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Catherine's bedroom

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Skye pulled up into Catherine's drive way in her old beat up black Honda civic. She honked the horn a couple of time, and sat there waiting for Catherine to come outside so they could head off to her house.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine had been walking across the backyard, to her home when she heard the horn. She dashed around to the front of the house. When, she saw Skye she felt relief flood over her. She moved quickly to the car, opened the door and threw her bag in the backseat. Turning to face Skye, she said, "Jeez, am I glad to see you right now."

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Skye tapped her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited for catherine. She checked her phone and saw her text message she said she would be there soon. She looked up from her cellphone and saw Catherine running to the car. Once she got in skye chuckled, "what happened?" she asked.

(( its okay I just got to class so I'll be slow too.))

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine took a deep breath and said, "Well, I was walking.. Obviously. And, he just came out of nowhere. I mean, nowhere. There wasn't anyone around.. I just know it. And, then he was yelling at me. Asking me what I was doing in the woods. Telling me it was dangerous. I was so scared that.. I pulled out my can of mace on him. Dropped my bag, everything fell out." She felt so embarassed by what had happened now. "His name is, Nick." She sighed and continued, "He seemed so angry.. With me. I didn't do anything wrong. Right? Why was he so angry at me?" She frowned, and flipped open her phone looking at the picture she had taken of him. His eyes.. Seemed darker, more feral. Who was this boy.. what was he?

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) (( It's ok. I am back home now. Take your time. How's your wrist? ))

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Skye listen to catherine intently attempting to absorb all the information, so she could observe ryker more. She pressed in the clutch and shifted to first gear, and drove off slowly. She chuckled, "you pulled a can of mace on him?" then she grew more serious, "He appeared out of nowhere, no sound or anything???" she asked slightly confused. how is that possible? "but you were in the woods there are a bunch of dry leaves, and twigs on the ground, is that even possible?" she asked confused as she drove slowly towards her house since her mind was else where other than the road, "maybe he was mad because you pulled a can of mace on him, or maybe his just an asshole," she giggled, "I don't think you did anything wrong."

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine glared at Skye and whined, "It's not funny," she sighed and started giggling too. "Ok, maybe it is a little bit. And, yes there was no sound.. Well, besides when I heard a twig break. That is when I noticed him. And, then the yelling. And, I don't think it was because of the mace. It was like, he was concerned about me yet angry at the same time. Like, I did do something. And, there was something in his eyes. I don't know how to explain.. He just looked different than the boy I saw this morning. It's been a strange day." She sighed, looking out the window as the houses went by.

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((To skye's house!))

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) It only took about ten minutes before Damien pulled up in front of Catherine’s house, her scent leading strongly in that direction. He pulled up to the curb, putting the car in park and turning off the engine. Looking over at Catherine, he frowned slightly. He knew that having compelled her to sleep, the only way to wake her was to do the same otherwise she could stay like that for Lord only knew how long. Leaning over the console that separated them, he placed his lips just inches from her ear. “It’s time to awake now, Cathy. Wake up…wake up…” he whispered, his voice low and persuasive. Once he was sure it would take effect, he leaned back into his seat and turned up the volume until the car was practically shaking. “Alright, girlies! It’s time to wake up! And I’m going to assume it’s alright that I drop you at Cathy’s house, Skye. Last I checked, I wasn’t a Taxi and I’m sure you can get home from here.” He yelled out over the music, knowing they wouldn’t be able to hear him well with their human ears. To punctuate the point, he clapped once, loudly, and then hit the button for the locks.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine had just begun to dream when Damien compelled her to wake. She had heard his voice in her dream which was out of place. In the dream Catherine had been standing in the forest, fresh snow covered the ground and she was barefoot. The forest was foggy, as she began walking further in. In the distance she seen two silouhettes in an embrace. But before she could get a closer look the image began to blur and faded to black. Slowly opening her eyes she took in her surroundings. She noticed they were parked in front her house. Suddenly panicing, she said, "Where's Skye? W-when did we get here?" The music was loud and if she hadn't known Damien was a Vampire she knew he wouldn't had heard her. Whirling around quickly her seat, relief flooded her when she saw Skye in the backseat. "Thank you for driving us. She doesn't live to far, I can walk her from here." She said turning to face Damien.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) “A bit jumpy there, aren’t we?!” Damien called out over the music, leaning back against the car door with an amused smirk. His darkened eyes scanned over Catherine for the first time, taking in ever small detail. Seemingly against his will, his eyes were drawn to her own emerald green orbs. He felt as if he was being drawn in deeper and deeper, his body refusing to pull back. Without him knowing, he had leaned in towards her yet again. Though he caught himself, still he was unable to move except only to turn off the radio. “Didn’t mean to scare you, Cathy. You…drifted off right before I drove off. You’ve been asleep for 20, 25 minutes.” It was easy to lie, even though Catherine already knew what he was, he had had many decades of practice. But for some reason he couldn’t explain, he felt a stab of guilt for the lie. He didn’t want her knowing he was the cause of her slumber, seeing as it had been without her permission. “But yer safe, don’t worry. I tend to bite most while they’re unconscious. And seeing as how I had the chance and didn’t…it’s a safe bet I won’t anytime soon.”

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine stared back at Damien a bit self-conscious now. "No, I'm not jumpy. Just.. surprised." Stating to him matter-of-factly. When he leaned forward, her heart skipped and cheeks flamed crimson. It felt hot suddenly, and she found herself leaning in as well. Close enough now to feel the coolness of his body through her sweater, and it was a bit of a relief. Turning away from him, she looked at Skye. Reaching out and shaking her friend softly, as she said nervously, "I.. I trust you, Damien. You won't hurt us." Looking at him from the corner of her eye, she shook Skye again and called out to her, "Skye, wake up! We're here. Let's go."

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Skye's eyes opened slowly. Now feeling the full affect of the pain medicine she looked up with a big grin, "YEssssss," she said giggling. She felt her entire body tingling, and she sat up straight not being able to feel most of her body. She definitively wasn't able to feel the pain on her shoulder anymore. She realized they were at Catherine's house, "Oh I'll be fine from here. I only live a couple blocks that way..." she said as she pointed in the direction of her house. She couldn't wait to go home, and lay down in her bed.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) Damien wrenched his gaze away from Catherine at the sound of Skye’s voice, returning to his previous position of leaning against the car door. A slight frown of frustration etched its way into his otherwise flawless brow, his eyes now directed out the windshield. He tried to keep his tone light as he spoke, hiding all traces of the frustration he felt. “Sounds like those pills the Doc gave ya are startin’ to work, lass. Best let lil Cathy over here help you home.” His words were teasing, a slight chuckle added to emphasize the point. Straightening himself in the seat and facing forward once more, he turned the key in the ignition to bring the engine back to life once more. With a smirk, he looked at both girls and tapped his fingers against the steering wheel with mock impatience. “Alright then. Yer both back and safe, and this taxi is now off duty. I should probably get this car back before they think I stole it and you both along with it. Now, out with the both of ya.” He hit the power lock button, motioning for the girls to get out of the car with his smirk still in place.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine looked at Skye skeptically. Unsure that she would be able to even stanr on her own two feet in her condition. Turning towards Damien, frowning when he moved away from her again. "I know you have to get the car back, but do you think that you could drive us to her house. I'll help her from there and walk home. Like she said, it's only a couple blocks away." She said, as she pointed in the direction of Skye's house. Her emerald green eyes pleading with his crimson.

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Skye started to giggle, "yea I don't feel any pain anymore." she got out of the car clumsily. She shook her head over at Catherine, "really I'm fine," she said looking out at the street empty street. She noticed that the sun was finally setting. wow where did the time go? she walked over to her friend and placed her hand on Catherine's shoulder. "I'm fine Cat, I promise. I'll send you a message as soon as I get home.". Skye always liked bein independent. She hated depending on others she liked to do things herself, "I'm just a little tingly that's all, and maybe a little happier than normal," she shrugged. She gave her a soft hug, and wave to Damien, "thanks for the ride, and I'll send that message when I get home Cat." she walked off towards the direction of her house.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) Damien watched Skye stumble out of the car, trying his hardest not to burst out in laughter. She reminded him of many of his friends back in Ireland back when he was still human. How many nights had he seen them stumble out of the pub, or even their own homes, in the same manner. He felt a bit sad at that thought, but he never let his smile falter. He looked back at Catherine from the corner of his eye. “Well, there ya go. The lass can take care o’ herself and yer back, safe and sound, at home.” His eyes turned serious even though his lips remained in the shape of a smile. He still couldn’t quite figure out what it was about Catherine that kept his interest. Was it the red hair that reminded him so much of home? Or the emerald green eyes that drew him in with the force of the most powerful of magnets? Shaking his head slightly to right himself, he looked back out the windshield and tightened his fingers around the steering wheel. “Guess I’ll see ya around then, Cathy.”

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine watched as Skye stumbled out of the car, worry etched into her beautiful features. "If your sure you can make it.. Please make sure you text me as soon as you get home. Get some rest. I'll see you at school tomorrow." Looking back at Damien she smiled, and said, "Thank you for all your help today. I'll be seeing you." Standing on the side walk for a moment, her eyes following Skye. Turning towards where Damien had parked she noticed he was gone. Frowning her eyes scanned her surroundings, seeing Skye was fine and her Father's cruiser wasn't parked in the drive way. Walking towards the house, opening the door closing it behind her. Heavy footed she walked up the stairs to her bedroom. Slipping out of her sweater she lay across her bed closing her eyes, glad to finally be home. Sitting up grabbing for her bag she placed at the foot of her bed. Pulling out the journal inside she began writting about everything that happened that day. Dear Journal, You won't believe the day I have had. There are these new kids at school, and they are a bit odd. Skye and I had the idea that they may have been Vampires. Crazy I know, I couldn't really believe it myself at first. But, it's true. We seen it with our own eyes. We could have been killed today. Remind me to never go into the woods again. That is where we met this woman Vampire, I thought she was going to kill Skye. If it weren't for Damien.. Damien, I can't help it but I feel somethint that is connecting us. Is it dangerous to want to see him again? But, what is more dangerous.. Him, and these feelings or that woman.. I have a feeling this isn't over. What if she comes back for us? Shaking off the last thought as she closed the book and placed it on her dresser. Yawning and stretching she said to herself, "Ok, you need a shower, and something to eat."

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) After having left Catherine’s house, Damien decided to drive around town a while. He wanted to become more familiar with the place he was planning on calling home, but he also wanted to clear his head. The events of the day were beginning to fall into place, and in retrospect were all rather exhausting. Everything from Anca’s run in with the werewolf to her confrontation at the Cullen’s house and meeting Catherine. ”Catherine…I swear I’m losin’ my mind. She’s some…lil human girl I’ve known all of maybe an hour in total. And yet I’m thinkin’ ‘bout her more than Anca.” He stomped on the gas harder as he began his drive back to the Cullen’s house, hoping the speed would help to clear his thoughts but he was wrong. Gripping the steering wheel so tightly it nearly broke in his hands, he was hit with a strong wave of anger. He thought back to how Anca had acted, not only with Catherine and Skye but everyone else that had been involved. She caused trouble only to run off and abandon Damien, whom she had once deemed as her most precious and trusted friend. “She’ll be comin’ back…I know her well enough. I’ll just have to try and keep her from doing anymore damage.” Sooner than even he had expected he was outside the Cullen house once again. Pulling the car into the garage, he shut off the engine and left the keys on the dash. He wasn’t in the mood for faking pleasantries and he still needed to make his way to Jace’s house. Before running off, he had a thought. “I can compel her to forget…Everything about me and Anca anyways. It’ll be better for her…if not for me.” He raced off in the direction of Jace’s house to wait out the rest of the day until night fall.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine stood up, stretching again as she went over and flipped on the lights in her bedroom. Noting it was getting darker outside, she went down stairs to the kitchen and turned on the light. Looking in the refridgerator, seeing left over cheese pizza grabbing a slice. Not even bothering to warm it up she took a bite, grabbing a soda and closing the door she went back upstairs. Sitting down on the edge of her bed, she turned on the tv and flipped channels as she ate her pizza. There wasn't anything good on to watch, and she sighed in defeat. Reaching into her bag for her cellphone, checking for a text from Skye. There wasn't anything yet, so she called her Father. After three rings he picked up, and she said, "Hey Dad, just wanted to let you know I'm home now. I will probably be asleep when you get home. It's been an exhausting day. So, I'll see you in the morning. Yea, love you too." Flipping her phone closed, she finished off her pizza. Hot.. Shower.. Need.. Now! Catherine pulled her t-shirt over her head tossing it in the hamper, reaching behind her to unclasp her bra and she draped it over her desk chair. Slipping out of her jeans and underwear, tossing those in thr hamper too. Though she was home alone, she grabbed her lime green fuzzy robe off the back of the door and wrapped it around herself. Taking hold of a basket with bath essentials, she headed for the bathroom to take a much needed shower.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) Damien looked away from the window that led into Catherine’s bedroom as she undressed, having at least that much decency to do so. He had been called many things during his long life, but ungentlemanly was not one of them. Though he supposed that standing on the roof of a girl’s house, looking into her window, and planning on sneaking in would earn him the name. He didn’t really care; all he cared about was making her forget him. After finding his way to Jace’s house, he found his roommate had locked himself up in his room. A note on the door had instructed him on which room was his, and to make sure he left the wine cellar alone. With a roll of his eyes and a chuckle, he headed to his room to wait for night fall. He was too restless to sit, so he paced around the room as he tried to get his thoughts straight. “This’ll be better for her in the long run. Like she’d want to be with some bastard like me.” Walking to the window, he stared off in the direction of the setting sun. “But what if Anca turns up, Cathy doesn’t remember her, and that causes more trouble? No, no. This’ll be better. For her and for…” He wanted to say “for me,” but he couldn’t bring himself to even think it. Once the sun had finally descended, leaving the moon in its wake, he headed back to Catherine’s house on foot. He made his way onto the roof after having arrived at the two story home for the second time that day, and that was where he sat in wait until she would finally fall into the embrace of sleep.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) After Catherine finished her shower, and finished brushing her teeth she went back to her bedroom. She had a towel wrapped around her head and her robe wrapped securely around her. Placing her basket of bath necessities back in it's spot she turned heading for her dresser. Pulling out a clean shirt, shorts and panties she placed them on the bed releasing her hair from the towel. Throwing the towel in the hamper she removed her robe, back facing the window. Putting on her clean under wear and white shorts, which were too short to wear in public. And, finally picking up the blue baggy t-shirt with yellow number 10 printed on it off the bed and pulling it over her head. Picking a brush up off her dresser she sat in the edge of the bed running it through her red curly hair. After brushing her hair she picked up.her sketch pad, suddenly wanting to draw. Grabbing a piece of charcoal, she moved to where her back was against the wall and started drawing. The image started with eyes, then an exact match for the nose and his lips. When she finished, she had a great sketch of Damien. His face forever imprinted in her mind, with his dark mussy hair and cocky grin. Smiling at the drawing she stood up laying it on her dresser open before she went to turn out the light. Leaving the TV on, and volume low because she felt more comfortable that way. She turned down the blankets and hopped into bed falling asleep almost instatntly when her head hit the pillow.

♣ ѴĪѴΛĿDĪ  ☽ Oƒƒ ωιтн тнєιя нєα∂ѕ! ☾  (MidnightDeluge) Damien’s back was against the side of the house as he waited for Catherine to return to her room, his eyes following the cars that passed by to keep his head straight. He was beginning to rethink this whole thing, but he knew that in the long run it would be better for her. Hearing the door to her room open, he peeked back in the window just as she was beginning to dress. A sly smirk pulled at his lips. It wasn’t as if she would ever know he had been watching, but for her sake he decided to take the gentleman’s route and look away until she was done. She was just finishing up drawing when he decided to look back, finally crawling into bed. Quietly he eased open the window when he heard her soft breathing that indicated sleep, glad to find it wasn’t locked and climbed in silently. As he made his way towards her bed, the sketchpad she had been drawing in caught his attention. He didn’t see anything wrong in taking a peek since he probably wouldn’t see her again anyways, so he detoured to her dresser. His eyes widened as he took in his perfect likeness on the otherwise white sheet. “I can’t do this…” he muttered silently to himself, looking over at Catherine still fast asleep. Slowly he made his way towards the bed, crouching down beside her and brushing a stray hair from her face. Steeling his resolve, he leaned in to press his lips lightly against her temple. As silently as he had entered, he slipped out the window and raced off into the woods. He needed to feed soon, and the encounter had reminded him off such. Catherine’s room had been covered in her scent, and it was far too tempting. ”Guess now it better than any to start up with this…vegetarian thing…” he thought to himself as he made his way back towards Jace’s house.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine woke, her eyes blurry with sleep. She noticed someone sitting next to her on the bed. Startled she blinked her eyes trying to clear her vision in the darkness of her bedroom. Looking at the woman, noticing she was wearing a white dress and had red curls laying atop her shoulders. And, that is when she recognized her. "Mom?" She said, her voice a bit shaken. Her mother just smiled and nodded. "Catherine, someone is here in your room." She said, her voice still had a slight Irish accent. Looking around her room she saw no one but her Mother. "Mom.. There's no one here. Just you and me." She whispered, looking confused. "He was in here." And, then she pointed towards the open window. Catherine looked at her Mother, and asked, "Who? Who was it, Mom?" Shaking her head, she said, "I don't know, Catherine. I don't have long, Baby. I.. Love you. Maybe, we can see each other again soon." Leaning over placing a kiss on Catherine's cheek, fading away into nothing. Reaching out for her Mother, but only grabbing at the air, she frowned and said, "I love you too, Mom. I miss you every day." Tossing the sheets aside, she strode over to the open window and seen the shadow. Someone was in the yard, she rushed down the stairs to the front door and swung it open. Catching sight of the shadow moving into the woods, she heasitated a moment but followed. The woods were dark and foggy, she couldn't see the stanger anymore. Taking in her surroundings as she walked further into the woods, she noted it was snowing and there was a light blanket of snow on the ground. Finally seeing there were footprints in the snow, she followed them. And, that is when she saw them. Damien and Anca, with her hands all over Damien. She couldn't make out what she was saying but it seemed she was trying to coerce him into doing something. Catherine's heart sped up as she took in the sight around the two. The snow was colored with blood and she could see two bodies behind them. Blood was covering Anca's mouth and hands, and she was smiling up at Damien. Anca kissed him then, and Catherine's heart broke. A gasp passed her lips, and she whispered his name. Anca turned to Catherine now, laughing as she punched her fist through Damien's chest and pulled out his heart. "Is this what you wanted?" She laughed out, and threw the heart at Catherine's feet. Dropping to her knees sobbing. Looking up she saw for the first time, the two bodies were Skye and her Father's. She stood, suddenly angry. "What have you done to them?" Screaming at Anca. In a split second Anca was at Catherine's side, pulling at her hair. "This.. this is what I am going to do to you. I will kill all the ones you love, and finish with you." Whispering these words into Catherine's ear, before penetrating the skin of her neck. Then she screamed, and shot up out of her bed. Heart pounding breathing ragged, her hand flew to her neck. She knew now that Anca would be coming back for them, and that there wasn't anything they could do to stop her. She would be unable to handle it if she did anything to Skye or her father. What about Damien though? Could she deal with a life without him? They has only just met, but she knew there was something between them. And, the realization hit her. I'm in.. Love with him. We don't even know each other, really. But, it's true. The moment I saw him I.. Felt something. Sighing she went over to turn on the light, knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep again. Grabbing her journal, she wrote about the dream. And, wrote a new song for the show in Seattle.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine checked her phone again for a text from Skye. Still nothing, she sent Skye a quick text. "Hey, you get home alright? I am worried. Can't sleep had a terrible dream. Let me know if your alright. :("

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Skye stumbled home inhaling the fresh cold air. Her mind was scrambled, but for some reason she felt happier than she had since her father passed away. She walked across her lawn as a fresh breeze hit her face as her hair blew with the wind. She walked up to her door, and unlocked it with a enormous smile on her face. Why am I so happy? Shouldn't I be.....scared? She walked to the refrigerator, and grabbed a soda out of it. She walked up to her room, and opened the double doors that lead out to her small balcony to let some fresh air in. She changed out of her clothes into a pair of boy shorts, and a large hoodie since she was from London she was use to the cold harsh weather, and she liked it. She sat on her bed, and pulled out her cellphone. She saw that she had a message from Catherine she read it, and typed back, Just got home I'm fine. What was your nightmare about? She placed her phone on her nightstand, and picked up the book she was reading. She leaned up against her pillows, and started to read.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine was lost in her writing when she heard her phone beep indicating a text message. Flipping open her phone she noticed it was from Skye, and finally she fully relaxed. Her fingers dancing over the keypad she sent a quick reply. It's too much to talk about in a text, I will tell you tomorrow at school. How are you feeling? I was starting to worry when I hadn't heard from you. Btw, do you want me to walk over tomorrow and drive us both to school? Hitting send, she placed her phone down on the bed and continued writing.

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Skye's eyes were heavy as she quickly read the words on the page of her book. She heard a loud buzzing noise, and looked over on her night stand. Her phone slightly moved as it vibrated and colors danced as it lit up. She picked up her cell phone, and read Catherine's text message. She typed back, Alright. I am feeling a lot better... the meds are really helping the pain, but they make me somewhat drowsy. YESSSSSSS pleaseeeee!!! I don't want to cause an accident. :p lol. As soon as she finished typing she laid her phone on her bed, and dug back into her book.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine heard her phone ring again indicating a new text message. Picking up her phone she sent Skye a reply. Ok, at least try to get some sleep. I am going to try to myself. See you in the morning! :) Hitting send, she placed the phone in her dresser and placed her journal next to it. She was content with how her new song came out and would definitly play it tonight at the show. Smiling she slipped inbetween the sheets and instantly fell asleep again.

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Skye's eyes were closing when she felt the vibration of her phone on her bed. She picked it up and read the text message. Skye replied to her half asleep, Alright. See you tomorrow! As soon as she dropped her phone on her bed she yawned. She rested her head on her stack of pillows, and instantly dazed out. Her book feel open on the page she was on on top of her chest.

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Lucy AveAtqueVale (AshesAveAtqueVale) Catherine slept quite blissfully the rest of the evening, that was until her alarm went off. She groaned and got up from bed running dowbln stairs to grab a quick bowl of cereal. Seeing her dad was awake and sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. "Hey dad, what you doing up so early?" She said, as she leaned over to kiss his cheek. Johnathan smiled up at her and said, "Just got home, Kitty Cat. Long night at work." Groaning at the nickname he has called her since she was a baby, she said, "Dad, don't call me that. I'm not a baby anymore." She laughed and went to pour a bowl of cereal. Taking it up to her bedroom with her, she ate it while she was getting ready. Deciding on a pair of acid-washed skinny jeans, her Doc Martin's and her favorite plain white tee that said 'Carpe deim' on the front. She pulled her hair back into a quick braid, and grabbed her bag and school things along with her guitar. She rushed down the stairs, called out a quick 'Bye! Love you, Dad!' and was out the door walking for Skye's house.

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Skye's alarm clock was buzzing for over a half hour. She was in a heavy sleep therefore not hearing it. She moaned as she tossed over, and slammed the snooze button while she was half asleep. Her shoulder pounded with pain. She opened her eyes, and saw the bottle of medicine doctor Cullen had given her next to a glass of water. She instantly sat up grabbing the bottle, she took a pill, and gobbled it down with some water. She looked at the time, and her eyes widened. "Shit I'm running late," she sat up as she scanned her floor for her skinny jeans, and her black made in London sweatshirt. Once she located them she quickly slipped them on ignoring the pain. She slipped on her vans, grabbed her backpack of the floor, and ran downstairs. She wasn't really hungry, but she remembered she needed to eat something with the medicine she took. She grabbed a cereal bar out of the cabinet, and started eating it as she walked out her door. She sat on the porch steps waiting for Catherine to arrive.

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