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message 1: by Kats (new)

Kats (Kats1) | 42 comments Simon,
I was just listening to Episode 17 (again) in which you said that you didn't like Books on boats (when mentioning "The Lifeboat") but excluding "Life of Pi" from that. During my holidays I thought of you when I read another book set on a boat, and I think you might enjoy that one, it's "The Cat's Table" by Michael Ondaatje , and one of my favourite boat books of all time is "Every man for himself" by Beryl Bainbridge.

So, I'm challenging you to read a Boat Book this year, even though I suspect it will probably be "The Lifeboat" - which sounds great.

Does anyone have any recommendation for books on boats?

The Cat's Table by Michael Ondaatje

Every Man for Himself by Beryl Bainbridge

Simon (SavidgeReads) | 449 comments Mod
Hahahahaha Kats you are on, and as I plan on reading 'The Lifeboat' I will try two boat books this year. Its interesting there is a book on The Orange Prize longlist (which we will be discussing - its already recorded) on Episode 24 next week, and it instantly put me off.

I have liked two book with boats in previously and they were Jamrachs Menagerie and The Life of Pi. Oh and I read a Nevil Shite which was about nuclear war and half of it was on a submarine, but I liked it. I also liked a couple of Daphne Du Maurier's short stories on boats.

I also have an issue with horses... that may be discussed at some point too.

I have heard English Passengers is a brilliant boat book.

message 3: by Rita (new)

Rita | 9 comments I haven't listened to this episode yet (I'm listening out of order for some reason) but I'm currently reading The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson which so far, has a long passage on a boat.

I'm liking it so far.

Dan (aka Utterbiblio) (utterbiblio) @Simon, I have just finished Archipelago by Monique Roffey. About 80% is set on a boat and it's a fantastic read. A story about a man and his daughter taking to sea to battle their grief and loss after a flood kills members of their family. Out in July and it's a must read!

message 5: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ i recently read In the Heart of the Sea The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick and it is absolutely riveting.

Tasha I agree, a good one!

message 7: by Essie (new)

Essie Fox | 2 comments I have a wonderful one - The Star of the Sea by Joseph O'Connor. It's brilliant!

Simon (SavidgeReads) | 449 comments Mod
I have heard, from Granny Savidge, that Joseph O'Connors is very good. I have also been recommended English Passengers but I couldn't quite get into it!

message 10: by Elizabeth☮ (new)

Elizabeth☮ sorry, i couldn't type after that link. sounds interesting essie.

message 11: by Emma (new)

Emma Stickley (organdie) | 4 comments Star of the Sea is absolutely brilliant!

Tasha It looks great!

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