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message 1: by KaTe (new)

KaTe Anyone doing any of the challenges discussed on the nest?

Christina (Boupie) (boupie) | 4 comments I am doing the Book Challenge and the 50 books in 2009. I am also doing the mini-Nano too. I think other people are doing some of these too. Have you seen the book blog? It has info on all of the challenges if you need it.

Are you doing any of the challenges?

message 3: by Teresa (new)

Teresa I am doing it although I haven't selected my books yet. I was just looking at the book challenge and am definately going to need some help finding books to fit the challenges. I set up a separate shelf in my profile for my 50 books.

message 4: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Lamb (hk10) | 3 comments I haven't been on the nest board in a while, but I have a few challenges set up for next year...

1. read more than I did this year (55)
2. "chunkster" challenge (read at least 6 books 400+ pages)
3. classics challenge (at least 8 classics)
4. TBR challenge (read at least 12 that have been on my TBR list for 6+ months)
5. A-Z titles challenge (read 1 title beginning with each letter of the alphabet)

Obviously one book can count for more than one challenge...I did 2 challenges this year so I'm upping the ante!

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 27 comments It's been awhile since I've been over to the Nest board too. But, I've been thinking about setting up a challenge for myself with regard to next year. I've got some classics I'd definitely like to get to. I think I'll set up a challenge shelf for myself here to get started.

message 6: by Venessa (new)

Venessa (pebblecafe) | 4 comments I'm doing the Winter book challenge. This is really going to get me to tackle my TBR pile. Selecting from books I own, not surprisingly, I was able to fill out possible reads that fit each category.

I'm considering the 50/2009. My tally for this year (if all goes according to my Dec goal) I'll reach 40/2008. And since I took a reading break (gasp!) in March, I think 50/2009 is very doable for me.

message 7: by KaTe (new)

KaTe Christina wrote: "I am doing the Book Challenge and the 50 books in 2009. I am also doing the mini-Nano too. I think other people are doing some of these too. Have you seen the book blog? It has info on all of the c..."

I'm going to try the Winter Challenge. I was in the goodreads challenge for 2008/100 books this year so the 50 may be a bit anti-climatic.

message 8: by Ashley (new)

Ashley  (angelashly) | 9 comments I am doing the winter challenge. I read about 80 books this year (well will by next week)so I probably wont do the 50 book. I am really excited about the winter challenge.

message 9: by Tara (new)

Tara | 1 comments What is the mini NaNo challenge?

message 10: by Katie (new)

Katie (gingerfeathers) | 1 comments 50 books challenge here! I'm pretty busy, so this will be a challenge for me to complete in time. I'm so excited about it though!

message 11: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberz) | 1 comments i'm doing both the book challenge and the 50 in '09. i've always been a reader, but i'm really trying to make a push this year to read a lot of books and in a wide variety of subjects.

message 12: by Ally G (new)

Ally G (everam01) | 3 comments I have a few goals:

-- 50/2009
-- Harry Potter (fun challenge to re-read 1-6 before the 6th movie comes out)
-- finish the Greatest Novel Ever (first draft), terrible as it may be!

message 13: by Suz (new)

Suz | 3 comments I almost made my goal of 50 in '08~ only 4 books short! So my first challenge is 50 in '09. I'm also working on the winter challenge.

message 14: by Angie (new)

Angie (angiethornberry) | 2 comments I am doing in the 25 in 09 challenge.

message 15: by Leann (new)

Leann | 3 comments I haven't been over to the nest boards in a while...can someone say what the different challenges are - maybe c&p a post over here? I would love to get involved in some challenges - even if I just do them for myself and not with the boards. I tried to do 50 in 2008, but I lost count somewhere in the middle of the year. I think I got close though!

message 16: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Boman (crysbo) | 1 comments I think since I'm back on reading after a particularly tough '08 that I'm gonna try for the 50 books in '09! I've already read one book and have two more I'm working on! Hopefully I can do it!

message 17: by Amy (new)

Amy (fluffypenguin) | 4 comments I'm going to try a couple of the challenges (Winter & 50 Books in 2009). I checked through goodreads and last year, I read 63 with 39 of those being audiobooks. I have a decent commute and the audiobooks help!

Leann- If no one else has, I'll try and get back to post links tonight for the challenges. I saved them on my computer at home.

message 18: by Annie (new)

Annie (annieduncs) | 1 comments I'm doing the 25 book challenge!

message 20: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (bec_outdoors) | 5 comments I'm doing the 50 in 09 challenge. Kelly's A-Z titles sounds interesting - maybe next year?

message 21: by Lori (new)

Lori | 4 comments I'm doing the Winter Book Challenge. So far, I've got 5 points and will have another 5 when I'm done with my current book.

message 22: by Ann (new)

Ann (ann_pretzer) I'm planning to read 50 books in '09. I read about 40 last year, so it's a reasonable goal.

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