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Darcy walked into the class room she was early but she already knew they were gonn be learning about Lithuania today.

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Gaby walks in, quiet for once

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((hahaah)) "Hey Gaby." Darcy says without even looking up

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"Hey. You're Darcy, right?" Gaby asks.

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Darcy just shrugged not fully answering the girl's question jsut saying "Sometimes. I'm a year older than you, so we've probably never fully met."

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"Oh." Gaby all of a sudden felt shy.

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"yeah, so is this your first year taking COW?" Darcy said stilling sketching one of her fashion designs in her notebook

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"Um yah. Well first day here." Gaby said as she took her seat

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"You mean liek at the school?" Darcy said shocked, her mouth hanging. Everyone, well almost everyone here starts at age 13.

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"yah. My parents started me two years later than i was supposed to." Gaby said

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"So, how long have you been here Darcy?" Gaby asked, killing the silence.

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"Since I was 3." Darcy said "My mother became headmistress onve my dad died, so I came with her" Darcy said sadly

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"oh. I'm sorry." Gaby said

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Darcy muttered something in a mix of Italian and French and then spoke "DIs fine" ((gtg))

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Gaby kept feeling like she is making everyone feel bad. She was having the worst first day ever.

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Darcy sensed the girl's sudden sadness "dis someding wrong?" Darcy said. "Qoui?" She asked what in French

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"No. It's just....." Gaby started crying for the 2nd time that day

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"Por qui?" Darcy said and then translated "What, what is wrong?" She rushed over to the girls desk and knelt next to her. "It's o.k."

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"I have already had a temper tantrum earlier at my roommates and now i feel like everyone hates me! I am a chatterbox!" Gaby sobbed

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"Your not a chatterbox, don't worry, and your roommates will get over it. My roommates use to hate me, I was loud, and never shut up, and was super opinanated, and always debated things. But they got over it and me and my roommates are great friends" Darcy said "Your new, it takes a while to adjust"

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"No DUH!" Gaby said a little rudely. There was a long silence and she burst into tears again. "I'm so so sorry." She said quietly.

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"It's fine" Darcy said laughing "Look, COW obviously isn't today." Darcy said looking around the empty room, "I'm gonna leave, you should take a walk or something. Clear your mind"

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"Thanks Darcy." Gaby walked out.

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