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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 47 comments Mod
Appearance:(at least 2 sentences)
Pony Type: [Unicorn/Pegusas/Earth]
Cutie Mark:

Personailty: (at least 2 sentences)
History: (at least 2 sentences)
Skills: [Any lesser talents he/she might posses besides his/her cutie mark]

Particular possions or weapons:
Pipbuck: [Yes or no. If so, explain how they aquired it]

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 47 comments Mod
Name: Ralph "Kid"
Age: just a teen (estm. 15)
Gender: M
Pony Type: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: binoculars. He always had a nack for finding his way out of sticky situations and his grandad told him he should join recon for somepony when he's old enough. It appeared the day he and his grandad woke to find raiders in there sleeping place and they spent devising a plan, spying on them, and escaped (killing two on there way out)

Personailty: Ralph is an adventurous young pegasus. He loves getting into trouble, and often deals with it in a direct, often blind-thinking matter. Hes a fun lover, yes, and needless to say as immature as any pony his age. He does get a rush out of mechanics, like pre-war vehcles or weapons, and enjoys reading about such things.
History: He lost his parents after raiders ambushed there caravan. He was tiny at the time and hid away. To this day he doesnt know if they killed his parents, but his grandad found him alone in a looted wagon traveling the same road the next day. His grandfather took him under his wing and after he left the caravan buisness (because he realized he wouldnt ean enough money alone to care for the lad), he went out to become a hunter for a restraunt in Manehatten. Before Ralph was 7, he quit this job and the two becan an apprenticeship, where Mac (his grandad) began teaching him how to survive on his own.
Skills: Hes pretty educated in all sorts of mechanics

Particular possions or weapons: His fathers old multitool/switchblade.
Pipbuck: No
Other: grandson of Mac,Grandad to Ralph

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 47 comments Mod
I still need to be accepted, I imagine...

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Nope! Since you're a mod, you don't have to get your own characters accepted. Same in the original Pony group.

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James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments Name: SciBolt
Gender: Male
Appearance: Is a Stallion of light blue with black mane. Does have a few muscles but still thin more for agilty. bad eye sight has special contacs.
Pony Type: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Computer screen with a lighting bolt on the screen.
Personailty: He is a quite pony who is shy at first. is dense in certain situations. very dependable when needed. and is very smart
History: He was born in a Stable and has been there for his whole life. He is very smart but closed off to others but his parents and best friend. (need someone to be the friend). He got his mark after a malfunction with a stable computer shocking him butit didn't hurt infact it got absorbed into him giving him a huge energy boost which the overmare made him put on a rubber suit under his clothes that also was the day he got his Pipbuck.
Skills: Other than being good at lighting magic and computers has a skill using energy(?) weapons but normal weapons are ok has very high luck.
Particular possions or weapons: special anti-bolt suit, pictures of friends and family, Pipbuck
Pipbuck: Yes (in history)
Other: Reason for name is cause when he was born a computer that had a lightning bolt as wallpaper made SciBolt giggle

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Jay, could you please combine your posts into a single one? Just edit your first post and copy and paste the second one in. It just makes things easier.

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Name: Sweet Smoothie, but now they just call her Sweetie.
Age: She's a zombie, and she's lost count of the dreadful years.
Gender: Female
Appearance: description description
Pony Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: A mixed berry smoothie. Sweetie does her best to try and keep her zombie disease to not spread to her cutie mark, as she feels it's her only form of identity.
Personality: Sweetie is quiet, but it's mostly because of her past. She loves baby ponies, but knows that no pony really enjoys going near her. She's grown used to the smell of decay that follows her around, but it still pains her to know that even in a post-apocalyptic Equestria she can't fit in. She tries and always does volunteer to help, but is sometimes rejected or ignored.
History: Sweet Smoothie was born in Ponyville, and had just moved from Canterlot. In the few years that followed, Equestria was cast into turmoil. When they stables were closing, she was running at full speed. A pegasus pony knocked her over, casting over a simple glance of regret, anguish, and any other sad emotion. That single pegasus had knocked over Sweetie as to increase her own chances of survival. That was the last image Sweetie could remember, before a series of explosions rattled her mind, and cast her into the most agonizing pain she had ever experienced.
On the verge of death, Sweetie woke up. It was nighttime, or at least the sun wasn't up. She felt dizzy and lightheaded, and wondered why she wouldn't die. Half her body was oozing with blood, and she could see her own bones. It scared her to death, but she still couldn't move. And she couldn't feel the pain.
After lying down for about three months, a few ponies found her. But they looked...odd. Their skin was decaying, and falling off their bodies. Their eyeballs were yellow, soulless orbs. They told her that they had almost died, too. But the radiation had mutated them into zombies. They helped her get back on her feet, and she parted with them once they showed her to New Appleoosa.
Sweetie currently works in her own home, and her job is to check over the fruit produce every week. Most of the food is half-rotted, like herself, but she just has to check on how much radiation the food has absorbed.
Skills: Smoothie has a strong sense of smell, which is rare for a zombie. Her eyesight isn't that great, though. She can also draw fairly well.
Particular possessions or weapons: She always wears a saddle pack, which contains a notebook, Rad-X (for other ponies, not herself), and some food. Also a PipBuck she stole from a deceased pony.
Pipbuck: Yes. She obtained it from a dead pony early in her zombie life.

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James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments aww this makes me sad inside :( oh and my character is fixed srry i was using a PS3 to type it up and it just couldn't type anymore

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Fluttershys hair ish pink, and Fluttershy ish adorable.

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And Fluttershy yellow.

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 47 comments Mod
Well, shes yellow for a zombie...

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Oh well still she looks like Fluttershy

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Name: Heart Crusher (Crush)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: description
Pony Type: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A heart, broken in half.

Personality: Crush is a relatively shy pony, and doesn't talk much. Though she's good with weapons, she can't stand awkward situations. If she does know you well, she tends to speak her mind more than once in awhile. She very protective of her loved ones, though she has few.
History: Crush was born during a zebra raid. Her mother named her Heart Crusher because she felt as though her heart had been crushed at the fact that she would probably die soon. Her mother did die, and a few zebras took Crush in. She ran away once she was old enough to live on her own, and ran to New Appleoosa. A pair of older ponies taught her the ways of the weapons, and she left to go to Ponyville to attempt to keep things in order, and save any baby ponies.
Skills: She can handle any sort of gun or knife with perfection. Years of training has led her to this. She's also a smooth talker.

Particular Weapons or Possessions: A small locket that goes around her neck; of course with pictures of her parents in it. She also has a commander gun, of which she spent years saving up for. It's her prized item, and never leaves without it.
Pipbuck: Nope.

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James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments Y R U SO GOOD AT DRAWIN?!? T_T
srry fer yellin but really how!?!

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lol, i have a Wacom Tablet, and I practice a lot.

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Name: Shattered Lullaby (Lullaby, or Lulla)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: description The one on the right.
Pony Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: A treble clef with shattered pieces of glass surrounding it. She earned it just after her accident, when she sang her first sweet song of the war's sorrows.
Personailty: Lullaby is a sweet, gentle pony. She's generous, but clueless. She thinks the war is a game. She loves her sister, and has a special bond with her that she knows she won't have with anypony else. She is considered weird, or a freak, because of her happy and cheerful attitude. She never hears the talk behind her back, of how her accident changed her way of thinking, of how it made her clueless and stupid.She's dumb, and shrugs it off. She'll normally be making up her own songs as she goes along, and although the harmonies are sung cheerfully, they tell tales of great sorrow and horror.
History: Lullaby was born with her sister to a travelling family. She had an older brother, who she looked up to and loved with her life. She was close to her sister, and she was happy. She knew about the horrors of the war, and she knew how to keep her head down. Her family narrowly missed meetings with raiders, or slavers. Until one night, when a group of raiders had been following them for a while, unnoticed. When the family was asleep, they attacked. Lullaby's mother and father were the first to go. Her brother was taken, and, to her sister's thoughts, was probably tortured agonizingly slow. Lullaby, of course, didn't know that. She still thinks he's out ahead, making sure their road is clear and safe before they continue travelling.
Lullaby and Rose hid during the fight, woken by the first loud shots. They watched in horror as their parents were killed mercilessly, and their brother gagged and knocked unconscious. Rose refused to let her sister go out of their hiding place, a shallow ditch at the end of the road, covered in brambles. They hastily made their escape after the raiders left, not daring to get back onto the road until they were out of the raiders' sight. Unfortunately, a raider spotted the gleam of Lullaby's eyes as they hit the firelight. He took aim, lined her up with his sniper rifle, and pulled the trigger. Lullaby, in her dreams, can still hear the shot ring out. The hard bullet caught her on the side of the head, shooting through, narrowly missing her brain, but cracking her skull. The impact made her have temporary brain damage-as well as having her lie in a coma for a week. Distraught, Rose, her sister, had pulled out a shotgun from her small saddle bag, and wildly, without thinking, shot in the direction where the bullet had come from. Turns out she had a very good aim-a raider let out a howl of agony, and died after a half hour of suffering. The other two came after her, but blinded by rage, Rose managed to knock one out, before shooting the other in the leg. Later realizing that if they survived, Lullaby would be killed, she shot both in the head.
Lullaby woke from her coma, but was never the same. Her sister still loved her, with all her heart, and she keeps trying to get her sister to remember. Lullaby can only hear the gun shot. The one that changed her life.
Skills: Lullaby, although oblivious to the world at war around her, is clever when it comes to ponies. She can almost tell what they're thinking, so she's very good at persuasion.
Particular possions or weapons: A large machete she's gotten quite fond of. She's an Earth Pony, but she knows how to handle a knife.
Pipbuck: No
Other: Her sister is Wilted Rose

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 47 comments Mod
Love her! And who drew those?

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
Thanks! I did, after many hours of drawing, re-tracing, painting, re-tracing, painting again, painting over, then adding cutie marks. But I think it's worth it, these are my favourite charries. My older half-sister helped alot with Lullaby, though. She did most of her face :P

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
Name: Wilted Rose (Rose)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: description The one on the left.
Pony Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: A wilting rose. It appeared 4 years ago, just after her sister woke up from her coma. It represents Rose's willingness to give herself up to those she care about, even if it means she'll wilt.
Personailty: Rose is a no-nonsense pony. She hates anyone who thinks they can call her sister a freak. She is sympathetic, but she has a hard shell that only her sister seems to be able to get through. She is easily irritated, but she has patience, and loves her loved ones with a fierce love. She'll do anything for her sister, who turns out to be one of her fatal flaws-if Lullaby's not there, Rose isn't there. Rose doesn't like to show her emotions, and she's not good at expressing them, either. She changed after her sister's accident, becoming tough and hard-shelled. She get frustrated alot, because her sister doesn't understand the horrors of the world, but she never takes it out on anyone. Before, she was open and friendly, but cautious and clever as well. She knew about the war and the raiders. She still does. And she still has nightmares. But she believes the war will stop one day. And she just hopes she'll be there with her sister to see it end.
History: *Look at Lullaby's history above* Rose loved her brother, but they had a different bond than the one he shared with Lullaby. Her bond with Lullaby is much stronger, though. She lets out all her feelings. The day after Lullaby woke, Rose broke down. She was in a state of depression for about a month, and that led to the twins on the move constantly, starving and having no idea where to go. They finally stumbled upon New Appleloosa. This was where Rose slowly managed to put back the pieces of her broken heart, and started to care for her sister. She could tell Lullaby was different, and it almost killed her again. But she still shares her hopes and dreams with her. Four years later, Rose still tries to get her sister to remember that one day. Just so Lullaby knows what happens to the world. That it isn't such a happy place after all.
Skills: Rose has a knack of remembering medical remedies, as well as having a good aim with a gun.
Particular possions or weapons: Her brother's old rifle, and a scrapbook of old, dog eared pictures of her dead family. She still adds to it, but only her sister knows about it.
Pipbuck: No
Other: Her twin sister is Shattered Lullaby

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Me muy jelly.

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
XD Thank you, it means so much to me :)

But, I must say, your OC is awesome. :D

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I need to draw them, but I gotta finish a request from schoolfriend first.

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Name: Mac
Age: Who knows, just old.
Gender: M
Appearance: He's a tough faced old pony with scars and scrapes symbolizing his crudness. His exprience in the world is marked in his bold stance. His grey beard is a bush disguising his large chin. He has thick eyebrows and his red berret sets perfectly cocked right his head. He isn't built noticably muscular, but he is a powerful force. Overall a very hardy man.
Pony Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: His red berret. Symbolizing his survival skills.

Personailty: He is an old bruter. Full of expirence and age. His elder fire hasnt burned out. He's full of more flare and a very influential figure. Still, he's not one to start a fight and will return the attitude recieved.
History: He used to work all sorts of jobs all throughout the desert. A true adventurer, often running with longtime friends, though these times deterierated as life went on. He joined the RER as a sniper for a while, but didnt like the formality of it all. He found himself helping his son in the caravan buisness later on in life. However, oneday at a bar in a small setllment town, he got news that his son and daughterinlaw had been ambushed and went missing. Upon arriving, he found his grandson, scared and alone, and took him in. It had been a while since he raised a kid, but they managed, and he decided to apprentice the lad in the ways of life in Wasteland Equestria. Ralph is the closest thing to him. He loves Ralph dearly inside, but treats him like, well, an appretience. He is very strick, but only to see his grandson grow strong. They get along very well.
Skills: He used to fight for Celestia in the RER. And with a few mercs too so he is very well in a fistfight. He grew up with a reapter and got good with it (although he doesnt prefer anyother weapon).

Particular possions or weapons: His reapeter, a leveract rifle that strapped to the foreleg and was steadied with the other while sitting. RER sniper berret.
Pipbuck: Yes. He was issued one in the RER.

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Name: Destiny
Age: 20
Gender: female
Appearance: description or heres a link if it's not working http://www.goodreads.com/photo/group/...

Pony Type: Earth
Cutie Mark: a crystal ball

Personailty: When she speaks its a lot like Zecora. She loves to use the crystal ball she has.
History: Destiny had always wanted to tell other pony's futures. She loved it. Gazing into the crystal ball, woah so much fun. So one day her parents gave her a crystal ball. She had kept it ever since.
Skills: poetry
Particular possions or weapons: Crystal ball and a sword.
Pipbuck: no

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rachel | 11 comments Name- Firecracker

Age- 19 years old

Gender- Mare


Firecracker is missing only her left wing, torn off in an explosion when she was just a filly. The mechanical wing connects into the socket where her wing used to be. The metal gives a small, endless shock, allowing her to move the mechanical wing as if it were her own.

Pony Type- Pegasus

Cutie Mark- A nuclear explosion.

Personality- Firecracker is somewhat tom-boyish, considering her "talent". She enjoys feeling the heat against her face with each explosion she is able to construct. She has a very clever mind, but that comes with an extremely short temper and low patience. She won't tolerate dumbfounded ponies as well as ponies with absolutely no skill to contribute with the surviving society, leading her to kick them out. She is the leader type. She will immediately take charge of a situation and in using her leadership skills, fix the problem. She can be rather kind, but hardly. She is full of vengeance and she will do everything in her power to stop a raid. She's rarely in a good mood.

History- When Firecracker was a filly, maybe 6 or 7, her home was raided. The ponies in the raid had placed a bomb in her home, setting it off and killing her mother and two younger sisters. She lost a wing but gained her cutie mark. Her father, being an expert in crafting, made her a mechanical wing. She had trouble using it but over time she got used to it. Her father taught her how to repair it if it ever came to that. On her 14th birthday, her father was killed. He was drowned in a polluted river. The toxic waters killed him quickly. Over the years she gained a few scars, but she did her best to destroy any raid she stumbled upon.

Skill- Pyrotechnics. She is an expert in any kind of explosion, including nuclear.

Possession/Weapons- She keeps a satchel slung over her back holding several mini explosives. She has a large knife strapped to her back, right leg.

Pipbuck- Yes, she found it in the remains of the burned buildings.


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Name: Price May Vary (Vary)
Age: 27 Years Old
Gender: Male
Appearance: description
Pony Type: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A dollar bill, or another rare form of currancy.
Personality: Vary is a bit full of himself, but he could have a bright future if he put his mind to it. He's more of a blinded villain, his mind dowsed in the poison that was his father's ideas and plans. He forced himself into thinking he was doing the right thing, and now it's simply a natural thought, and so what if a few ponies must die to make the world a better place?
Vary isn't the most intelligent pony, but only because of his weak self-confidence. He does whatever anypony else does, and it doesn't bother him. As long as he gets credit for it, he's okay.
History: Vary was born into a very rich household. His father owned a bank in Fillydelphia as a house, although how disgusting and run-down it may be, it was nice, with the minor radroach exceptions.
Vary's dad ran two businesses; a whole team of raiders, and a small slaving company. As they both grew bigger, it expanded to ten teams of raiders and the slaving company had grown a fair amount. On his deathbed, Vary's father wished for his son to continue the business, so he did.
Skills: Managing money, counting, touching his nose with his tongue, and sneaking around blowing up ponys' pants.
Weapons: His hat is a large bomb. Set to go off with a certain passcode, he is allowed to use it if his life is in danger.
Pipbuck: Nope.
Other: He can manage a few machine guns, and has a few machines that attach as a saddle, with a bit to bite down on to shoot.

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Sir Arthur King of Britans (panthershark) | 47 comments Mod
Wow, nice cheerie, dern original.

message 31: by James (new)

James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments still pending for approval and a friend in the stable

message 32: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random | 7 comments Again just like the MLP roleplay, there can't be any Alicorns, or can we make some?

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
No offence, but no Alicorns. 'Cause they'd be OP.

message 34: by James (new)

James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments lol i claim Stable 101 for my pony XD

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
Workin on a new charrie! Imma leave her black and white, but if anyone wants to colour her, you're welcome to >:D

I'm kidding. If time permits, I'll upload her and colour her on paint :)

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
Name: Paintball (Paint)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: description She's got a matted, messy mane, which is a dark brown and streaked with black and neon lime green. Her coat is a deep, stormy gray, and her eyes the same lime green as the highlights in her mane.
Pony Type: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: A paintball splat. It shows her awesome aiming skills.
Personailty: Paint is a spunky, feisty pony. She knows what she wants, and won't stop until she gets it. Although she can be stubborn and determined, she's smart, and knows how to keep her head down. Years of training have kept her in the dark, and she wants to keep it that way. Even though Paint comes off as an alone-type, she doesn't mind hving a few ponies round-as long as they don't want to kill her.
History: Paint was born to a raider family that actually stuck together. Her father worked for Vary''s Father's company, and was often showing Paint's three older brothers how to shoot. Paint fell in love with the gun-the power she felt while pointing it at somepony's head. Caught up in the fun of shooting, Paint didn't realize how many lives her father had actually taken. On her first raid, Paint was horrified at how her father and brothers could so easily kill an innocent pony. Disgusted and feeling betrayed, Paint ran, stealing a shotgun and a saddlebag full of caps. Ever since, she's been training on her own, using S.A.T.S from a stolen pipbuck, and perfecting her aim. SHe now hunts down raiders and slavers, taking their lives in revenge of the ponies they killed.
Skills: Her aim's near perfect.
Particular possions or weapons: A large shotgun. She's sawed off part of it, so it's easier to carry.
Pipbuck: Yes. She stole it from her father's raider stash.

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
Awh, thankies!

I madez an animation, but it won't move on here :O

Here's a pic from it though:


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James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments uh V.A.T.S shouldn't it be S.A.T.S

Vault / Stable

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
*Looks at post*

*Looks at character sheet*



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Call me Random | 7 comments ♪♪ Cat/Fluttershy ♪♪ wrote: "No offence, but no Alicorns. 'Cause they'd be OP."

Oh. OK. no offense taken. :) but...what does OP mean?

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
Over Powered XD

My brother says it alot

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Call me Random | 7 comments Oh. I gotcha.

Name: BloodWings
Age: 14 ish I guess...Is there an age limit?
Gender: Female
Pony Type: Pegasus (I mean it's in her name
Cutie Mark: Wings that are torn and are bright red.
Personailty: When it comes to tomboyness, she's totally up there. She even sometimes disguises herself as a boy!
History: I'll think on that, OK?
Skills: Hmm...she has great disguising skills.
Particular possions or weapons: She might. Does it have to be like a gun? Or can it be a sword?
Pipbuck: What's a Pipbuck?

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I suggest you read the fanfiction that this entire RP is centered around before making character....

message 45: by Call me Random (new)

Call me Random | 7 comments um...where is it?

message 46: by [deleted user] (new)

Should be a topic on here somewhere...Ah, here it is:


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James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments lol there is a major ratio difference on guys:girls lol

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah, I'm going to make another guy charrie. I think it's just because girls are more badass in war.

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Catfish :D (applewhisker28) | 38 comments Mod
^True dat.

I might make one...hesitating, and wondering what he'd be like :3

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James (jaygamer15) | 33 comments I still think we need more people but yea lol

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