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Anita Blake - Laurell K. Hamilton

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I have been told to read the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton. I was told that they are amazing. I just would like to know how many books there are and in what order they go in... lol. I heard there are like 20+

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Brandee | 1 comments Hi Samantha. I'm not entirely sure what order they go in, but I think if you go to the home page and type in Hamilton's info it will bring up all her books, and I thought they were ordered. I might be wrong.

I loved the Anita Blake books. She's sassy and smart and she kicks butt! Plus, vampires!

Good luck.


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Yz the Whyz (whyz) | 7 comments Hi! I have read several books in the Anita Blake series...I think there are 21 books out with a new one coming out next year. I did not read them in order, but I enjoy them pretty much. I enjoy Anita's narrative although she can be a handful sometimes. I also enjoy the all the gorgeous guys in the books. Jean Claude is my favorite vampire.

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Amy Lynn | 2 comments I think she has 21 books total under LKH (she also writes under a second name) but 4 or 5 of them are the Merry Gentry series, full of faeries and goblins but the same kind of idea.

I personally am finding the books to wear a little thin. the last one I really enjoyed was Obsidian Butterfly, which I think is book No. 10. There's too much sex. Yes, I said it. And this is coming from someone who has read literally thousands of romance novels. When I read the last book there were maybe at the outside 50 pages of plot out of a 400 page book. It was just too much. Plus it bugs me that everyone blonde in the books tend to turn out to be evil.

I don't want to dicourage anyone from reading the first 8-10 books in the series because I really enjoyed them but it has been frustrating to see them deteriorate.

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Julie (julies_27) I agree that the series has gone downhill, even for those who like reading sexy books, the plot of the last few has been dragging. I agree with Amy that Obsidian Butterfly was one of the last good ones that still had some plot in it.

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Michelle Pearsall (critteruco) | 1 comments Wow I guess I'm just strange I love all of them books including the ones with all the sex in them. To me the sex is a plot just because of what is going on.

Samantha the books do have a number and you can find the list on LKH's site. There are only 15 out right now, and 17 (Blood Noir) will be out in June. She also has the Merry Gentry series, and a couple of stand alone books.

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Huh. I hate books with sex in them. To me sex is a totally private thing that shouldnt be described in books. But thats just me. Maybe just because I haven't read those certain books. Are they any good?

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Kyla Frohlich | 2 comments If you hate books with sex in them then why are you in a paranormal ROMANCE group? For those people who think that the sex in the Anita books ruins the story you need to go back and start from the beginning. Especially for those people who are just picking up the books in random order. There is a very deep and involved story line which includes sex. If you are uncomfortable with sexuality then the Anita books are deffinately NOT for you, but if you love a great paranormal romance with a kickass female lead than you should try the Anita books (and please go in order). There are 21 books currently out in the series with the 22nd coming out this year. You can go to to get the complete list and the proper order. I can't imagine reading such an in depth series randomly! I would not suggest it. LKH also has another series called the Merry Gentry that is about the Fey and currently has 6 books.

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Shannon  (giraffe_days) I read the first Anita Blake book, Guilty Pleasures, recently and I would not recommend it to anyone. (For the record, there's no sex in this one; I think that comes later.)

It was very boring, Anita is very unlikeable (and also boring), there's lots of useless (and boring) description, introspection and even whole scenes, and I actually skimmed most of it - something I never usually do. I was often confused, and I'm not easily confused by books. It wasn't well written, and there were a lot of missing connections, as if, somewhere in the editing or re-write process, bits got cut that should have stayed.

Read it by all means; there are plenty of people who love these books. But I can think of so many that are worth more of my time than this stinker.

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Morgan (mlhiggins84) I'm going to agree with Amy and Fluffycat the series did take a down turn after Obsidian Butterfly. However, the last book out The Harlequin was wonderful. She got back on track, there was a plot, running around, violence, an actual villain, etc. things other than orgies. So if anyone has stopped reading the series you might want to give it another chance. Hamilton really has redeemed herself and I'm actually looking forward to Blood Noir.

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Starr | 13 comments I love the Anita Blake character. It's worth reading the whole series because you see her evolve. She isn't a stagnate character who does the same old predictable things. At first she comes of hard as nails, but you start to see more and more of her softer side as she falls in love. I'll admit that after Obsidian Butterfly there was a lot of sex and you had to wonder why, but without all that sex, she wouldn't be who she was in The Harlequin, which was an great read. Give the series a chance and I think you will find yourself re-reading Guilty Pleasures because you are so shocked by the character evolution.

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Aelin Lovelace (aelinlovelace) | 2 comments I was an avid LKH fan up through Obsidian Butterfly (#9). Personally, I feel that the series took a down-turn after Narcissus in Chains, though I haven't read the most recent books. I don't have a problem with explicit sex in stories (considering I write erotic romance, that would be more than a bit hypocritical), but I felt that the sex in the later Anita Blake stories was gratuitous and unnecessary to the plot.

I've heard that the latest book is more like old school Anita Blake, so at some point I'll sit down and read through the series again. :)

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