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message 1: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (last edited Mar 02, 2012 06:18PM) (new)


Thoughts about the movie.
Happy with the choice of cast.
Are you going to see it in theaters?
How excited are you?
Do you have high hopes for the movie?
Did you not want a HG movie? If so, why?

Talk about anything related to The Hunger Games movie here! =D

message 2: by Fanzura (last edited Mar 03, 2012 09:02PM) (new)

Fanzura (peeves19) omg omg omg *screams*. sorry for going all fangirl on you guys but mind you, i dont do this very often.

i have successfully forced my sister to pay for the movie tickets on march 23rd! ahhhhhhhh!

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth (beth_jones8) Already secured my tickets over a week ago so excited!

i love the cast i think they'll all do well. Particularly happy with Josh Hutcherson, Jen Lawrence and Woody Harrelson.

I'm a little apprehensive though cause i know it won't be as perfect as i want it to be

message 4: by Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ (new)

Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ I'm just happy Suzanne Collins was part of Screenplay. So we know that it was done with her supervison. =P

message 5: by Fanzura (last edited Mar 03, 2012 09:10PM) (new)

Fanzura (peeves19) Did you guys go the the Website and play the games? you must!i know i am being oh so lame but really..they are fun


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