, knocked Talon's legs from under so that she was on the ground, her spear at her neck. "Two minutes," she told her.

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Talon moved just as fast; she used the flat of her blade to hit the weak spot on Lianna's legs, knocking her to the ground and in an instant had her sword at her throat. Ikanal was there too, he was blocking Lianna's dragon from interfering. "No. first, you talk. What side?"

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Karina Lianna pushed her spear up so that it was pointing at her neck. "Kill me we both die."

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Talon narrowed her eyes. "Fine. What side?" She repeated.

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Karina "What does it matter to you?"

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"What. side." She paused, hating herself for what she was about to say. "Or I will have Ikanal rip up your dragon."

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Karina Lianna glared. "I heard that when the Rider dies, so those their dragon," she threatend coldly. "So, guess I ask again. What does it matter to you?"

God, I'm stupid. Why do I have to be so hard headed? she asked herself, scared.

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Ikanal was also surprised, but he knew that Talon would never actually let that happen, so he acted like he would.
Talon herself was scared at Lianna's last remark. "I know that usually the rider dies once her dragon does. I have experienced it myself. And as for it mattering, I need to know so I can either kill you or save your life."

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Karina "Well then looks like we all get to leave together," she said grimly.

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Talon looked at her for a second, then sheathed her sword and jumped on Ikanal in one fluid motion. Ikanal released Claeoh. do we trust them? Ikanal asked. why do you think
i got on you?
Talon responded somberly. "It does indeed." she said out loud.

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Karina ((*sigh* for a second i htought this was going to be the shortest roleplay ever.))

Lianna dosn't have time to think. She runs toward Claeoh falling to her knees to embrace him. "I'm so sorry," she whispered to him. "I'll never do anything that stupid again."

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((haha almost!))
Talon watched the whole exchange on the back of her dragon. i think we can, but be wary. Talon said to Ikanal. She slid off his back, but his head barred her way. She soothed him with a few words and went to Lianna, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder.

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Karina Lianna had a reaction to the touch. Her hand went to her staff and almost made contact with Talon's head, but Claeoh bit it backward and groweled at her.

"Sorry," she apologized. "Reflex."

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Talon smiled bitterly. Her own sword was out-her refelxes had acted too as Lianna's hand went to her staff. She resheathed her sword. "It is fine." She settled herself against Ikanal's chest. "so tell me. What do yuo plan on doing now?"

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Karina Lianna sat on the ground and Claeoh curled up on her legs. "Depends. Probably to the mountains."

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Talon nodded-that was where she was heading also. "Why the mountains?" She asked.

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Karina Lianna shrugged. "Seems like a safe enough place, from Galbatorix's rule that is."

((brb dinner. back in less than 20))

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((aww!!! ok by by!))
Talon nodded.
((i have to go also...see ya later then!!))

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Karina ((me back.))

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